Adams IDEA TECH a4 Hybrids
By Kickntrue on 10/16/08
Reviewed by Andrew Brown

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Adams Golf is known for their amazing hybrids so when they offered to let me try the new IDEA TECH a4's I jumped at the chance. The company line on the new a4 hybrid is that it provides tour-proven quality with additional forgiveness, but it's clear that the IDEA TECH a4 is intended for a better golfer.

The key technology components of the new club are:
  • More forgiveness and 18% higher MOI than our leading Idea Pro Gold Hybrid.

  • Interchangeable sole weight allows for swingweight adjustments.

  • Increased ball speed and greater distance through pull-face construction and high-strength Maraging steel face.

  • High performance, premium Mitsubishi Javln FX shaft.
I played and reviewed the 3h and 4h. For more info from Adams Golf about the IDEA TECH a4 Hybrids check out their website. Adams Golf IDEA TECH a4 Hybrids.
Look - 8.0

When hybrids first hit the market a couple years ago they had shapes very similar to fairway woods but stubbier. A few companies played with different shapes but most have stayed true to their original look. Adams is one company that has moved outside of the box with their new "Boxer" technology which changes the shape pretty drastically. Instead of a smooth sloping club head you have a "boxy" (go figure) rectangle of a club head. Earlier this year we reviewed the Idea Pro Gold Hybrids along with the full-iron set and raved about the new club shape and the way they hit the ball.

These IDEA TECH a4's have the same general look and feel. Beyond the Boxer shape they are slick and generally look sexy. I know a few amateur golfers who still refuse to put a hybrid in the bag because of how it looks and what it is perceived to say about you. While I think that attitude is changing these new looking hybrids should help quicken the process for any holdovers.
Experience - 8.5

I had 2 very different experiences with the a4 Hybrids. At the range and off the tee they were the most incredible hybrid I ever hit. Out of the rough I had a much more difficult time. Some of this is common sense- because it's obviously easier to hit from the fairway and teebox than from the rough, but it bothered me a little since a lot of the aura surrounding hybrids is their rescue ability from tough lies and the rough vs tough to hit long irons.

Positives first- From the driving range fairway and low tee- WOW! I was consistently pounding the ball 220-230 down the center of the range with a slight draw on every shot. It was enough that when I took the hybrids out to the course I put my inconsistent driver in my bag and decided to keep things straight with the Adams IDEA TECH a4 Hybrids. My only real issue with these shots was that when I did try to fade the ball I had a real hard time making it happen. I had to open my stance up and really change my swing to make it happen. While I'll take draw and hard 95% of the time, a club that calls itself Tour-worthy needs to be able to play both ways.

As far as my difficulties from the rough you can probably chalk it up to a couple things the first of which is that I am in fact NOT Tiger Woods (or Aaron Baddeley for that matter- an Adams guy). Also- I didn't practice hitting the club out of tough spots so my only real situations with the a4's out of the rough was on-course experience which only happened a couple times. I don't think 5 or 6 shots is a real good sample size to say much bad about these hybrids. I'll take the fact that I hit 100 balls at the range and only mishit a couple of them. There is no doubt that if I actually owned this club it'd still be in my bag and I'd pull it out over trying to hit a traditional 3 iron any day on any shot.
Value - 7.5

At $170 a hybrid the Adam IDEA TECH a4's are not cheap. They aren't crazy in comparison to other top hybrids on the market either. It's probably worth every bit if you are an inconsistent driver and want something you can smack down the middle everytime by sacrificing a little distance. It's probably worth that if you want to look bad-ass and carry a club by the number one hybrid company on Tour.
Overall - 8.4 (not an average)

For those of you who are serious about improving your game and are in need of a new hybrid or want to venture into the market... put this one on your list to try out. I obviously haven't hit every club that exists but I've hit enough to know the Adams IDEA TECH a4 is the real deal. It will help improve certain aspects of your long iron game immediately and with practice could be the club to help take your game to the next level. ... if only it wasn't that "practice" thing that got in the way of that goal.

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Lefty'sRule says:
I just go a set of A4's and I was skeptic on converting from the traditional 3&4 iron to the hybrid, but as soon as I hit it, I was sold!!! These things are really solid and very easy to hit. I have the Tour AD shafts in mine and that could make some what of a difference, but I was extreamly lucky to come across these because they are a tour issued shaft only. I haven't hit them from the rough yet, my tee shot has been so good lately and I hit it long enough to where there may only be 1 or 2 holes on a golf course long enough to have to hit a hybrid for a second shot. I do think they are longer then the traditional irons as well. The very first time I hit the 3h on the course was into a par 5. I had 232 uphill with no wind and stuck to about 4 feet. From that point on I have had so much confidence when I have had to use one.
JetfanJ says:
BEST HYBRIDS EVER! UGLY TOO>>>>but its the result that counts.
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