Bridgestone B330-RX Golf Ball
By Kickntrue on 2/19/09
I was fitted by Bridgestone and they told me I should be hitting the Bridgestone B330-RX ball. They were right. I had the chance to use the B330-RX on the pitching/putting practice area as well as play a round with the ball last week and I was impressed.

From Bridgestone:
The New Tour B330 Series maximizes Tour Caliber Performance for highly skilled players with varying swing speeds.

Tour B330-RX

* SOFTEST multi-layer Urethane Ball on the market
* Large & SOFT Gradational Core with a soft feel and added forgiveness
* Mantle layer for high repulsion and workability
* SOFT Urethane Cover with Seamless 330 dimple design for pinpoint accuracy

Optimized for AMATEUR AVERAGE < 105 MPH Swing Speeds
That last point may be the most important. What Bridgestone has done is take a 3 piece Tour quality ball but made different versions based on swing speed. They have B330 series balls available if you fall into a different swing speed category (B330-S for 105-115, and B330 for 115+ Tour Swings), but the fact is most amateurs, even better players, fall into this category. There is absolutely no shame in this. I think a lot of times we want to go out and swing the the pros swing, and play the ball the pros play, but we need to realize it isn't always a perfect fit as everything is custom-made for the freakish things they do.

What you are getting is something customized towards your game, without sacrificing the quality. It is still a 3 piece ball, it still performs the way you want it to, specifically around the greens. My experience showed the B330-RX to be long off the tee and it spun like crazy around the green, without shredding the ball. In fact, I played an entire round with one ball (though by the end it was ready for retirement). Putting was good too, with a nice soft feel in the ball.

The street price for the Bridgestone B330-RX is around $40/dozen, so they aren't cheap, but it's a price you can justify when you have the option to throw every 7 iron or better right at the pin, with comfort that it will stay.

Learn more about the Bridgestone B330-RX at

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BlaqShamrokk says:
I love these golf balls. I went from a 8 to a 2 handicap and I gained about 20 yards after switching from the Pro-V's
Kickntrue says:
I didn't mention this in the article, but they are rated pretty highly by oob users who carry them-
jevans says:
I tried these also, but I actually LOST yardage off the tee. I usually hit about 240-250 yards and was only getting around 220 yards. I thought it was me, but when I switched to another ball, the yardage came back.
It had a nice feel around the greens, but I lost too many yards off the tee.
bshepard says:
I tied this ball also. It may have been a little longer off the tee but I think it was because the ball flight was lower. I went through 2 dozen over the summer and then tried the Pro V1 again. It only took a few holes to realize I was compromising a little yardage off the tee for the spin around the greens.
Patrick McKay says:
Best balls going, the 2010 RX is a touch better. I absolutely crush these balls, they feel like mush when I hit them and that kicks ass.
Bluesman07 says:
I love this ball. You can keep your Pro V's and Z-Stars I'll keep playing the Tour B330 RX from Bridgestone, they're not only quality balls they're also durable and verycomparatively very good value for money.
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