Adams Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Wood
By Kickntrue on 3/14/09
Reviewed by Andrew Brown, oobgolf contributor

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I had the chance to review Adams Golf's new SPEEDLINE Hybrid-Fairway Wood recently. If you haven't seen press on the club, yes, you did read that name correctly. There are fairway woods. There are hybrids. Now Adams has introduced a hybrid-fairway wood. I guess this does make sense as a different category because hybrids as we know them are in fact hybrid-irons, even though some replace woods in a bag.

The goal of the Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Wood is pretty simple- to provide the control and ease of use of a hybrid, but the distance of a fairway metal.

From Adams Golf:
It's about the playability of a hybrid and the distance of a fairway wood with the new Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Wood. This new generation features the Boxer Technology design that increases MOI for added forgiveness.

* Playability of a hybrid, distance of a fairway wood Higher ball speed

* Lower spin = more distance

*High performance Grafalloy Prolaunch Axis shaft
To learn more about the the specs and company line of the Adams Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Wood - visit

The Adams Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Wood has a completely different look than you've probably seen. It tries to hold a "fairway wood" look but the Adams Boxer technology and hybrid tie-in is quite visible. That said, it's not a bad thing, it's just what the club is. You can hardly have a hybrid-wood without it looking a bit like both. You do need to adjust to it standing over the ball though. As long as you're not Geoff Ogilvy picky you should be able to get over this. I really like the look of the club from the bottom-up. It has a sleek sexy look that inspires confidence.

I think the key to this club is understanding what it's role in your bag will be. The "idea" of the club is to be the distance of a fairway wood but the playability of a hybrid. I'm not sure the Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Wood reaches this goal completely, but on the tee its performance was nothing short of amazing. I was able to hit the ball off the deck, but there were certainly times when I would hit a hybrid but not this club. I guess that goes against their goal a bit again, it's a fairway wood replacement, not an iron replacement. You wouldn't hit your 3 wood out of a hairy lie in the rough either.

On the tee, the Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Wood was awesome. I felt comfortable with pulling it on on any tee shot, teeing it up low, and taking a rip. After some time on the range and a couple times on the course I could count on a straight shot with a slight draw safe for almost any hole. I would agree it was longer than a low-loft hybrid off the tee.

Off the deck- I'd have no problem going to this club in the fairway or with a great lie in the rough, much like any fairway wood. I feel like one of the biggest advantages to a hybrid is that you can hit out of of tougher lies and stickier situations than a fairway wood and I'm not sure this club can do that.

You can pick up an Adams Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Wood for around $180 from a reputable online retailer. That price is in the ballpark of what you'd pay for a fairway wood or a brand name hybrid. After hitting the club I think it's reasonable. As always cheaper values can be had on sites like Ebay but be careful who you're buying from and that you are getting the real deal versus a fake.
Overall - 7.5

The Adams Golf Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Wood is a great club to look at if you have trouble hitting your 3, 4 or 5 wood. If I was keeping this club I'd replace my current fairway wood option with it (Titleist 904F). I don't think you want to try to take the hybrid(s) out of your bag and replace them with this club. Besides, with the increased distance you can't- without having a big hole in your distances.

I'd definitely suggest checking out these new offerings from Adams next time your trying out new clubs. It may be the one for you.

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edemat says:
I appreciate the insight but am having trouble hitting this flush. I'm a high handicapper 24+ and play the adams a30s clubs w/cobra driver. I'm tyring to hit the 3+ speedline Hybrid wood like I would my 5 hybrid. Can not get solid contact. What is the general school of thought in hitting this hybrid wood...sweep or down; ball up, middle of stance. My club speed avg 85. Any thoughts would be
smeghead49 says:
My wife has the #3 draw model in a senior flex (her clubhead speed is similar to your's). She uses it as a replacement for the 3 wood or 4+ she used to carry. Therefore the stroke is more of a sweep rather than the pinch you might use with a hybrid. Depending on how good the lie is, the ball is typically played forward like a normal fairway wood. What a great club! The improvement in her fairway hits was immediate.
Patrick McKay says:
The Insight XTD A3 or A3OS are better fairway woods. Speedline is a pretty plain jane driver
lcgolfer64 says:
I played this in both a #3 draw and a #3 'standard' (both in a stiff shaft) this season . Initially, I liked the #3 draw, as it helped with control but honestly as my game improved (lessons and lots of practice) the draw became more difficult to control. I switched about mid-season to the 'standard' which for the most part was a great club both off the tee and for going for 'it' on the par 5's.
I found that I was a little more consistent in fairway's over my driver off the tee, and was pretty useful for set up shots off the tee for most par 4's. [contGÇÖd]
lcgolfer64 says:
Both clubs had 'workability' in them, but the #3 Draw obviously was difficult to use when I was looking for a longer fade, due to its build technology.

I ended up giving the 'Draw' to a friend who liked it. He's pleased with it, for his game.
I've been trying out the Cleveland HiBORE XLS fairway wood and pretty sure that is my next step. It just feels a little hotter off the tee and 'off the deck' in simulator situations (indoor) had about 10-15 yards more carry (my 20 balls avg was 237.7 yds carry) then the Speedline. More importantly, deviation (L-R) was much lower and had that slight fade I was looking for.
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