Sweet Spot Golf Hybrid
By Kickntrue on 4/15/09
Reviewed by Andrew Brown, oobgolf contributor

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Undoubtedly, the first thing you notice about Sweet Spot Golf clubs is their flamboyant design, which makes sense because when the company started making clubs they decided image and fun first and then substance. Performance was always a major factor when desiging the clubs but even Sweet Spot was surprised when their clubs tested as well and better than any club on the market. The clubs turned out to be spectacular, absolute ball crushers.

I had a chance to speak with Brian Allman, one of the founders of Sweet Spot Golf and he told me stories of taking Sweet Spot clubs to a test facility and being shocked to see their clubs continually out perform major manufacturers clubs. One of the fundamentals of the company from the beginning was to create a more aerodynamic teardrop-shaped clubs head. They got the idea from watching the evolution of wind-resistant helmets worn by downhill skiers or bicycle racers. What they ended up creating is a series of clubs that because of their aerodynamics actually cut through the air quicker, generating more clubs speed (and subsequently longer shots).

I received a 4 hybrid (22 degree) to review with a Stiff Alpha Platinum 2R shaft. They also have H-3 at 19 degrees and an H-4 that is 25 degrees.

From Sweet Spot Golf:
The H 3 series of hybrids brings feel to your game when you need it. Whether you use it off the tee or out of the rough, the extra peripheral weighting provides MOI and feel. Even during your practice swings the H series of Hybrids will give you the confidence you need to make your shot.
To learn more about the the specs and company line of the Sweet Spot Golf Hybrid - visit SweetSpotGolfClubs.com.


As I already mentioned, look is a HUGE part of what Sweet Spot Golf is trying to do with their clubs. They are looking to bring more fun to the sport while maintaining the highest level of performance. You can see from the pictures how they have a "V" shaped pattern through the clubhead. This is on all of their clubs from their drivers to their putters. The pictures of my club don't show it as well because it's gray on black, so I included a red-accented club so you could see how bold they are. They also have a Breast-Cancer awareness series of pink clubs for women that can be carried with style and pride. Their tagline really says it all, "GO AHEAD, BE DIFFERENT!"

The clubs also have a unique shape that sets them apart from other clubs. The teardrop-shape translates more to "triangular" especially on the hybrid and putter and has a functional purpose to promote a center of gravity back. It takes a bit to get used to when standing over the ball, but I actually find it helpful when lining up the ball to the center of the club and the target line. Most of the triangle look is from above as you can see from the picture on the right. From the bottom the club looks very similar to what you'd find in the hybrid market.


On the range I hit shot after shot (off mats) dead straight and very long. On the course I loved the club from a low tee but had a little trouble off the fairway, though some of this could be a limited sample (realistically I only took maybe 10 shots with it in play). I did hit a couple really great ones though and when I did they were nothing short of magnificent. The one thing I certainly noticed was length. The shots were much longer than I'd ever hit my 4 iron. Since most amateur golfers actually hit their 5 iron as far (if not further) than their 3 or 4 irons this was a nice perk of having the Sweet Spot Hybrid in my bag. I really liked the stiff Alpha shaft, which doesn't surprise me at all since both Kevin and I loved the Alpha V5 Driver.

The Sweet Spot Hybrid is worth checking out if you're a fan of lower profile clubs (versus a higher "Boxer" look of a club from Adams Golf). In a lot of ways the Sweet Spot Hybrid played more like a shortened 5 wood than a 4 iron, but I guess you could argue from the fairway, "what's the difference?"


There are a lot of ways to finish the statement, "You can't put a price on ________." If that word in question is "style" Sweet Spot Golf will try to prove you wrong. For $179 you can own and love your very own Sweet Spot Hybrid. This is comparable or a bit lower to other top line hybrids on the market.

Overall - 7.0

The hard battle a company like Sweet Spot Golf faces is getting a club in your hands to try. I will very confidently tell you that it's a club worth checking out on the same level as any "top" manufacturer like TaylorMade, Cleveland or Adams Golf. The problem is it's very easy to try those clubs at a demo day, golf store or from a friend's bag. Spending $179 is tough though, feel unseen.

For those of you who feel style AND substance is the way to play golf, put the Sweet Spot Hybrid on your wish list. Brian and Chuck Parise (the other founder of Sweet Spot Golf and the club maker) have fun when they golf and they figure most amateurs are out there for the same reasons. Yes, the club plays great, but maybe more importantly, it looks damn good doing it!

Buy A Sweet Spot Golf Hybrid at SweetSpotGolfClubs.com

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kidputter says:
Please correct the web address. sweetspotclubs.NET
Kickntrue says:
That's an old website- though you are correct the link was dead. It is fixed now. www.sweetspotgolfclubs.com
yomonk1 says:
You're right. $179 is tough...
Howzit says:
Checked out their web site:) I'd like to take the V-12 for a run around the course, but the price is steep and there is no "return it if you don't like it" warranty. These boys need to grow up if they're going to compete!
cph2133 says:
Look pretty cool. I sent them an email about being a BETA tester, so maybe i'll get to play with them and leave a review.
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