By Kickntrue on 2/12/09
Q-Link products are supposed to promote more energy, less stress, greater focus, and improved well-being. The company was kind enough to provide Kevin and I a pendant to wear home from the PGA Show in Orlando a couple weeks ago, so I guess it's time to report the results.

I should start by telling you how the Q-Link works. From Q-Link:
In 1994, the National Institutes of Health in the United States adopted a new term GÇô biofield GÇô to describe a growing body of research showing a subtle field that permeates and extends beyond the physical body. The biofield is something youGÇÖve probably already noticed: a vital force that animates our bodies and powers our daily lives. When our biofield is out of balance, weGÇÖre out of balance. Disease, fatigue, and apathy all reflect a compromised biofield. When something improves our biofield, such as the Q-Link, it can increase our mental and physical performance, reinforce our natural immunity to stress and enhance our sense of well-being.

Q-Link products tune up your biofield through a resonant effect that harmonizes your energy and helps you to navigate smoothly through a stressful world. Think of them like tuning forks that remind your biofield of its optimal functioning state. Worldly stress and performance demands cause the biofield to become more chaotic and incoherent. Q-Link SRT products enable you to handle these challenges more dynamically, ensuring greater efficiency, harmony, and balance in everything you do.
That's quite a promise to live up to. It's also something pretty hard to measure in any scientific way. Admittedly, I am very much a pessimist when it comes to things like magnetic bracelets and "magic" cures to ailments. To me the Q-Link falls very much into this category, but I wanted to have an open mind so I wore the pendant for a week or so.

I'm happy to report I'm alive, healthy and as self-amused as ever. I don't know if I wore the Q-Link long enough to have my biofield optimized, but I can't in good faith report too much of a noticeable difference.

That said- there are many people who do. Justin Rose, Mark Calcavecchia, Scott McCarron, Nick Faldo, Charles Howell III, Lorena Ochoa, Birdie Kim and a bunch of guys with "Dr" in front of their name are just a few of the golfers who share testimonials and profess their love for Q-Link. So I guess you have a choice- you can trust a 13 handicap cynic, or those guys. (Full List of Testimonials)

Here are some other facts that may suggest I'm just a hater. Every Q-Link product has a 90 day money back guarantee and they only have a return rate of 2%. Clearly some people think the Q-Link products can change your body for the better. Naysayers will argue that the Q-Link is acting as a placebo and those who wear Q-Link are just projecting a self fulfilled prophecy of well-being. Maybe that is true, maybe it isn't. There isn't really a whole lot of solid scientific research to suggest one way or another. (More On That)

I guess in the end, does it really matter? If you wear the Q-Link, like thousands do, and it helps- it becomes "real." I'm curious to hear what you guys think. I know there are probably people in both camps on oobgolf. Do any of you have success stories with Q-Link or other products such as this?

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jerdman says:
I don't have a Q-Link, but I've worn a Trion:Z for over a year straight and honestly couldn't report feeling any different. I think its all a mind-set. and my $20 Trion:Z looks a whole lot better than the $80 plastic necklace with wound copper in it. I couldn't believe the prices of some of those, and the horse and pet ones were even more amusing. But in golf, its whatever helps you find your chi.
Les Page says:
Like jerdman I don't use a Q-Link but I do wear a Trion:Z and have for the last six months. Like many others my age with the aches and pains accumulated with the activities of youthful exuberence I was grabbing at straws to help alleviate some pain and suffering. Prior to the Trion:Z once or twice every two or three rounds my left shoulder would literally lock up with extreme pain. This was diagnosed as loss of cartlage, arthritis and a good size bone spur. I have even played one handed until the effects of several Motrin kicked in. This I know for fact. Since I have been wearing the Trion:Z I have had no shoulder pain, no lock up, no playing one handed and have totally eliminated the need for Motrin. I will continue to wear the Trion:Z. Without making any other changes to my conditioning routine, diet, or any changes to the activities I participate in I must assume there is something to the Negative Ion theory stipulated by Colantotte. Is it in my head? Don't care...my shoulder doesn't hurt.
falcon50driver says:
Someone told me I was Ignorant and Apathetic, I don't know what that means ,nor do I care.
Howzit says:
Merlin....your a hoot!
Ben Crane says:
If it cured a slice, I'd buy it!
sperry says:
I'm gonna go with Les Page on this one. If it helps you play your game and live your life, it doesn't really matter if other people buy into it or not.
TimmyBede says:
This is a scam, is it not obvious?
yomonk1 says:
I wear a necklace of garlic and I am happy to profess that I have not been attacked by vampires in all of my 38 years. I guess it actually does work.
Zardoz says:
Jeez. The Q-Link is nothing but a coil of wire encased in plastic. The only thing it protects you from is rational thought. Scam, scam, scam. The FTC has shut down similar crooks and will get around to this one soon.
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