Guy Yocom's My Shot
By Kickntrue on 7/3/08 returned 143,656 search results in their "books" section when searching "golf." Guy Yocom's My Shot: The Very Best Interviews From Golf Digest Magazine may be the best one. Seriously, it's that fun to read.

When I received this book I had no intentions of doing a "book review" or really do much more than mention that this book exists and blah blah blah. Then I started reading it. If you are familiar with Golf Digest you may have read some or even all of these interviews before- but to have them all in one great coffee table book is awesome. Guy Yocum uses an interesting first person narrative to let the interviewees tell their stories in first person. It is clear that he guides them with questions but everything is a series of responses told entirely in first person as if the subjects are just spouting any first thought that comes to their heads. It is riveting.

What really makes the book work, beyond its format are the subjects. To name a few: Sam Snead, Michelle Wie, Earl Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Samuel L Jackson, Billy Casper, Evel Knievel, Gary McCord and Pete Dye. The stories they tell are interesting, sad, funny and carry an overall genuine quality to them. Yocum does a great job staying out of the story with the exception of short well-written intros to each interview. Despite the fact that Yocum's voice is hidden in the background, the efforts of his work in the interviews is felt strongly. How else can you explain stories of Sam Snead catching bobcats with his bare hands and Moe Norman talking about carrying $10k in his front pocket at all times?

Save your money next time you see the next great golf book loaded with swing tips and mental fixes- and buy this one instead. Golfers and non-golfers alike will enjoy picking it up and reading the interviews. You can read it over time in 5 minutes spurts but my guess is you have trouble putting this book down once you start.

My Shot: The Very Best Interviews from Golf Digest Magazine

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golfer35771 says:
I agree, this book is a fantastic read, one of his very best works. Your article was inpiring, sadly the author's name was mis-spelled throughout. At least it was right in the Title?
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