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By Kickntrue on 2/2/09
One of the coolest things at the PGA Merchandise Show was the Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting booths. Bridgestone Golf wants to challenge your thinking on what golf ball you play and why- and to do that they've launched a free service both online and with a mobile team that travels around the country offering FREE observation and recommendations on your ball choice. Kevin and I both took part at the Show and were impressed. For the time they spend on each customer for no cost it certainly is impressive.

The way it works is simple. You go into a hitting bay and tell the technician what ball you normally play. As long as it is a decently recognizable brand they have it. You take 3 swings with that ball and are analyzed. They bring you over to the computer screen and show you the results, specifically around launch angle, spin and distance. Next they have you hit 3 balls from Bridgestone that they think best fits your swing and helps improve in any areas they see fit from your previous results. After hitting those balls they bring you to the computer again and show you the difference.

Two things really stood out to me. While of course they want to tell you what Bridgestone Golf ball is best, they do not hesitate to 1) recommend a ball that saves you money, and 2) recommend that your current ball is good for you. I saw both of these scenarios play out when Kevin and I were fitted. They didn't bash any other companies products- they simply used the science to show if they had a better solution.

One thing I wish Kevin and I had was our own clubs. Because we were fitted using clubs that were onsite the numbers we tested don't mean a whole lot. While at least we were comparing apples to apples because we were using the same club, since it wasn't our driver the shaft and face angle were very different from our own clubs. That is why their mobile units are so great. You can bring your own gear and be tested with all the correct variables. Overall though- a very cool experience for a brand that wants very much to be in the forefront of your mind when it comes to ball technology.

If you can't get out to a demo or the mobile unit isn't close- you can do an online ball fitting and answer a series of questions to get the best Bridgestone Golf ball for your game.

Bridgestone Golf: Ball Fitting
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