Mizuno MP-52 Irons
By klangdon on 10/23/08
Reveiwed by Kevin Langdon, oobgolf contributor

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2 years ago, I decided to start taking golf seriously. The first step was to go out and buy a nice set of game development irons to accompany me on my journey through triple digit scores. I chose Adams GolfGÇÖs A2OS hybrids and love them. Only recently as my game has begun to improve have I started to think I need to upgrade. I first started to wish for true long irons instead of the hybrids which are less ideal for going after balls hidden by deep rough or even slightly plugged in the fairway. Last month I reached a historic point in my quest to be a better golfer, my handicap dropped under 20. After accomplishing this and reading GÇ£the wedge guyGÇÖsGÇ¥ perspective on game development irons, I decided it was time to take a the next step and get a set of clubs that would allow me to improve my swing and ability to work the ball.

Mizuno launched the MP-52 iron set last month. They are the most forgiving of the Mizuno MP irons, making them ideal for the golfer that is still tentative about replacing their large soled, cavity backed irons for a set of blades. I am not an expert in golf equipment and donGÇÖt want to get into a debate about if the MP-52s are actually blades, but they definitely are considerably different than most clubs in the "game development" arena. The longer irons do have two half circle cavities CNC milled in. This gives the club a closed look on the back but still provides some extra forgiveness. Like a number of other MP iron sets the MP-52GÇÖs also have "Dual Muscle" technology. The way I understand it is that instead of having a true cavity through all of the clubs, Mizuno has filled the cavity with a "muscle pad" that provides the golfer with more feedback and feel than a traditional cavity back. But enough of the technology and marketing speak. What really matters is do they work and look good doing it...

To learn more about the the specs and company line of the irons- visit mizunousa.com.
Look - 9.5

The brand of Mizuno invokes a lot of different thoughts, but foremost for me is their sleek clean design. The simplicity of color and shape of Mizuno equipment makes them the Apple or Jaguar of golf manufacturers. While other companies are out there trying to figure out how to combine 15 colors, reflective surfaces, and new shapes into each new set of clubs, Mizuno has defined itself with lines and curves that GÇ£return the favorGÇ¥ and turn-me-on.

Mizuno claims the irons have a GÇ£Durable double nickel chrome plated finishGÇ¥ which sounds like just another marketing line for the box. But I can say I have been impressed with how well the finish has held up on the club head. I had a hard time finding any scratches after a few rounds and the clubs cleanup enough that you canGÇÖt tell a difference from the day I got them in the mail.
Experience - 8.2

So far I have played 3 rounds of golf with the MP-52 irons. While I canGÇÖt say I dropped 3 points off my handicap in that short time, I can say I played some of the best golf of my life. My previous set of GÇ£game developmentGÇ¥ irons were not letting me do much development since I had never even hit a true 5 iron (hybrid only) and make it almost impossible to take the proper divot with a good swing. Thus I half expected to shoot a few horrible rounds as I got used to these clubs. That didnGÇÖt happen. The only adjustment I noticed was a few yards difference which is most likely going to happen with any change in clubs. I am VERY happy that the switch has not negatively affected my game for the short term and very excited about the possibility that they provide for improvement in the long term.

I still donGÇÖt really know what club GÇ£feedbackGÇ¥ means. But I can tell you that with the MizunoGÇÖs you KNOW where a shot is going and what it looks like even if you had a blindfold on. When you hit a great shot with these the sound and GÇ£clickGÇ¥ feel is incredible. On the flip side you miss the sweet spot and you know it just with vibrations through the grip and shaft.

The biggest experience change with these clubs is the confidence to hit out of almost any lie. When you are only carrying a 5 iron hybrid in your bag and your ball ends up in a divot. You have no choice but to wait until your playing partners are turned away and use the "foot wedge". With the MP-52GÇÖs I can grip tight and go down after the ball.
Value - 7.2

The irons as I reviewed them retail for about $999. They come with some different options primarily in the shaft selection. The shaft making a lot of buzz right now is the Project X Rifle shafts. These are what I opted for and added about a $100 to the price of the clubs. So with the Dynamic Gold Shafts they are priced under $900. There is no way with my experience and knowledge that I could tell you that the Project X shafts are worth the difference. I can tell you that they look good. They are a smooth taper all the way down with no traditional "crimping" that you usually see. They are also lighter than the other options and thus add to the great feel of balance that these clubs have.

There is no question you can go down to Dicks' Sporting Goods and find quite a few sets of irons cheaper than this, but I think these are worth the few extra dollars. Beyond just paying for the brand and look, I do believe in the technology behind these clubs.
Overall - 8.5 (not an average)

The bottom line is that I would recommend these clubs to any golfer with a handicap of 15 or better. I would even go as far as suggesting any beginners buy these instead of going the route I did with a beginner/hybrid set. I don't think your lose much playability in the short term as you are learning and youGÇÖre going to be a better golfer in the long term. Maybe most importantly youGÇÖre going to be able to keep these clubs longer before having to upgrade to true blades. While I was sad to see my first set of clubs retired, I am excited that these new, freakin good looking, clubs should be sufficient for me and my game well into the foreseeable future.

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hondolane says:
Great review... I am looking at the MX-200 from Mizuno. I hit all other brands, and had the best feel and performance from the Mizuno line. I was hesitant at first by went to a club fitting with an open mind and hit ALOT of balls. Mizuno came out on TOP. I plan on making the purchase come the spring.
famous59 says:
I was sold on the MP-52's as well but I had one issue. Every golf shop I went into the people working there would say great club but I just bought these, the Adams Tech A4. This happened four different times at four diferent shops. I bought the Adams and love them.
duetpebble says:
Be careful fellas, once you've Mizuno irons for a few rounds you won't want to go back. The feel of well-struck shots and off-center hits is very good. I've had the MP 30s, sold them to my brother, then was envious every time we played. So I sold my Ping i5s and bought the MP 57s and have recently broken my low handicap record TWICE!
M.Nugent says:
MP-60s are the greatest irons of all time, if the MP-52s feel like the MP-60s then they are a great buy at any price
PingRhoda says:
Went to a demo event yesterday and this was the first iron set I tried out. I'm currently hitting a set of Ping Eye 2's. These clubs feel amazing. While the facing on them is a bit smaller than a lot of today's clubs, they're still very easy to hit. Response on these as well as the others in the MP series is VERY nice. Right now I'm almost sold on them as I am looking to upgrade in the near future.
Paul Shiao says:
I have been shopping for mizuno irons and came accross wowgolfclubs.com where they sell mizuno irons at 1/3 the cost. Does anyone have any experience with buying clubs from this place. First thing that came to me are these are knockoffs. But I am told their clubs are made out of the same components that go into a genuine mizuno iron. It is the same OEM who produce the same clubs for Mizuno. Does anyone know the real deal?
scrog10 says:
An excellent review Kevin,
I've just bought the 52's and I'm quietly confident they will improve my 16 hcp game.
Albatross says:
I have a set of MX-23's and I plan to buy a new set of Mizunos this spring. The problem is there are now three sets that seem similar, MP-52, MX-200 and now the MX-300. I have spent some time reading the Mizuno webb site trying to figure out how they are different, but I cannot. I have not had the chance to see or handle the clubs. Can anyone shed a little light on these clubs?? Thanks
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