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By Kickntrue on 6/28/08
The people over at fizgolf sent me a sample bottle of their club and ball cleaning solution. The product is simple but worked out to be very effective. The product was created after Aaron Heap, the President of fizgolf caught the golf bug one summer and was frustrated with the options available to keep his clubs and ball clean.
Late one summer afternoon when my towel had dried out, my copper brush was worn out, and I had cottonmouth, the solution became clear: a small, convenient and well designed co2 cartridge that incorporated the moisture of a wet towel, the scrubbing of a wire brush, and the effectiveness of a spit shine in one beautiful, efficient design.

Aaron Heap- President FIZGOLF

I must say this stuff works well. I've been carrying it around for the last 4 or 5 rounds I've played and have used it faithfully. Most courses have ball washers but this really does the trick with the clubs. Before- I'd just spit on my towel or the face of my club continually. The fact that the fizgolf bottle has a soft faced brush on the opposite side of the spigot makes it great for actually cleaning into the grooves instead of just wiping the surface of the club. The only negative at all is that the product comes out so fast and foamy that you can make a mess pretty easily. The first couple of times I tried fizgolf I ended up with residue all over myself. Still- no biggie.

Fizgolf hooks easily onto your golf bag and provides a simple cleaning solution for a low cost. They sell through Ebay currently for $10.00 a bottle plus a couple bucks shipping. This is a new product so as it gets into more retail locations I'd expect the price to come down. Either way- it makes an inexpensive yet valuable gift and it's worth having on your bag just for the fact that it will keep your clubs ready for every shot and improve the overall wear and tear over time.
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jerdman says:
For $10, how much cleaning can you do with that little bottle?
sleeper says:
Is this a joke?
Kickntrue says:
It's lasted multiple rounds for me. If you conserve it- I'd imagine it could last at least 5 rounds... and no- not a joke. :)
golfgirl says:
I like the can's lime green/white color pallet. Matches my golf bag :o)
theredmission says:
Price wise I'd say its a little high; for 4-5 rounds I'd say $7 sounds like the right price point for me. Maybe if the foam stuff was a replaceable cartridge that would make it a little cheaper long term. With that so I'd say it sounds like a decent product and has a great overall design and look to it.
falcon50driver says:
Sleeper, I'm with you.....
TaylorFade says:
Water is still relatively inexpensive and usually readily available on the course and I don't know anyone that doesn't own a towel.

This is along the lines of that little tube of miniature parachutes they sell to gauge the wind.
fizgolf says:
it spray 350+ times. so, averaging 2 sprays per hole (your 2nd shot iron then the ball before you putt) thats 175 holes of golf or 18-20, 9 hole rounds.
Kickntrue says:
Thanks for the info. I guess I misjudged that a bit.
falcon50driver says:
This product is appropriately named.....Fizzzzzzzzzzz
B-Rad says:
I've used it and it's excellent, I don't use every hole. I use it one a month to deep clean my sticks and it works great not only getting the grass and soil off put the oxidation that all clubs aquire as well. I keep it in my bag just in case I might need it on the course too.
joegolf68 says:
Towel plus water seems to work for me also, but if someone can make a dime on a product, America is the place to do it. More power to the seller, but I won't be buying, and I buy just about anything and everything!
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