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By Snyper on 7/15/08
By Matt Snyder, oobgolf contributer

I was recently sent a couple products from Eyeline Golf. Eyeline golf is a company that focuses on training aids that mostly work with your short game. Famous putting guru Stan Utley has a product with Eyeline that he endorses which is the first thing I got my hands on.

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The first product I played with is called the Learning Curve. This training tool is designed to teach golfers the path that the putter takes during a perfect putting stroke. So often we hear that we are to take the putter straight back and straight through. In reality, when we make that perfect stroke, the putter does not actually go straight back and straight through. This tool helps to show the true path of the putter. Then, after we realize what the path should look like, the Learning Curve helps us develop that muscle memory. When we make a back swing with our putter, the putter comes up off the ground and to towards our body slightly. The Learning Curve is designed on an angle to allow for that movement to occur while still staying on the perfect straight back and straight through path. The same is then true on the forward swing. As we come straight through the stroke, the putter again comes off the ground and back towards our body slightly. So on the one side of the Learning Curve, we have a straight edge angled at sixty-eight degrees. By placing the heel of your putter against that edge and making a stroke, you can feel the perfect straight back and straight through putting stroke. On the other side of the Learning Curve, there are graphics that show us the path that the putter should make during a stroke. A yellow line details the movement that the putter makes when we go straight back and straight through. This shows us that the putter head moves on a curve and not in a perfectly straight line when the ideal stroke is made. By clipping the Red Rail into the Learning Curve, you now have a guide that is designed to follow the path of the toe of the putter. You can set your putter flat on the ground with the toe of your putter against the rail and make your stroke. The Red Rail will show how the toe of the putter should move during the perfect stroke. The Rail can also be used alone to show proper alignment by simply laying the Rail on the ground behind a ball and pointing it towards the cup. The graphics will show the line of the putt and how the putter should move back and through to properly stroke the ball.

I was very impressed with the simplicity of this tool. I found it very easy to use and understand, but very helpful at the same time. The putting stroke is a hard concept for beginning golfers to understand. For anyone out there who routinely gives lessons, I would certainly recommend this tool, despite its $99.95 price tag. I found it much easier to explain what the putting stroke should look like and accomplish with the help of the Learning Curve. Instruction, however, is not the only purpose for this aide. I am a little skeptical of training aides in general, outside the use of professional instruction, but I do think is aide can be used by any golfer trying to fix their stroke. The simple concept behind it allows even the not so savvy golfer to properly use this tool. Whether you are an avid golfer or a twenty handicap that routinely struggles with putting, I would suggest that the Learning Curve could help you with your putting woes. It provides a visual representation of the putting stroke that is otherwise very difficult to grasp. That picture of the stroke can be very helpful to all of us when we feel our stroke starting to go wrong and are looking for the answer to get it back.

The other product that I received is a much simpler concept. It is call the Pendulum Putting Rod and it is designed to teach your body how to properly work in harmony to make a putting stroke. One end of the rod lays on your putter and the other end against your sternum. The concept is that as you swing your putter, you swing your shoulders in the same motion. The rod also provides a visual of the proper alignment of your hands and putter shaft. If your hands are in front of or behind the ball, the rod will provide you with that feedback. In general, it serves as a connecting point between your putter head and your upper body.

Though I recognize the relevance of this training aide, I am not sure that this is not something that you can construct on your own with the shaft of a golf club or a wooden rod in your garage. It is a relevant concept that can certainly help someone who may be struggling with his or her stroke, but I am not convinced that it is worth the $29.95. This is probably more of a tool that I would recommend to a teacher more so than the student. While I can see myself routinely breaking out the Learning Curve to make sure my stroke is fundamentally sound, I would probably only use the Pendulum Rod once or twice and then stash it away. So in conclusion, if you are a teacher or someone in desperate need of help with their stroke, the Pendulum Rod is fundamentally sound and something you may want to try. Otherwise, I would have to suggest that you save your money on this and just remember to keep your hands even with the ball and make your stroke with your shoulders.

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uncbearsgolf says:
The simplicity of the products make them so useable and give you instant feedback as you mentioned. I recently tried the new Hank Haney product called the "putting impact system" the concept behind this product is to show you where your putter face is at impact.
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