STX Golf Sync Tour
By Kickntrue on 3/17/08

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Reviewed by Korry Franke

The website for STX Golf proclaims, "Putting is an art form practiced on a canvas of green." After just one look at the Sync Tour putter, it's obvious that STX really does look at each putter as a work of art. Considering that, I guess it's not much of a surprise that the company's chief designer is also a world class sculptor!

Still, there's more to STX Golf and their putters than just flashy looks; there's quite a bit of technology, too! Making a name for themselves in the early 1980's as the pioneer of insert face technology, STX Golf has never really looked back. While you may see inserts in many (if not most) putters on the market today, STX really got the ball rolling... literally... not to mention claiming to make the "softest legal face in golf."

I spent about an hour testing the STX Golf Sync Tour putter on a practice green at my local golf club. I also happened to run into a college golf team practicing so I let the coach , one of his players, and three other golfers try the Sync Tour as they warmed up for their round. It made for a test that, while random, included players of varying skill levels. Obviously, choosing a putter relies heavily on personal preference. I found it interesting, however, that many of the same comments kept coming up again and again. For more info from the company, check out

Look - 2.5

The Sync Tour's unique look makes it easily identifiable. Unfortunately, that's not a good thing. Every golfer commented on the club's "strange" looks. I have to agree whole heartedly. The club's head is an overly small blade with what looks like a 35mm film canister coming out the back. To STX Golf's credit, that "film canister" is actually the weight that keeps the club very well balanced. To me, it just seems out of place. This is also where the base of the shaft attaches to the club head. I found that a little distracting since the aiming marks were in such close proximity but not perfectly aligned with the base of the shaft. Rising from the "film canister", the shaft uses a "double bend s" before straightening up towards the yellow Winn grip.

I would be remiss if I did not talk about the most important part of STX Golf-the insert! If you've never seen an insert before, it's a hard rubbery pad that stretches across the face of the club. You can order the Sync Tour with one of three different inserts: green (most firm), red (medium firmness), and black (softest feel). My test club came with the XH1.70, the soft, black face. Some of their other putters actually have magnetic interchangeable faces; however, I don't believe that's an option for the Sync Tour.

Experience - 7.5

The second comment from every tester was, "This is a super soft feel... and it's quiet, too!" Again, I could not agree more. With my normal blade putter giving off a noticeable metallic ping sound on impact, the Sync Tour made virtually no sound at all. Part of that is due to the incredibly soft insert. STX Golf says that the black insert is so soft that it will actually cradle the ball up to three times longer than a normal putter. This softness, however, takes some getting used to.

The more I putted with this club, the better I hit it. By the end of my hour, I was consistently getting within one or two feet on short to medium range putts (up to 15 or 20 feet away). Longer putts, however, got dicey as the softness made it difficult to judge how hard to strike the ball. Hopefully with more practice, these putts would not be bad either.

For me, the best part of the Sync Tour isn't the soft feel but rather the excellent balance of this club. It just feels good in my hands. Combining the great balance with the outstanding Winn grip and you get a club that you can hold so lightly that you think you may drop it! I received multiple comments and complements on the grip.

Value - 6.5

With a MSRP of $155, the Sync Tour is solidly in the mid-range price category for putters. The problem is that there are so many other better-looking clubs (including ones made by STX Golf) in the same price range that this probably isn't a club you would gravitate to in the store unless you wanted to try every one on the rack! My suggestion to STX would be to give this club a blue-light special price so that a golfer notices it and picks it up. I suspect that once they have it in their hands and feel how well balanced it is they may be more inclined to take it home.

Overall - 5.9 (not an average)

Looks aren't everything, right?? The beauty's on the inside?? Well, if you believe those statements, then you will probably say my overall rating of the STX Golf Sync Tour is too low. Its soft touch, balanced feel, and trusty grip will most assuredly give any golfer confidence with practice. But with so many other putters on the market in the same price range, with similar qualities, and a much better look, I just have to think that this won't be the first club you or I pick up. Blue light special anyone?


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falcon50driver says:
Let's look at something else............
Patrick McKay says:
I hated this putter, I changed to a basic Odyssey White Hot and took 5 strokes off of my game. Rubber faced putters provide no feel.
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