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By Kickntrue on 4/16/08
Reviewed by Peter Pasho

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Nick Bayley is a golf professional from New Zealand that maintains, and published 'The Draw System'. Nick created the Draw System as means of hitting longer, more controlled drives. The science behind draws traveling further is based on an old 1981 'Golf Digest' article that compared draws and fades. The result of the study was that into a slight headwind, the drawn shots averaged 233 yards in carry and roll, the fades only 216. They both finished an average of 18 yards left or right of center. So, with 'The Draw System,' you can theoretically add at least 17 yards to your drives (assuming you fade the ball currently). I for one, have always sliced the ball since picking up golf last year. The word 'fade,' wasn't really applicable to my game, so I thought trying out the system would be a good idea--not so much to hit the ball further, but just to be able to find the ball I hit...

You can find more info at and .

Look - 4.0

Once signed up, it was quick to get into the password protected website to get at all the information. The website itself is designed like those annoying sales pitch sites or spam e-mails selling stuff you don't need (this is the reason for the low rating on looks). However, I bit the bullet and tried it out, so what does that say about me? Once I was in, I just grabbed the ebook in the .pdf format that is available and threw it on my hard drive. No need to look at the website again. I found it was actually great to have access to all the information on my computer at work. I simply read about the drills and explanations during downtime at work before doing them at home. There are also some 'subliminal' mp3s and product reviews on the site at your disposal.

The system is designed to take 21 days, while recommending about 15 minutes of drills each day. Most of the drills don't involve hitting balls, so you can do them at home in your yard. This is the approach I took, while still getting to the driving range once a week to try to apply the concepts and drills learned throughout the week.

Experience - 7.5

The introduction actually describes how to hit a slice, and breaks it down visually as well. For someone like me, this was great. Not having played long, I wanted and needed to understand what I was doing wrong already as well as what I needed to do to hit the ball better. One of the most basic concepts to hit a draw and hardest for me is to actually aim to the right of your target instead of left. By no means am I comfortable with that yet, and my guess is that it will take a long time on the driving range before i am.

The drills progress through different stages like, grip, alignment, posture, the takeaway, the backswing and the downswing. Many parts of the the swing spend several days on different drills. The concepts and explanations are all straightforward and simple. Essentially all you have to do is spend a few minutes doing repetitive motions to build a better swing into your muscle memory.

After going through the drills, some pretty simple and others pretty awkward, I went out to play expecting a miracle. I thought my score would drop by 10 strokes at least because the drills seemed so easy and i had radically changed my swing. Oops. I forgot that golf is actually pretty hard. It turns out that I completely fell apart, and played worse than I ever had. It was disheartening to say the least, but I went back and reviewed everything and figured out my mistakes. It turns out it is a little too easy to incorporate some of the exaggerated drills while playing that are meant to just be drills for swinging the club. My guess is that is just the downside of not hitting balls often and spending too much time swinging a club in your back yard. Some of the drills are exaggerated to quickly develop a draw, but not meant to be used when playing.

Now I have resigned myself to the driving range for a while. After hitting a good number of buckets, I am definitely seeing results now. No longer do I see my balls travel 150-200 yards out and then 100 yards to the right. The majority of my shots are playable now, and traveling much further. I doubt the extra distance is the result of a draw, because I definitely do not have a consistent draw. I think it is just due to hitting the ball well and pretty straight. My goals have already been achieved from the system--don't slice the hell out of the ball and make the game more fun. I have gone from being a consistent slicer to a guy that hits the ball pretty well and sometimes slices or even hooks now (never before possible).

Value - 7.0

It costs $47 to download everything. That's several trips to the driving range, or a round of golf or less. To me, that's worth it if it will help make me better and as a result the game more enjoyable. Another option is just signing up for free e-mail updates at I would at least recommend the free updates for the beginner or average golfer like myself. The links that I've received through e-mail updates to video analysis of swings have helped just as much as the ebook to understand what a good swing is meant to look like.

Overall - 7.0 (not an average)

It has been about a month. Not much effort on a daily basis. I would say I am hitting the ball dramatically better, and a much higher percentage of my shots are playable. Granted, I am a new golfer, and I should only improve my game at this point with every little bit of practice. However, 'The Draw System' did provide a lot of tools, advice and guidance to getting better and making practice more productive. By no means is it a miracle product. You have to put in time, and I think 21 days to revolutionizing your game is a bit of a stretch. But I would still say it is a worthwhile purchase if you consistently fade/slice the ball, or are not consistent at all.

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