Flair Hair oobgolf Style
By Kickntrue on 9/11/08
Yah- I have a Flair-Hair. You got something to say about it?

This is the kind of review that needs no words. If you can't see why you should have one after seeing these pics- you are probably not human.


Andrew of oobgolf.com rocking Flair-Hair

Andrew's Wife (I know it, I married up) rocking Flair-Hair

Kevin of oobgolf.com in Flair-Hair (profile view)

Kevin's wife making Flair-Hair work for her

Kevin's son showing off Flair-Hair's cuteness power

Sperry showing how it can match with camo shorts

Ben Crane showing how Flair-Hair works on the course.

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Ben Crane says:
Great! I put a hat on that had previously been whored out to the entire Brown and Langdon families along with some other dude I don't even know. I suddenly feel so dirty.
Kickntrue says:
Haha- but you look SOOOO good.
Steve Pate says:
Ben - now you'll have to take a shower. So that will be two for the month instead of your usual one.
volleyhart says:
Wait - where's Voly_Bill? He rocks the Flair-Hair 24-7, with his highlights and his visor.
Allen_Tee says:
Loved the family photo shots! Keep it off Oob - great to see the real people behind a great website.
sperry says:
I just want to point out that I keep a clean head.
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