Mizuno Impermalite Rain Gear
By Kickntrue on 6/10/08
Reveiwed by Andrew Brown, oobgolf contributer

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Golf rain gear is one of those things you hate to drop big money on but the second you need it you'd do about anything to have it, especially in the colder rains of late fall and early spring. I was caught in a heavy downpour the other day and I had my Mizuno Impermalite pants and jacket with me.

For more information about the gear and Mizuno's Impermalite material check out MizunoUSA.com.

Look - 9.5

The Mizuno gear looks about as sexy as it can while wearing a protective shield against wetness. I prefer the black on black look for sleekness but the blues and grays seem to look great too. I think the fear for me with raingear (especially as a not exactly skinny guy) is that it will look like I'm wearing a trash bag. While there is a very good chance that she's lying, my wife said I looked good. I'll take it.

The jacket and pant both have the ability to adjust based on the weather and situation. The pant length can be changed by a couple inches and the sleeves of the jacket and be snapped off to make it short sleeve which is a necessary feature when wearing something that doesn't let much of anything through.

Experience - 8.5

The great news is the Impermalite from Mizuno works. When wearing the jacket and/or pant you will not get wet; at least not through the material. I'm not sure there is much more to say than that as far as it "working." As far as comfort and fit I think it does a great job. I've definitely worn jackets that stretch and pull while playing and come into your thoughts when playing. I guess I feel like the perfect golf gear for weather will wear as if you're just out in your polo shirt and slacks.

The downside and really only negative I have to say about the gear is that even with a big focus on breathability, when you're wearing something made to keep any moisture out- it's going to lead to keeping everything in including stifling heat. This is actually great when playing in a cold rain that often occurs in early spring or late fall but a mid-summer heat rain can be brutal. A lot of times in those cases though- I'm wishing the rain would soak me to the bone anyway. Just don't pull out the jacket.

Value - 6.5

Golf rain gear is not cheap. As I mentioned up top it's one of those things that's hard to drop cash on but you love having it when you need it. I sometimes wonder how much of the price is simply because it's "golf gear" versus the real cost of the material and construction. It seems that if you're willing to go "camo" you can buy hunting rainproof gear that is similar but for less. As with most things you get what you pay for though. I'm sure you could find cheap golf rain gear and it will be, well, cheap.

The Mizuno Impermalite gear runs for anywhere between $130-$200 per piece. You can find the gear a bit cheaper online but you're going to put down a pretty penny for the pleasure of being dry.

Overall - 8.7 (not an average)

Play a round in the northeast USA on a chilly and rainy October morning and you're not going to care what the Mizuno Permalite rain gear cost. This stuff works and you'll look great. My recommendation is to ask for it as a gift. Let someone else shell out the dough- and then you have a sweet outfit.

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Great Post... I have been looking at that line of gear. Will check it out some more!
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