Eidolon Wedges
By Kickntrue on 9/4/08
Reviewed by Andrew Brown

Ratings Key
10.0 - 9.5   Would Help Tiger
9.4 - 8.5     Awesome
8.4 - 7.5     Very good
7.4 - 6.5     Above Average
6.4 - 4.5     Solid
4.4 - 3.5     Below Average
3.4 - 2.5     Save Your Money
2.4 - 0.0     Pay NOT to own


Eidolon Wedges were featured in last month's Golf Magazine along side much "bigger" names in the golf equipment industry. I emailed the company and said I'd be interested in trying out one of their wedges. After a couple rounds I CALLED and said I needed to speak to the President; I was that impressed.

Once on the phone with Eidolon's main man- Terry Koehler, I learned a ton about the company including a guarantee that will blow you away. Try an Eidolon wedge- and if you don't like it, send it back, and Eidolon will buy you ANY comparable wedge you want. Basically- Eidolon is so sure of their product- they want you to try theirs and they will still buy you a Titleist Vokey if you don't like it. They initially expected an 8%-9% return rate. It's been less than 1%.

What sets Eidolon apart is their "V-Sole Technology" of the wedge. The "V-Sole" is patented, so no other manufacturer has it. It essentially allows the wedge to have two different bounces. I don't have time to fully explain bounce but here is what it means to your game. When you are taking shots out of rough- you probably feel like you hit them pretty decently with your wedge. When you take the same wedge on the fairway or tight lies- you probably have trouble getting the same pure contact and often chunk your short wedges as the leading edge of the wedge digs into the ground. That is because most stock wedges sold in retail stores have a higher bounce allowing you to hit better shots out of deep rough and sand- but making them a pain off the short stuff. The "V-Sole" is designed to have bounce angles on the same club to combat both situations.

To learn more about the the specs and company line of the wedges- visit EidolonGolf.com.

Look - 9.0

The Eidolon wedges look great with a classic teardrop shape. The cast 8620 Carbon Steel shines gloriously in the afternoon sun! Seriously though- they look like wedges. I know that sounds a bit simple but wedges don't have quite the same variations as other golf clubs. The first thing I did was turn the club over to see the "V-Sole" and I found it to be much less noticeable than I thought it would be. You can definitely see a difference, but it isn't distracting. I had initial perceptions that it may make the club look goofy- not so.

The only detractor at all to the look of the club is that glorious Carbon Steel's shine I mentioned earlier. It did catch the sun and glare up into my eyes uncomfortably a couple times throughout my rounds. It's obvious to see why a lot of manufacturers offer a gunmetal or smoke color option.

Experience - 9.7

I could probably just show one set of statistics and not have to say another word about my experience. I'll try to do a little better than that, but check this out:

* Since I switched to Eidolon wedges my handicap has dropped from 19 to 15.4
* My overall average score was 27 over par and is now 18.1 over par
* My GIR has improved by 8.3%

Proceed to checkout- have a nice day...

These wedges are amazing. They will perform great out of the rough and sand, but similar to your old wedges. Where the Eidolon wedges shine are from the fairway. I don't think I've chunked a single ball with them yet. Each shot has that perfect "pro-click" sound of contact that the people on TV talk about. When you are hitting the ball pure- the ball will do what you want it to do- in most cases with these wedges having it stop on a dime. One of the only frustrations I've had with the wedges to this point is learning to be more aggressive with my shots hitting the ball to the hole. I've come up 30 feet short more than once- where previously a ball would've released and now checks on the spot. That is a problem I'm happy to work on.

Value - 9.0

Eidolon Wedges are not discount clubs. They are a premium brand of playable irons that cost you just as much as your favorite big brand golf equipment. The wedges retail for $129 a piece. You'll want at least 2 if not 3 of them. So for around $250 you can improve your scores and learn to score on the golf course by improving your short game dramatically. Considering you'd pay that for 2 lessons or for about half of one of these crazy new drivers on the market I'd say that's a pretty good value.

Overall - 9.6 (not an average)

The only reason I'm not giving Eidolon's wedges a higher score than 9.6 (which by the way is still the highest score we've ever rated anything by far) is because I think there should always be room for improvement. I'm still waiting for that magical driver that gives me 280 yard perfectly straight shots everytime- or the putter that makes everything from 30 feet a 1-putt. I'd like to see these wedges offered in another color option down the road- so maybe there is some improvement to be had there. That very small detail aside- if you want to improve your golf game from 100 yards and in you should try the Eidolon wedge. With their ridiculous guarantee, what do you really have to lose? Next time you are in the market for a wedge- try the Eidolon and if you don't like it, they'll take it back and buy you something else. Obviously their stance says much more about the company than customer service. They truly believe their wedges are the best on the market- and after trying them out- I can't disagree.

