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By Kickntrue on 9/2/08
Uber Entertainment has partnered with oobgolf to create a native iPhone app- now available in the iTunes store. Like smartSCORECARD we did not create the application but we are partnered in providing course data and integration for stats. What that means to you- is if you have an iPhone you can use Fore! for a slick interface on an application native to the iPhone and still have all of oobgolf's great stat keeping abilities and tracking- uploaded automatically. You can also keep track of all four in your group making scoring easy in one place for betting or just simplicity. If you are the only person in your oob foursome with an iPhone or other data phone it seems like something you should do... for them.

From the reviews and ratings it has received so far it seems people think it's pretty slick. Compared to other golf scoring apps for iPhone it seems that people like it a lot. If there is a downside- it's the price. It is selling for $25 which is a couple bucks more than any other golf app in the store and $25 bucks more than using our own (free)

Fore! Website
Buy It (Opens iTunes)

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ForeKris says:
Does the App track tee shot clubs/distances and comments?
ooo27 says:
You can enter per round and per course notes.
ForeKris says: allows you to add comments for every hole. i use it to note if i hit a tee shot fat, or a lousy chip over the green.
birdieXris says:
Slick,yea but i don't see that being a keeper for me. $25 and it does less than mobile oobgolf. Looks neat though
iluv5pam says:
i agree with birdie.
BBakker says:
Uber Entertainment don't do customer service as they have never responded to any of my emails detailing bugs and enhancements to the application. Are they going to make improvements? At least they should update their web site and tell us of their plans. It's easy and quick to use and with a few tweaks it could be top notch, but it seems like they just don't care!
RWILL82 says:
do they make an application for the Blackberry like this? i enjoy mobile-oobgolf, use it all the time, but would try this if they had something like it for the Balckberry
klangdon says:
There currently isn't anything specifically for the blackberry, but we are working on a few options. I believe that might work better than
choward024 says:
Got anything for the Blackberry yet?
ooo27 says:
BBakker, we've answered every single customer support email we've ever received. We've also released multiple versions continuing to enhance the product. I'm not sure why you'd make such statements.
xxjt123xx says:
I use this app every time I golf and it works great for me. I looked at a bunch of the apps on the app store that were similar to this but this one was by far the best.
vegarafael says:
Does it work with the IPod Touch???
accairo says:
I think its a great app. And yes it does work with the iTouch.

My only complaint is that it doesnt hold several completed rounds. I went on a golfing trip to FL and played 3 rounds. I have an iTouch so I wasnt able to upload the scores after the rounds becuase I didnt have a wifi connection. When I came home and went to upload my scores (and my playing partners scores) I only found the most recent round on there.

Is there any way to get around this?
dtmlefty says:

you can save your round. Afterwards you could have loaded a previous round and uploaded it.
deborah powell says:
This program has become unreliable recently. After entering all of the scores and stats at the end of the round the final score card would not rotate. This has happened on several courses.
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