Adams Golf Idea Pro Gold
By Kickntrue on 8/5/08
Reveiwed by Andrew Brown

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Adams Golf is a name synonymous with gritty, affordable and well designed golf equipment for the everyday golfer. What Adams hasn't always been known for is making golf equipment for the low handicapper who wants more than just durability and forgiveness. The Idea Pro Gold Irons are a splash into the "player's iron" market by Adams Golf featuring a 5-PW along with a 3 and 4 hybrid to complete the set.

From Adams:
The 5-PW forged irons appeal to better players with a thin top line and sole. An 8620 carbon steel head is finished with a mirror-chrome plating that adds a premium look to the set. The constant offset through the irons offer better control for players wanting to work their ball flight and the 14% volume increase in the face grooves result in better accuracy and feel.

The specific set I demoed had Mitsubishi Rayon JAVLN FX shafts on all of the clubs including the 5-PW. Usually the JAVLN FX shafts are reserved for just the hybrids. The irons are normally outfitted with Rifle Project X Flighted shafts.

To learn more about the the specs and company line of the driver- visit

Look - 9.0

Any mixed set of irons/hybrids is going to have a couple factors in appearance. The stand alone iron and hybrid appear as well as how the two look together in the bag. I'll start with the irons. In a single word- "wow." They have a very traditional look. The forged irons are sleek, sexy and small. They are cavity back clubs but standing over the club you'd never know they weren't blades. The top and bottom of the irons is very thin making the clubs great for hitting from any lie and making them look fantastic. I was comparing these mostly to the Mizuno MP-57's and I couldn't believe how much smaller these felt than even those.

The hybrids are a bit unique in that they employ a new geometric shaping that they call "Boxer Technology." Basically it means that instead of the traditional hybrid shape (if they've even been around to call it that) they appear more like a cubed rectangle, or box... which is what I think they may have been going for with "Boxer Tech." At any rate- they look good. For some reason I want my irons to look "sexy" but I'm not too concerned about my hybrids. As long as they are functional I'm happy. All together the set looks very good. Adams used a strong yellow/blue scheme to wrap the clubs together. The Golf Pride grips are canary yellow and matches the color through the hybrids if you care about that sort of thing.

Experience - 9.0

I was very impressed with my on-course experience with the Adams Golf Idea Pro Gold irons. I was able to hit fades, draws, hooks and slices. Feedback was instantaneous. Because of their shape the were solid from any lie. When I made great contact the feeling was so soft and pure. The kind of stroke that makes you admire the ball into the green with the club still extended over your shoulder. For the purpose of this review- I was comparing them once again to the Mizuno MP-57's and I can honestly say the performed almost identically. I could go from one to another without much discernible difference. If you know the quality and reputation of Mizuno irons you realize this is high praise for the Adams clubs.

As if the performance of the forged irons isn't enough- I loved the hybrids, specifically off the tee. I've never really loved hitting hybrids for their revolutionary purpose of hitting balls from the rough and awkward lies. I'd rather pull out a safe club like a 5 or 6 iron and advance the ball to a more playable position in situations like that. Where I am a big fan of hybrids is when I need a ball in the fairway off the tee. Like many golfers I go through stretches where I can't buy a fairway. While nothing feels quite as good as blasting a ball 275 off the tee with a driver, delivering a ball 230-240 yards down the middle on a hole less than 400 yards is a pretty close second. Based on where the 2nd shot often comes from after hitting my driver- I'll take the hybrid out every time. Simply, these Adams Idea Pro Gold are the best I've ever hit. I don't know if it's because of the "Boxer Technology" or the just fact that Adams has always been ahead of the game in hybrids but I couldn't hit a bad shot. I probably hit 30 on-course drives between the 3 and 4 hybrids and maybe only hit a couple of them badly. You don't need to look at my driving stats very long to realize I'll jump at the chance for a 90% driving success ratio (maybe not all on the fairway, but good solid hits not in trouble).

Value - 7.5

It's hard to get a "value" gage on these clubs because there seems to be a huge range of price and availability depending where you buy them. Adams MSRP on the set with the Project X shafts on the 5-PW and the Mitsubishi Rayon JAVLN FX shafts on the 3 and 4 hybrid is $999.95 though it looks like most online retail outlets have them for $899.95. On Ebay you can get them as low as $500 though as always you need to be pretty careful what you are buying on Ebay. With all of the clubs sporting the Mitsubishi Rayon JAVLN FX shafts the MRSP is $1199.95.

Value of course is always subjective. These are players' clubs so you're not going to be in the market for them if you don't play golf frequently which means you're not going to be a stranger to spending money on your addiction. The price tag is very competitive to similar sets geared towards the same audience. The fact is- you're not going to get a forged iron very cheap. The hybrids to this set sell individually for well over $150- and I think at that price they are well worth it.

Overall - 8.9 (not an average)

My opinion is pretty clear. The Adams Golf Idea Pro Gold irons are a surprisingly great set of player's irons that includes 2 hybrids with potential super powers. When spending this much money you'll want to look at all of your options and find something that you like the best. I strongly encourage you not to skip over the Adams name and include them in your quest for the perfect sticks. Adams already has a great reputation for dependable clubs and the Idea Pro Gold series will only strengthen that distinction.

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ontheridges says:
I have the Idea Pro mixed set that these replaced and love them - Adams has snuck in a few good "players" sets the last couple of years now and they are very much worth a try...although I am not a player yet, just aspiring to get enough time to become one some day. The hybrids are very difficult NOT to hit right - I hit my 3H over a 60-70 foot tall tree in the bend of a par 4 about 250 yards to the fringe about 8 feet short of the sucker pin. Of course I followed that up with a sissy putt of 6 feet and had the worst feeling walking away with birdie that I have ever had - but that is a different story. The irons are just as good as the hybrids - good feedback and on solid contact in the sweet spot it's almost like you were hitting cotton balls instead of golf balls. I am only 33 and get told that I bought the "old man's set" all the time because of the popularity of these clubs on the Champions Tour, but I tell them all the time, you really owe it to yourself to try them out. Can't wait to hit the Golds!
dickievee says:
Try these clubs or any adams clubs they are as good as anything out there and better. the irons are as soft and responsive as any mizuno iron out there and as good as any taylor made ,or titlest ,or ping irons made. ive owned them all over last 30 years 200sete to be sure and theya re my favorites , not just because im older and championstour guy but they are made that well try a hybrid their drivers wedges , you cant beat them try some you will love them thanks DV
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