Hockey Stick Putters
By Kickntrue on 5/14/09
I took my new Hockey Stick Putter out for a spin yesterday. I was king of the course! Of course yesterday was Game 7 between the Caps and Pens and living in the DC area, excitement was high. I'm not sure I'd be the same stud on the course today, after the thrashing the Pens handed Ovie and company, but I'm not quite ready to talk about that yet. is provides Happy Gilmore style putters shaped and logoed with your favorite NHL hockey team (and even a couple college teams as well). They cost $115 and it should be noted, the are NOT USGA legal. Despite that, they are certainly not a joke. They feature a cast aluminum alloy blade and a great grip. The shaft is a compression molded graphite.

The idea was that of David Graham, a hockey player good enough to play for the USA Under 17 Team in the World Hockey Championships back in the 90's (I'm thinking he was Adam Banks from the Mighty Ducks playing against those dirty Icelanders). After hockey his passion became golf and it seems there was some residual love for his first game in his tank.

The putter actually worked pretty well. First at making friends, second, at making putts. I pulled it out to practice a couple putts in the practice area before I started my round. Bad Idea. I didn't hit more than 1 or 2 putts before I had to go because I ended up passing the club around to everyone else on-site. I wanted to make sure I was prepared for anything so I made sure to putt once from the left side too. It's rare to find a club these days that works both lefty and righty, but the Hockey Stick Putter does, which is awesome for moving with the puck ball off the green after holing out. It was all I could do not to move my right hand down the shaft and actually shoot the ball into the hole.

On the green the putter was fine. Look, it's a novelty, not a Scotty Cameron. If you played with it long enough- you could learn to putt with it. You can actually feel the ball really well, but it doesn't have the same spring as a normal club off the club face and I was leaving putts short all day. Still, it was consistent, which is really all you can ask for, and if I spent the next 4 rounds playing with it, I think I could do just fine. I tried putting a couple balls from the rough and the club would get caught up in the grass and wasn't too effective. Because of the hockey stick blade high-face it would actually be a pretty awesome club to chop or chip the ball out of greenside rough.

All that said- let's get back to the fact that this is a novelty and a freaking cool one at that. I'm not sure how many hard-core hockey fans are big golfers, but I assume there are a couple. If you are- put this on a Christmas or birthday list. Mine is going from my golf bag, to my office wall. My wall is pretty cool- I have soccer jerseys from all over the world, an MLB used bat, a couple great golf photos and a couple funny product logos/signs. I'm guessing my Caps Hockey Stick Putter gets the most first looks!

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jbird899 says:
I love hockey!!! My favorite sport to watch. Sorry to see your Caps go down, I despise the Penguins!!! Anyway, I wish I had $115 to spend a novelty item.
kidputter says:
I want this just to cross check the slow bastards in front of me
Agustin says:
"kidputter says:
I want this just to cross check the slow bastards in front of me"

Os the SOBs behind you that keep raining shots on you because they don't realize you are waiting on the "slow bastards" in front of you.
Hacker Al says:
Wow, first one to make a Happy Gilmore comment? really? haha lol
Jared Kranendonk says:
"I'm a hockey player, but I'm playing golf today." CLASSIC
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