Mizuno MX-700 Driver
By Kickntrue on 3/24/09
Reviewed by Andrew Brown, oobgolf contributor

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10.0 - 9.5   Would Help Tiger
9.4 - 8.5     Awesome
8.4 - 7.5     Very good
7.4 - 6.5     Above Average
6.4 - 4.5     Solid
4.4 - 3.5     Below Average
3.4 - 2.5     Save Your Money
2.4 - 0.0     Pay NOT to own


I could probably save a lot of time and reduce this review to one paragraph. My fairway percentage in the 10 rounds before switching to the Mizuno MX-700 Driver (with tee shots using my driver- I love oobgolf) was 47.8%. In the five rounds since switching to the Mizuno MX-700 my fairway percentage when using driver from the tee is 58%. Sure, that would put me at 138th on Tour- but I'd be on the list, ahead of Adam Scott and already-won-this-year YE Yang.

Review done. See you later. Goodnight. ...Eh, what the heck- I'll give you more. No sense just lusting when I can make you fall in love.

Mizuno's desire for the MX-700 Driver was to create a driver that could be used by a wide variety of golfers of all skill levels. It's a pretty drastic look and feel change from previous Mizuno big sticks which can be prescribed for those who want to step up to the tee and whack a good ball into play without having to worry about screws, weights and club adjustments. The club I'd most closely relate it to in function and playability is probably the TaylorMade Burner which is a pretty favorable comparison considering we've proved it to be the best out there [Ed. Note- Last Year's List].

I had my review model cut to 43 1/2 (45 1/2 standard) with a stock Stiff Exsar DS4 Driver shaft. My MX-700 was 10.5 degrees.

From Mizuno:
The MX-700 driver is the absolute longest and most forgiving driver in MizunoGÇÖs history! A revolutionary GÇ£Hot MetalGÇ¥ Ti-9 titanium face, plasma welded to a 6-4 titanium body, possesses a unique aligned grain structure which expands the COR area and increases ball speed for distance you wonGÇÖt believe, even on off-center strikes. A geometrically driven head shape provides an extremely low and deep COG and a centrally located sweet spot for enhanced vertical stability, resulting in low spin and a high, penetrating ball flight to keep your drives long and straight.

Hot Metal Ti-9 titanium face:
Possesses a unique , vertically aligned grain structure, expanding the high COR area across the face for unbelievable distance.

Enhanced vertical stability:
Head geometry provides an extreme low and deep COG for a high, low spinning, penetrating ball flight.

GÇ£Power HullGÇ¥ Body Construction:
Internal reinforcements for powerful feel and sound.

Crown Decal:
Strategically designed crown decal for easy alignment and comfort at address.
To learn more about the the specs and company line of the Mizuno MX-700 - visit MizunoUSA.com.

It amazes me how 460cc can look so different from club to club. The head of the Mizuno MX-700 is MONSTROUS but in the kind of way that inspires big drives not an eyesore in the bag. The club is very deep which may bother some over the ball but I thought it looked pretty "normal" for a 2009 version high MOI driver. One thing I really like is the club's low profile as I'm not a huge fan of drivers with extremely tall faces.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, Mizuno has switched to a yellow/gold color moving away from their traditional blue. The pictures on this page probably don't do justice for how much it pops on the club. It's highlights the clubhead cover too. I'll let you make up your own mind if you like the color yellow or not. You don't need my opinion on that.

I told you about the 10% increase in fairway percentage right? (raw data below the review). I like teeing the ball up lower for more control and the profile of the MX-700 made this easy. I feel like a lot of the clubs made now have a super high profile and you feel like you're sacrificing solid contact by teeing the ball up lower; not so with the Mizuno MX-700.

Any club you hit solidly is going to feel pretty good and go pretty far. I think the key measurable is mis-hits. This club handled my erratic game pretty fairly. I could still feel and even hear mis-hits but the results of the shots were often admirable. Even hitting 58% of fairways doesn't do me that good if the other 42% are all over the place. I think it's fair to say I was pleased with about 85% of my drives. The other 15% (or more) can be chalked up to user error. In my 5 rounds with the MX-700 I didn't have one penalty from an errant tee shot.

The driver has customizable shaft options but I went with the stock Exsar DS4 Driver shaft, stiff flex. I was impressed with the launch angle and ball flight. Everyones swing is different so if you can play with different shafts I'd recommend it. My driver swing speed is 108 mph and I produce an average amount of spin so maybe that will at least help some of you if you're close to my specs.

This is a great driver for people like me who hit the ball solid but who can be inconsistent. I just want to get the ball as far out into play as possible. The only people who should bypass this club are low and plus handicappers who actually find it valuable to adjust weights, screws and shaft angles to produce optimum results. Even then, unless you're practicing every day and have a swing as repeatable as Luke Donald, I don't know why you'd bother.

You can get a Mizuno MX-700 for $299.99, which I think is a solid price point and a good decision by Mizuno. In this economy golfers need to spend their money on actually golfing and shelling out $400-$500 bucks on a driver is hard to do. $300 is still a lot, but management, especially for the improvement it brings.
Overall - 8.9

Mizuno has longed for people to look at their full spectrum of clubs with the same respect and unabashed lust that their irons have. The MX-700 should certainly help in this effort along with the already solid higher end MP-600 which does allow for adjustment and tweaks of weighting.

The MX-700 is the perfect amount of crushing power with maximum forgiveness while still providing real feedback. I just want to pound the ball and stay out of trouble. That is the MX-700. I know I won't be abandoning this club anytime soon because of what it's done for my game. The data is below- so you can decide for yourself.

Buy A Mizuno MX-700 on Golfsmith.com

Previous 15 rounds/Raw Data
Without Mizuno:
fairways for 9/13/2008 - 6 for 11
fairways for 10/20/2008 - 4 for 9
fairways for 10/25/2008 - 7 for 9
fairways for 11/8/2008 - 3 for 6
fairways for 11/12/2008 - 5 for 12
fairways for 12/15/2008 - 2 for 4
fairways for 1/28/2009 - 4 for 14
fairways for 1/31/2009 - 4 for 6
fairways for 2/11/2009 - 6 for 9
fairways for 2/15/2009 - 3 for 12
Total- 44 for 92 or 47.8%

With Mizuno:
fairways for 2/26/09 with driver- 6 for 9
fairways for 3/7/09 with driver- 11 for 14
fairways for 3/11/09 with driver- 3 for 10 (25 mph winds)
fairways for 3/15/09 with driver- 5 for 10
fairways for 3/19/09 with driver 4 for 7
Total- 29 for 50 or 58%

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