TeeDroid Caddy
By Kickntrue on 2/6/09
TeeDroid Mobile Phone Golf Caddy System is a pretty sweet way to use your Blackberry, iPhone or Android phone as a GPS and to keep score of your round.

As with the other apps we've featured on oobgolf, TeeDroid Caddy integrates with oobgolf to store and analyze scores. What makes the TeeDroid Caddy unique is that it goes beyond the iPhone and is available on Blackberry and (as the name suggusts) Google's Android Phone.

I downloaded TeeCaddy on my Blackberry and it's pretty darn cool. For $20 I have a GPS as accurate as anything on the market for hundreds less. The "catch" if you want to call it that is that the database of courses is not built out as extravagantly as a handheld GPS unit, but you do have a couple options. You can upload GPS coordinates yourself using a system on Google Earth, or you can request the course you want and it will be done for you in a couple of days. I actually took a lot of pleasure in plotting my own courses and uploading them though it does take 30 minutes or so for a first timer.

As far as the actual app- it gives you the option to keep your stats shot by shot, or as with total hole scores. You can even get as specific as clicking the GPS spot of each of your shots so you know exactly how far every ball went. I found this to be a bit cumbersome but I'm sure that is something they'll work on. In the end- even if you just use it as a GPS- it's an amazing deal.

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Ward says:
my crackberry GPS is usually only good to within 1000 meters when I use google maps

I don't think that's accurate enough for golf
teedroid says:
What this probably means is that either your phone does not have an built in GPS receiver, or it is not accessible to third party applications (like on some Verizon models). Instead what your phone is using to calculate the location is cell tower triangulation, which does have an error of more than 100 meters (accuracy depends on number of towers available). If that is the case you can always add a Blue tooth GPS receiver, for instance the one I have tested give me 2.5m accuracy with an 8 - 10 hour battery life.

BlackBerry phones actually have very good GPS chips in them, for example the 8820 has the same GPS chip that are in some Garmin products (Sirf star, 3m accuracy). The really are only a few companies out there that make GPS chips, which means a lot of products will have the same chip/model.
chickenmcnoggin says:
teedriod, does this work with bluetooth GPS on the pearl?
teedroid says:
Yes it does work on the Pearl. To use bluetooth GPS you need to go under Settings->Options->Advanced Options->GPS and set the bluetooth puck as the GPS data source (after you have connected the bluetooth GPS to the phone).

Also TeeDroid Caddy comes with a 15 day free trial (trial starts when you login from your phone) so you can always test and make sure that it works before paying for a subscription. Or if you are so inclined you can contribute by mapping courses or entering scorecards to earn free usage or golf equipment (check out the reward program for more details).
yomonk1 says:
I'd love to see this app for the BB Storm
JungleDan says:
Check out nRange Golf GPS for blackberry. It is free. I've been using it and the accuracy is fantastic. www.nrange.com
gavint2 says:
nrange is great on BB Storm.
I have it on my phone now.
Very useful
mschad says:
We wanted to try nRange but no courses in our area were mapped. 3 of us requested them over 1 month ago and as of yet..... nothing. Will stay with other products with better service or those that allow you to map them yourself, like mScoreCard, freeCaddie or AccelGolf. Am going to look at this TeeDroid since it enteracts with oob.
mchipeur says:
Teedroid caddy website and server are not responding. This has been for at least the past week. Has teedroid gone out of business?
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