No Joke Golf Divot Tool
By Kickntrue on 7/10/08
No Joke Golf (it's ironic because it almost is a joke... get it?) sent me one of their latest toys- an all-in-one divot tool. The tool has the ability to be used as: a shotgun can opener, golf divot tool, ball marker, head cleaner, bottle opener, cigar holder and grip saver. Obviously- a few of those jump out at you as a little odd- such as say... the shotgun beer opener. Well, what can I say? This tool does it all.

First- the real stuff- before the fun stuff. The tool is hardcore. One of my biggest complaints about most divot tools is that after a couple uses on harder greens the prongs end up bending and you have a lousy hunk of metal. Because the No Joke Golf tool has so many functions- it is at least a pretty impressive hunk of metal. It will hold up well with use just because of it's thickness.

I tested all of the features and it delivers as promised. The club head cleaner is almost too good though. I actually have small puncture wounds in my hand from accidentally stabbing myself when reaching into my pocket for it yesterday. That leads me to the only real negative with using the No Joke Golf Divot Tool as a "real product." It's a little big. It fit in my pocket, but it's definitely a bit bulkier than most things I carry while golfing. I'm a "pockets-free" kind of guy, removing everything before golf like keys and my wallet so having something this big was certainly noticeable.

Of course- that is a small price to pay ($14.95 by the way) for the awesomeness of having a can opener for the bottles and a sharp edge for the cans at my fingertips.

Check out for more details and to buy the product. You can also private label these if you'd like to buy in bulk to advertise your company on the ball mark.

Also- the company has rules for Shotgun Golf on their website. I'm pretty sure I couldn't make it to my car afterwards if I tried this.

And now... the moment you would've been waiting for had you known it was coming... I debated posting this- and I'm sure my mom will be oh so proud of me, but it's too good to pass up. I haven't done this in years months and I've only done it a couple times in my whole life- but like they say, "if you have the skills then flaunt them."

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Eddy Whitaker says:
where can i get an oob hat like that??
Snyper says:
Well done my friend! Great use of YouTube. Sign me up for one of those babies!!
Josh says:
hehe, awesome!
kkjacks says:
That was definitely not his first rodeo lol. I want a oob hat too. What does oob stand for anyway?
Ben Crane says:
Thanks for asking that question, kkjacks. Up until I saw the video, I was pronouncing it "O" "O" "B" golf instead of oob golf
Kickntrue says:
O O B Golf works too! It's just easier for us to make it "oob."

As far as what our name means- it is a "hole, ball, and club"

You can see a visual representation here:

Mouse over the logo.
TaylorFade says:
No pocket/belt clip = no sale.
jonkarn says:
I agree. It is everything I would want, but no belt clip, no sale. Only thing in my pocket is a tee and and an extra ball, I like to feel free of weight. Get a clip on there man!
Jesten Tice says:
That is just awesome. If not for the video, I'm not sure if I'd be interested, haha.
Lucy Ho says:
u should say "it works"

oh, i can make some oob hats for you ;)
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