Dixon Golf Ball Review
By Kickntrue on 8/11/08
I tried out Dixon Golf balls this weekend. When I first posted about the Dixon Earth balls a couple weeks ago I told you a bit about them, but here is a quick recap:

* Made of 100% recyclable material.
* Claim to lose no playability.
* Not only are the "Dixon Earth" balls made of recyclable material- but they've also introduced a program where you can send them back used and bruised balls to be recycled and you received your next package at a big discount.

I played with the Dixon Earth balls this weekend and I've got to say I was rather impressed, at least with the playability. Off the tee there was no discernible difference. Around the greens they played like a pretty controllable player's ball. They weren't as sticky as a Pro V1, but they would check and stop pretty nicely. They were at least comparable to a DT Solo and maybe even the NXT.

The one biggest negative was the longevity of the Dixon Earth ball. I spent some time on the practice chipping and pitching area with the balls before my round so I could get a good idea of how they'd play. I used one Dixon Earth ball, 1 Pro V1 and a Nike One Platinum. After 20 minutes or so I checked out the balls and had a slightly used Pro V1, the Nike was fine, and the Dixon Earth ball was shredded and unusable. I was mostly just chipping and pitching from less than 20 yards, though I did hit a couple sand shots so I probably did most of the damage there. Still- when you're paying over $35 for a dozen golf balls, I want them to last more than a hole or two, even if I can send them back.

As far as the mail-back program, it is a pretty cool idea. Basically you can get $1 back for ever ball you send back. If you buy and 12 pack and send them all back you get a 33% discount on your next order. I'm not sure it's 100% "green" and admittedly it's a bit of a gimmick (by the time you pay to ship them back AND reorder are you really saving money?), but it is at least a step by someone in the golf industry to do something unique and make steps into the 21st century.

Dixon Golf

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TaylorFade says:
$20 - maybe. $35 - no way. I have to sacrifice playability and durability and still pay "player's ball" prices for a "green" ball? No thanks. I'm pretty "green" and as badly as I would like for this to be a great idea... its just not gonna fly. People paying ProV money aren't going to sacrifice for the same price and players of lower end balls aren't going to pay the extra cash.

They would have been better off recycling old balls into something else instead of recyling something else into new balls. I dunno.
psche00 says:
I wish someone would review my balls.
Kickntrue says:
A little lonely pscheck?
falcon50driver says:
Don't they have to be viewed before they can be reviewed? I'm just sayin'
Gallluchi says:
I just found out that they will now take the balls back at the pro shop and give $1 per ball. My course sells them for $29.95 and If I brought 12 balls back in, I would only be paying $17.95. Not a bad deal and its doing good.
Sgordon says:
I have been using them since the end of last season. Was a ProV guy since they came out. I am only a 6 but I've had none of the problem TaylorFade had. In fact my ProVs were not great in the hold-up department either. A couple of hard short irons and they shreaded pretty good. I used to carry a fingernail clipper with me to cut the feathers off on the green. Have had to much with the Dixon. My biggest issue with them has been they are almost too straight! Minimal sidespin off the driver makes it harder to work left or right. My missed drive was a hard hook. I can't even do it with these things. I don't have any problems off the irons or wedges moving it. They seem to be very workable. Around the green and putting they are every bit as good as the ProV and a lot better than most I've tried. When you factor in the return ability they come out to be pretty good buy for the performance. I have not tried their new distance ball.
Jenn Jones says:
I went to the store and thought I was getting scammed into purchasing some balls, thankfully I found Dixon Golf balls which I love!
Jenn Jones says:
Went golfing with my Dixon Golf Balls today and know that I was not Ripped off and really love Dixon Golf balls.
GreenPlaya says:
I've been playing Dixon balls for 3 years. Sometime around 11-18 months ago, the durability issue of the cover must have been addressed by Dixon because the balls are great for 18 holes plus. (If I can keep one in play that long). Eco friendly is nice. But honestly I'm playing them for "playability." The Earth is my ball of choice. I'm a 12 handicap my by single digit handicap friends are all playing the ProV1 or Dixon Fire. However it seems the guys that play the Fire are talking a lot more about the ball while the ProV1 guys just seem to be "sold" on the name. Either way, Dixon is way beyound the "is it a Gimmick" stage. They are for real and I hope I can start getting them at my local Sports Authority or Pro Shop soon. Ordering online is a pain - but I just order 6 dz every may and I'm good to go till the snow falls.
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