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AlmostGOLF Practice Balls
By Kickntrue on 8/1/08
The AlmostGOLF ball is the number one selling off-course golf practice ball you can buy. After hitting them it's obvious why.

Last night my wife and I walked to a local park armed with wedges, 7 irons and 6 AlmostGOLF limited flight practice balls. The objective was to scare the other people in the park when they saw two adults taking full swings at golf balls. The way I reasoned, if the balls are really as good as AlmostGOLF says they are the other people in the park would freak out when they saw us hitting them- since the park is crawling with dogs, kids and soccer players. The balls are advertised as "neighborhood safe" so I figured I'd them at their word.

So... it worked. We heard multiple comments from people about the two crazy people smacking around golf balls. I heard a couple kids ask their parents what we were doing. The responses, "Uhh.. it appears as if their playing golf." Exactly!

As far as performance the AlmostGOLF balls are very good, easily the best I've ever played with. I grew up hitting whiffle golf balls in my backyard and while they were ok- you could count on them breaking after a couple minutes and besides practicing a swing that actually connected with something they were worthless. While promising feedback it was much too extreme and to fickle with things like wind. The AlmostGOLF balls really jump off the club. They are actually a technological marvel of sorts. They have a technology called Point3 which features a CO2 pressurized core that actually has a .3 COR rating.

I was hitting wedge and 7 iron and when I made clean contact they would fly a good 50 or 60 yards- so if there is any downside it's that they aren't for tight neighborhoods, you'll need a little room. You can draw, fade, slice or hook the AlmostGOLF balls. There was a slight breeze and they held their line pretty well. As for their claim of being neighborhood safe, well- do I have a story for you. Any married man will appreciate this.

After hitting 3 balls from point A to point B- I walked after them. My wife was still hitting hers but I didn't think too much of it and tracked my balls down. So I grab the AlmostGOLF balls and line them up to hit back to point A. Well (as if you can't see where this is going), you know how they say if someone is pointing a handgun at you it's almost safest to not move, because it's so hard to hit your target? I applied the same theory to this and just starting hitting back towards my wife using her as my target point. She was in her own world and not paying attention of me and turned away from while I was standing over my ball. My AlmostGOLF ball is hit perfectly and as she turns around to look at me the ball meets her directly on her shoulder with a bit of a thud.

She wasn't very happy with me. The look was priceless. I was standing there a little awkward not sure if I should be pleased with how well I just hit my shot or running to her for assistance. Then something amazing happened- she quickly positioned herself over the ball and tried to whack it back at me in retaliation. Don't lose the importance of the true message in the funny story- it didn't hurt her a bit, she was just mad that I hit her. If the AlmostGOLF balls are "wife-anger safe," they definitely get my stamp of approval for "neighborhood safe." Try that trick with a Birdie-ball and see if you sleep in a bed for the next week.

Beyond just the practice aspect of the AlmostGOLF balls is the invention of the game of AlmostGOLF itself. You should check out their website for more information, but basically it's small scale golf that you can play almost anywhere. You can call your shots, "over the house, under the tree, off your neighbor's car and into the porch. I could see there being a lot of fun with an urban golf movement. Their website also features a pretty interesting blog with really good content, about their product and ways to use it as well as swing tips.

Their Blog

Click one of these links to buy AlmostGOLF practice balls. Your wife will thank you!

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falcon50driver says:
Just What I need, A ball that takes away even more of my self respect.
theredmission says:
Ok so this is prob one of the better products Ive seen posted so far. I might even actually consider buying it.
jd1021 says:
i purchased a 36 box back in the winter, and i really enjoy hittin mine around the yard. usually dont hit any more than an 8 iron, but have hit a driver when neighbors were out of town, and it went between 100-125 yards
PapaJoe says:
You're all missing the point of the above story and buying these balls! Ask your wife, or girlfriend, to go to the practice range with you, actually any park will do as suggested in the article. Tell her, "This will be great physical exercise for you to see how many balls you can catch!" And then see how many times you can hit her. Wife gets her exercise. You get to take out your frustrations!
Off-Course Golf Rob says:
I know it may be strange for the 'manufacturer' of a product reviewed to comment, but I agree with PapaJoe. I'm a big fan of teaching my wife and kids to become 'auto shaggers'. My daughter likes catching and shagging more than golf. It's a win - win. PapaJoe, you are a truly sophisticatted almostGolfer.
nicklar says:
Bought these to train with in my larger yard. Proved problematic when I hit a L-wedge 70+ yards over my garage and into the cul-du-sac in front of my house. Will be constructing an in-garage practice stall and these balls will be perfect for use in it. Does a great job of replicating a full-weight ball's trajectory.
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