G.R.I.P. OWT Wide Sole Irons
By klangdon on 3/28/08

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Reviewed by klangdon

G.R.I.P. set out to develop the most forgiving game improvement irons on the market with the OWT Wide Soles. The clubs retail for about $270. Based on the price and design these clubs are ideal as a golfers first set of irons. I have only been seriously golfing for a little over a year. As you can see from my stats (development chart), I need as much game improvement as I can get and am the ideal use case for these clubs. The first set of clubs I purchased were the AdamsGolf IDEA A2OS hybrid iron set and I love them. This is important to understand because those clubs are really the base point for my review of the G.R.I.P. irons. That might be a little unfair as the Adams clubs retail for more than double the cost of the G.R.I.P.s. But I was pleasantly surprised and after a few great hits on the course I did question my original investment. For reference, I played 2 rounds of golf and took 1 trip to the range with these clubs.

More details from G.R.I.P. site

Look - 6.5

The irons have a nice look to them. The cavity is filled with a blue metallic insert that ads some color to the head, but not too much. I am not a big fan of some of the newer clubs that use a rainbow of colors, markings, and over-branding. There are two finishes on the head of the irons. A more "matte" finish strip around the middle for centering the ball within and a chrome finish on the edges. This looks sharp. But its worth noting that on more than one of the clubs the "matte" finish was actually a little flaky on the back side, even before I took them out of the wrapping.

The first thing I noticed when you picked up a club was the weight. They definitely feel heavier than most. The reason I mention this under "look" is really because it was only a first impression thing, I don't think the weight effected my swing at all. The wide sole is also worth noting under first impression. These clubs have the biggest soles I have ever seen. Such that you take notice. Especially with the wedges. This gives them a much more modern look and screams "game improvement".

Experience - 5.5

The ability to customize the set of irons during the purchase process is great. Hybrid irons are the hottest thing in game improvement and G.R.I.P. allows you to specify what kind of hybrid-to-traditional ratio you want. You can get all irons or swap out the 3, 4, and 5 for hybrids. I didn't have this choice with my Adams clubs and now I wish I could swap my 5 and 6 hybrids for traditional irons. G.R.I.P also provides free custom sizing. You provide wrist-to-floor measurements that G.R.I.P. uses to adjust lie angle and length of shaft for each club. I am 6'3" and I noticed a difference in the correct lie these clubs provided vs the "standard" one my other clubs have.

Statistically these clubs held up real well. I didn't see a difference in scoring when playing with these clubs. They did feel different though. The trajectory of my shots consistently seemed to be lower than I am used to, but distance was unchanged. The clubs feel and sound good on contact. The forgiveness is definitely there and I never noticed the vibrations in my hands that can happen when you don't hit a pure shot.

As mentioned previously these clubs have the biggest soles I have seen. It makes it a love-hate relationship with the clubs. Basically I found that the wide sole drastically decreases the chances of hitting a fat (under the ball into the ground) shot. But at the same time I feel like the number of times that I hit thin (on top of the ball, low trajectory) shots increased. I loved these soles from the sand and wet soft ground. I had a more difficult time with them when hitting from the cold hard fairways of Pennsylvania in March.

The irons come with "Premium Inno Golf Grips". I really liked these grips. Enough so that I looked around the web to see if I could buy some for other clubs (couldn't find anything). The grips use a number of different textures and markings for different parts of your hand. I am sure there are better grips out there, but these are the best I have seen that come "standard" with a club.

Value - 9.0

G.R.I.P. is a great value with any club they provide and these irons are no exception. Starting out on the venture of golf is an expensive one and your iron set is the most costly component. These irons perform comparable to irons double their price and lets face it if your in the "game improvement" category, your not going to be noticing too much difference between most iron sets out there.

Overall - 7.0 (not an average)

The real question is are my IDEA A2OS irons on Ebay? No, they are not. But that might partly be due to the fact that selling them would be admitting that my wife was correct that I spent too much for them. Honestly I still like my Adams a little more, but will miss a few things from these irons. Namely the correct custom lie, less hybrids in the bag, the grips, and even the wide sole on wet days. The sole is really the soul of these irons and (outside of value) the reason why someone should buy these clubs. If you play in a more damp climate or find yourself hitting fat shots too often, these clubs are definitely a good investment.

More details from G.R.I.P. site.

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