Golfdotz For Golf Balls
By Kickntrue on 9/2/08
I ran into the creator of Golfdotz last weekend in Las Vegas. He gave me a couple packs to try out. Golfdotz are a very simple idea- they are premade designs that you can tranfer onto your golf ball to mark it instead of a carrying a Sharpie around with you. They also cleary set your ball apart from anyone else on the course playing an identical or very similar ball.

I actually did an oobgolf post back in May saying I was unsure of the product- and while I still think it's a bit goofy after trying out Golfdotz on the course- there is clearly some merit to the product.

The main misconception I had was that the Dotz were stickers. They are not. They are more like tempory tattoos the way they transfer to your ball. With a couple seconds of pressure they easily slide of the wax paper onto your ball. Once on the ball- they can be scratched off- but it takes some effort, so they are pretty secure. In fact- I accidently attached one to my finger and I couldn't get it off for 20 minutes so I guess they are pretty much exactly like temporary tattoos your kids may run around with.

On the course- what can I say? They work. I could easily identify my ball and the first thing that jumped out at me multiple times was the Golfdotz. The downside is the limited design potential. They need to add the availability to upload an image to their site and custom order Golfdotz. I actually like them better than a messy marker- but I don't want my golf balls to have flames, hearts or cheesy peace signs. They need to expand their collection- and custom designs is the obvious solution.

Nonetheless- pretty cool. Check them out if you'd like- and if you find a ball at Poolesville Golf Course in Maryland with 3 "bugs" on it- I'd like it back please. - Official Site

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KVSmith59 says:
lol. You need to send them a mini-oobgolf logo to include in their kit for this free advertising
klangdon says:
I grabbed the flames at the show, definately the best design of the bunch. It would be sweet if the flames were made to suround the number on the ball.
pupgolf says:
i'd say keep your balls in the fairway and you won't need this item
KVSmith59 says:
can't sleep so while browsing through some old posts, I ran across this's an update for stickers for 2009:
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