Finally- I have awesome news. We worked our a deal with Eidolon to give oobgolf users a discount. Use this link or type in "oobgolf" at checkout to receive a 10% discount on Eidolon wedge purchases.

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TheBrownCrayon says:
So speaking of checking a ball...will these be legal with the new groove deal?
snaphooker says:
I have a 56 degree Eidolon wedege and just love it. It doesn't cover up poor technique but you can spin the stew out of the ball.
Ben Crane says:
I had a chance to check the 52, 56, and 60 degree wedges tonight and they are very nice. I just found what is going on my Christmas list this year.
klangdon says:
i have been playing these wedges as well and they have done wonders for my short game. i love them. i definately experience less miss hits, but the real value is in the ability to roll a ball back 5 feet like tiger.
Shooter Mcgowan says:
You Guys convinced me. I just ordered the 60 and the 54. Gonna give them to Lexus so he can see how much it will help. I can't tell you how many times Lexus is 80 yards out, looking at birdie, and he "chunks" it from the fairway. We will report back to see if the wedges really deserve a 9.6 rating (will help Tiger).
Shooter Mcgowan says:
Sorry it was a 60 and 56 degree. Also, I didn't notice a 10% discount when I checked out. Even though oobgolf was entered in the code box. Hopefully billing dept will take care of that.
wedgeguy says:
Shooter, please accept my personal apology for the technical glitch on the Promo code. It is fixed now and we're happy to give a 10% discount to all oobgolf readers and fans. Your invoice will be adjusted and you'll see a credit. We hope you all will give us a try. And Shooter, please direct Lexus to my blog -- TheWedgeGuy.com. There's lots of good short game info there.
mantajim says:
WedgeGuy, I noticed on your web page that you give a 15% discount when ordering 3 or more wedges. Will both discounts apply?
wedgeguy says:

Our technology only applies one discount per order, but we will honor the largest one always. We offer a 15% discount on orders of 3 wedges or more.
leftydog says:
I second that Emotion.

I've been playing the wedges for 3 years now. Graphite shafts provide an unbelievable feel and the V-Sole and milled grooves provide for excellent spin. But the coolest thing I've gound is the SCoR System for wedge play. It has enabled me to focus and dial in exact distances. Gone from 20 to 12 handicap.
Steve Wozeniak PGA says:
Best Wedges on the market PERIOD.......

inactive99 says:
I ordered a 56* wedge on the strength of this review. I did not like the wedge and tried to take advantage of the return policy. The literature shipped with my wedge stated "...we'll buy you any other wedge on the market you think you'd like better! And we'll even pay for the return shipping." It was a hassle to get them to pay the return shipping. They eventually agreed to pay claiming "Oobgolf placed the wrong information on their website." A month later, I was sent the wrong wedge. I returned that wedge. I am still waiting for a replacement. The delay has been blamed on the fact that "Unfortunately some other companies aren't as quick at shipping as EIDOLON Golf." I requested a wedge from Cleveland. It has been 12 weeks since I returned my Eidolon wedge and (despite my emails) I don't have any idea when I will get the proper replacement wedge. I am completely at their mercy to have a sandwedge back in my bag and its not a good place to be.
JWHpurist says:
If philb is still "Sand Wedge Poor", I would be willing to ship him either one or both of the following: #1 = Cleveland CG-10 54 degree wedge with TT dynamic gold steel wedgeflex shaft (condition 8.5/10) and/or #2 = Yonex V-Max 350 Tungsten bal. TI face cavity back Sand wedge 55 degree with graphite (Stiff shaft) (condition 9/10). A no charge donation, just like I do for "Junior Golf". Maybe Terry sends me the club the buyer didn't like and I find out if it's better than my favorite customized PGA R-91. I have more wedges than I can use up in my lifetime. Let me know and we go from there. JWHpurist
inactive99 says:
JWHpurist - thank you for this very generous offer. I really appreciate it. The community at oobgolf continues to impress me. Fortunately, about a month after the post above, we finally resolved things when I was issued a full refund of the purchase price of my EIDOLON wedge. It was a very frustrating experience (my wedge was going to be sent "any day" for months) but I used the cash refund to purchase a Cleveland wedge which I like very much. Hopefully, with time, EIDOLON will iron out these issues and will be able to handle these situations with more efficiency and candor. Regardless, thank you again JWHpurist for a truly generous offer and I hope you do get my old EIDOLON wedge to try out!
inactive99 says:
I should also mention that Terry reached out to me earlier today to apologize for the difficulty and mentioned that they are working to resolve some of these problems.
drosenzweig says:
i just got the 52 degree and it's AWESOME!!!! I spent 3 hours at the range doing side by side comparisons with my Cleveland CG10 wedge, which I loved...but now I'm converted and a born again Wedgist. Hands down, the Eidolon is far superior, especially out of the rough. I just placed an order for the 56 and 60 degree. I am now a newly ordained Eidolonogist!
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