Clicgear 2.0 Push Cart
By Kickntrue on 5/6/09
Reviewed by Kevin Langdon, oobgolf contributor

Clicgear stormed into the golf scene a couple years ago by winning "Best New Product Award at the PGA Merchandise Show in 2007 with their original Clicgear Cart. Since then they've continued to work on their design and functionality and the next generation Clicgear 2.0 promises to make walking on the golf course even easier on your body and more convenient than before.

We debated this briefly about a month ago- with some new junior golf rule changes along with a movement for better fitness and earth friendliness, walking the golf course is becoming more popular. Gone are the days of clunky pull carts that were bad for storage and rough on the back. Studies have shown pushing a cart is much healthier and Clicgear is leading the way in storage and functionality with their sleek and sexy Clicgear 2.0.

From Clicgear:
The Clicgear Cart is the original compact three wheel golf pushcart and winner of the 2007 Best New Product Award at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. Clicgear offers a full sized three wheel golf pushcart that glides smoothly down the fairway and yet still folds up incredibly small. At only 13" x 15" and 24" when folded, it won't take over your car trunk or garage.

The Model 2.0 again offers many improvements and new features for 2009. In addition to the much improved folding added in 2008, we have improved brake function and further increased the strength of our already rugged aluminum frame. Our low maintenance wheel design from the 2008 Model continues in 2009 with an improved compound and increased tread radius.
As far as on course use, here are my thoughts:
  • I have heard some complaints about the difficulty unfolding this cart, I didn't have any. I didn't read any instructions or watch the included DVD and had no problem figuring it out. It's nice that if you have issues there are included materials to help you out.

  • I like that when it folds up it clicks tight and can not unfold until you release. Other carts can unfold when you pick them up by the wrong part (and pinch fingers etc).

  • For some reason when people talk about complex cars they still always talk about the cupholders. Same applies here. I really liked the cupholder, it worked great for different sized drinks and held them tight.

  • It looks really sweet on the course. I love how low the bag sits behind the front wheel, which gives it a different appearance than your standard push cart.

  • The cart pushes very smooth and stable. If a hill is steep enough and you are stupid enough, you can tip anything, but I had no problems maneuvering the Clicgear 2.0 around the course.

  • I like that you can "pimp your cart" with multiple accessories like a sand bottle holder, umbrella holder, and wheel covers. The shoe brush attachment is real nice. When you're walking you always pick up a ton more grass and mud in your cleats and find yourself trying to clean on your tires or clubs. The shoe brush is a MUST add-on.

  • The hand brake can be hard to pull. I personally like carts with foot breaks a lot better than the hand break. That said, I do know other carts can have trouble with their breaks because of the tension setting them forces on the cables. Clicgear boasts having no tension on their cables when the break is set, causing many less headaches 6 months after buying the cart.

  • It does take a bit longer than other carts to unfold, because it folds up a lot smaller.

  • This cart is really amazing for someone that needs to save space. The other nice luxury features like quality of bag brackets, cup holder, etc, are great, but in the end you're paying for the space saving. Don't get me wrong, overall the Clicgear 2.0 is a better cart, but if I had a friend who is tight on money and has a truck and a big garage I couldn't fault him for looking cheaper. Of course, how many people these days have plenty of space for a clunky golf cart?
Clicgear 2.0 carts aren't cheap at $229 MSRP (though you can find them closer to $200 if you look) but if you really do transition your game from riding to walking, you'll make up that difference in cart fees alone in no time, with added health benefits to boot. It's not a cheap plastic assembly (like my dad's old school pull cart), but rather a marvel of engineering that looks more like a high end bicycle than a golf club carrier. I'm sure the price point will still scare some people away who would love to have this cart but opt for cheaper units, but this really is a case of getting what you pay for, especially if you need the space saving.

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GolfSmith7 says:
I have this very one in the same color and I love it. My shoulder use to feel the tension from a pull cart not anymore. I love this thing and if you do research enough I got mine for 179. The main reason I got it was b/c it folds down so compact, smaller than my old cheap pull cart. This is the way to go.
rickmic says:
This is the slickest cart you can have. It has so maney features that you will love. If you use a cart you want this one. It's worth every cent of the $200 I paid for it
Ben Crane says:
Very nice review. Is this the model they are using on The Big Break: Prince Edward Island?
mjaber says:
My amex points should get me one in the next month or so... I love free stuff :)
KobraKye says:
I have this cart for sale on ebay. The item number is 220408718864. I offer free shipping and local pick up. I'm sure it will sell less than $200 so bid while you can. It is in the very rare hard to find KIWI color.
perlguy9 says:
I have one of these and I love it. Folding and unfolding isn't 'difficult', but I haven't figured out a way to do it gracefully.
GolfSmith7 says:
Watch the Dvd they sent I learned to do it the way they teach and its a charm. I love it.
Les Page says:
Purchased a new Clicgear in Jan. 09 for $179 online. Replaced BagBoy have been pulling or pushing since a 1970 sled I had considered getting a Pack Mule to pull for me. When asked how I like the cart, which takes no effort to fold or unfold, all I can say is that I drive a VW New Beetle, I push a Benz. Yes, it is the one being used on Big Break.
mmontanaro says:
I have one and so does my 11-year old son. We both love them. And if an 11-year old can handle it, us old guys should have no problem! Great cart.
jp24 says:
Got mine a few weeks ago for $179.99, online price but went into local Golf Galaxy asked them if they'd match price and they did. Cart is great wheels aren't as easy rolling as the Sun Mountain carts with inflatable tires but you never have to pump the tires. Also, in saying it's not as easy rolling as the Sun Mountain one's it's not hard to roll this cart at all either. It's very stable I've let it coast down hills and have 0 problems it's very well built. Size is excellent and just a note on the cup holder. In a review I read once about this cart it said the cup holder was small and wouldn't hold a 16oz Gatorade. That's incorrect as it will hold Gatorade, my 30oz water bottles. It's a great cart period and if you like walking but don't want to carry your clubs it's awesome. Figure $15 per round at 30 rounds in my case and I'm saving $260 by getting this cart and not riding. Walking to me is better as I take my time and think more about the shots I'm going to make. Great Cart!
Mookie says:
inok11 says:
I recently bought a used one on craigslist for $90 and feel like I robbed someone. I love the pace of walking the course. I agree w/ jp24, taking the time to think about the next shot while walking is excellent. The cart feels very sturdy folded and unfolded.
mojodog08 says:
I wish my golf game looked as sweet as this push cart.
Bernie Duffer says:
Best cart I have ever used...and I walk the Southwood Golf Club course at least three days a week. I also own Sun Mountain's top of the line cart...I hated pumping those tires...
chipbalthrop says:
Got it. Used it. Loved it. Very impressed with the ease of carring it around while in the closed position. The base that your bag sits on doubles as a handle when it's closed and locked. A must have.
dave1269 says:
This is the best cart available. Great engineering! The accessories are first rate--the shoe brush draws lots of looks from everyone. A dedicated sand bottle will soon be available....see the following link:
payne says:
This is a great cart. Very stable, I've rolled it down some steep hills & did not tip or roll. The only two minor flaw is that the umbrella holder clamp on the cart doesn't holf the umbrella tube the greatest. I think they made efforts to fix that in the newer models.
Patrick McKay says:
I was watching the players use them on Big Bread: PEI and they looked way too dorky for me.
InTheWoods says:
Got mine from for $199, comes in three different colors, namely black, silver and blue (although the pic is green, go figure). Got good reviews there as well. Will get the shoe brush, didn't know such brush existed. Thanks for the review.
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