Alpha Golf v5 Driver
By Kickntrue on 2/25/08

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Reviewed by Andrew Brown

Alpha Golf is probably not a name you've heard much of in the golf equipment world, but they're hoping to change that. Alpha Golf is well known in some circles, especially for those seeking massive amounts of distance. Alpha Golf drivers have accounted for 6 Remax World Long Drive Championships and hundreds of regional long distance event wins. Alpha was named Best New Driver at the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

The specs of the driver I hit are a bit different than those I've hit in the past, by my choice. I hit a higher lofted version at 12.0 degrees and a Alpha Platinum 65 Regular Flex shaft. I usually hit a lower loft and stiffer shaft, but more and more I realize I'm much less Tiger Woods than I think I am, so decided to try something different.

For more info about Alpha Golf and this particular club, check out their website. (v5Info)

Look - 7.5

I really like the look of the v5 driver from Alpha. It has the traditional head shape of a driver and a nice deep face. It's one of the smaller looking 460cc driver heads I've seen. It's all black look including darker (not quite black) face make it look like a stealth missile launcher when you pull it out of your bag. I wish the headcover was black too- it would really look fearsome in the bag (the headcover is white, more on that later).

It's 100 percent personal preference, but I kind of like when the club has some sort of mark to show you the center of the it when standing over the ball. The Alpha v5 doesn't have this mark. That said- if you can't find the middle of a club when you're setting up you probably have more issues than what driver you're playing. Overall- it's a fine and dare I say fearsome looking club. I heard my ball trembling on the tee more than once.

Experience - 7.5

I played multiple rounds with the Alpha v5 Driver and also hit it 3 or 4 trips to the range. I was actually going to write this review a week and a half ago but my experience with the club shifted dramatically so I needed to get a few more swings to give a better opinion.

When I first hit the v5, it wasn't pretty- at least not as pretty as the other drivers I was hitting along side of it for comparison. I really liked the way the ball sounded off the face and the powerful explosion, but the results were not going to work on the course. I think this can be attributed to change in shaft flex as well as the fact that I was hitting a lot of different clubs at the same time, all while adjsuting my overall swing tempo (TourTempo ).

I finally decided to do an entire driving range session followed by a full round with nothing but the v5 in my bag and things started coming together. I decided at this point not to mess with the adjustable weights and to figure things out with the current configuration. I figured once I started hitting the ball solid I could change the weights to adjust my ball path. It turned out I didn't need to change a thing with the club. I was finally hitting the bombs promised by Alpha Golf's reputation and history.

As previously mentioned, the ball sounds great coming off the club face. There is none of the "pingy" cheap metal sounds that come from a lot of the new drivers on the market. My shots had a nice solid draw and a good high trajectory. Even my mishits were playable. My most recent round I hit 70% of my fairways and 2 others that were just off of the short stuff. Not all of those balls were hit perfectly, but they stayed out of trouble.

One thing I do want to mention in experience is the headcover. This has nothing to do with performance so it shouldn't be viewed as a strong negative but I did find it to be an annoyance. The headcover's "prime" feature is that it has magnetic closures and quite frankly, on the course I found it to be a pain to take off and on. When I'd pull the club out, my 4 iron which sits in front of my driver in my bag would always pull out with it because of the magnets. Getting the cover off is no problem, but it was a pain putting it away. Again, a very small issue, probably not worthy of this whole paragraph I typed, but at least worth mentioning.

Value - 6.5

The Alpha Golf v5 Driver starts at just over $300 and can be ordered directly from their website. They give you a plethora of choices of shafts which I really appreciate, which can make your total cost up to $425(but most cost around $350). Certainly not a cheap club, but this isn't a discount brand you're dealing with either. Remember, Alpha Golf has been around for ahwile producing top notch professional grade clubs including 6 Remax World Long Drive Championships. $350 is still reasonable when you consider other name brand professional grade clubs are selling for up to $500. With the Alpha Golf v5, you get what you pay for.

Overall - 7.5 (not an average)

My overall rating for the Alpha v5 can be summed up this simply, it's the current driver in my bag. It's not a cheap driver but if money isn't too much of a concern I'd strongly recommend trying out this club. It's not going to automatically make your drives impressive and long but with a little work and the fact that it has adjustable weights, it can really work for you.

My guess is that Alpha Golf will be a name you start to hear more and more, assuming they continue to push towards more of a consumer market. Their product is too good not to turn some heads.


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klangdon says:
I recently ditched my AdamsGolf Redline RPM 460 driver for this club. I am loving it. I switched to it because I am able to hit more fairways with it. Not sure how it measures up in distance.
RichieRich1 says:
Last summer I purchased the v5 driver. I gained 20+ yds and my handicap dropped from a 6 to a 3. Since then I have cracked the face of the driver not once but three times. Each time it was replaced at no cost to me other than time and travel. I love the club but am hesitant to recommend it. There has to be a flaw in the club making process. Is anyone else having this problem?
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