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By Kickntrue on 12/8/08
Reveiwed by Andrew Brown, oobgolf contributor

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10.0 - 9.5   Would Help Tiger
9.4 - 8.5     Awesome
8.4 - 7.5     Very good
7.4 - 6.5     Above Average
6.4 - 4.5     Solid
4.4 - 3.5     Below Average
3.4 - 2.5     Save Your Money
2.4 - 0.0     Pay NOT to own


I think most agree that the best of anything comes from the small shop, the boutique, the specialty creator. Sure, Hershey's chocolate is great, but it's probably not the best you've ever had. In golf the equipment world is dominated by the "big guys"- mostly with household names like Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping (and others- don't kill me for not mentioning your favorite "big guy"), and they make great equipment, but I think it's the smaller brands and individual club makers that can produce some of the game's really great equipment. Why do you think the big brands latch onto individuals like Bob Vokey or Scotty Cameron? I think wedges and putters provide the greatest opportunity in golf for individual craftsmanship and creativity and that is how I was introduced to Piretti Putters.

Piretti Golf is a small Texas company with humble beginnings you'd expect from a couple of golf nuts with a fascination for metal-a garage and some time. The club-maker behind the Piretti Golf putters is Mike Johnson. He works with his business partner Jon Sarley to spread the Piretti name.

Paying homage to one of the greatest clubmakers ever, Karsten Solheim (Ping- History Lesson Here), Piretti Golf has come up with an Anser putter that is simply beautiful.

Here is a little more about the Teramo PN putter from Piretti:
* A re-visit of an all-time classic, our Anser putter provides a buttery feel throughout your entire stroke.

* Precision milled from carbon steel and bathed in a silky black oxide finish, it has a clean look to match.

* Our putters are micro-produced in the USA and hand inspected before they are shipped.
To learn more about the the specs and company line of the putter- visit PirettiGolf.com.
Look - 9.5

It doesn't really matter how a putter looks if it helps me get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Now that I have that out of the way... I want my bag to look as sexy as I do when I play (if you've seen me play you'd know in reality the bag looks a lot sexier than the game, but that's for another place and time). I don't WANT to carry a big bulky mallet in my bag. I'm a blade guy and that's advantage number one for the Piretti Teramo PN.

Everything about the Piretti brand oozes high-end class and sex appeal. Their name, website and their logo look more like a luxury car than a golf brand. Let me assure you, it translates to the putter itself. At the same time- it's still very simple and not overdone. The black carbon steel head, black face, the sharp precision milling all look great. If putting was a beauty pageant- Piretti would be the knockout in the black evening gown.
Experience - 9.0

Putting is not a beauty contest. There is also a talent competition. Fortunately the Piretti Teramo PN performs on the course. I've played 3 rounds of golf with my Teramo as well as spent countless hours putting with it in my office (you don't really think I WORK all day do you?). I really, no, REALLY like this putter. I called Kevin about 2 minutes after I finished my first round with it telling him that I'd found the Anser (ugg for puns) to my putting whoas. The feel of the putter is awesome. I felt as if the putter was simply an extension of my arm sweeping the ball with my hand. Not every putt is going to be perfect but the feel is so good on this putter you'll have nobody to blame but yourself. On paper, when I looked back at my stats for that first round I realized my putting wasn't actually that great, but it was my first chance with the new flat stick and I was playing on Northeast greens in November.

My biggest negatives with the experience of the putter all have to with how it sat in my bag and the head cover. The cover is soft and clasps magnetically in the back but when it was sitting in a cart being driven around the course it would jostle and a couple times I grabbed clubs and realized I was close to losing the cover. Not sure what to do about that...
Value- 6.0

A value rating is always going to be a somewhat arbitrary, but no more so when judging putters. Putters are the one club in the bag that are all about personal comfort and feeling. With golf you canGÇÖt really put a price on something that works. If I found a putter that averaged 1.75 putts per hole for me and never 3-putted I'd pay $1000 for it without thinking. I know some guys who spend $300 on a putter and loved the results and others who have putted with the expensive putter and switched back to their Wal-Mart $20 "Hog" putters (see: oob founder Kevin Langdon).

Piretti putters are not cheap. The Teramo PN runs at $275 and with grip options can reach the $300 mark. That clearly puts it in the high end of the putter market and despite that fact that I've sung the praises of this club it's really hard to convince anyone they should drop nearly $300 bucks on something they've never touched. As much as I can say the putter is worth $275 to me- after playing with it, I can honestly say I'd never spend that much money, site unseen.

That does put a manufacturer like Piretti in a tough spot. They simply aren't big enough to start sending putters all over the world to be tried and sent back- and until they are "discovered" and hit the big time you're not going to find them in a retailer.

I spoke with maker Mike Johnson about the situation and he assured me Piretti does the best it can with what it has. If there is a group of 5 to 10 people who'd like to check out the putter he said you can contact the company and they'll send you a model to pass around for a week or so to all try. Also- Piretti does offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. As long as you don't destroy the club and you send it back in good condition- Piretti will buy it back if you don't like it. That says something to me about standing behind their product and work.
Overall - 8.5 (not an average)

If you enjoy the feel and look of a blade I think you'll really like the Teramo PN. If you prefer a mallet-style putter this probably isn't going to change that.

I love the Piretti Teramo PN. That much is clear. I suggest you get together with your golf buddies and contact Piretti about sending you a demo for a week then take your Christmas money and get yourself a shiny new putter. If it's just too expensive for your game at this time I totally understand that, but keep your eye on the brand. I wouldn't be surprised to see a bigger company take a chance on them down the road.

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falcon50driver says:
Looks almost exactly like my Ping G2 PAL. Which by the way, works much better than my old Odyssey 2 ball putter, which I put on waivers.
pirettiputters says:
15% discount to all oobgolf members until 1/31/09. If you have any questions you can reach me at mike@pirettigolf.com.
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