Golf Gym PowerSwing Trainer
By Kickntrue on 6/10/09
Reviewed by David Langdon, special guest from*

The Golf Gym PowerSwing trainer consists of a latex cord and a specially molded training grip that is similar to the grip on a golf club. The product comes with some literature including a poster with a bunch of different exercises as well as a dvd with a few short clips with Joey D, a former coach and caddy of Vijay Singh.

There are really three different ways to use this product:
1. By attaching one end to one of your feet,

2. Attaching it to a secured door or

3. By using it in hand to hand exercises.
If used properly the PowerSwing trainer provides a good amount of resistance for strength training and can also help with flexibility.

In the past several years people have really started to use latex cords for stretching and resistance training, their application is especially popular in physically therapy while youGÇÖre recovering from an injury. I think more than anything, it does a good job in providing the resistance where you would need it for golf.

For users looking to increase power, I think this could be a good product for you, especially since there are not that many alternatives out there. For those of you that exercise regularly, particularly those who do some kind of weight training I think that adding the Powerswing trainer to your normal workout might help you to tone golf specific muscles and flexibility.

My Concerns
It feels a little unnatural. According to the box it GÇ£Gives you the feel of the perfect golf swingGÇ¥ I might have been doing it wrong but it felt a little weird to me, and when I switched to swing goofy handed it felt even stranger.

My biggest concern is whether or not it is being used properly. When I tried it out, my sister-in-law gave me a few pointers (sheGÇÖs a physical therapist). But I was a bit uncertain whether or not I was using it properly. While they do provide a little help in the literature and DVD I wish there was a little more description. I guess what I would really like is warnings about how I might be using the product incorrectly.

All in all I think itGÇÖs a good product, I like that it is relatively inexpensive at $40 and is small & portable and can easily be thrown into a golf bag. At the very least it can help you to stretch, and make your normal warm up before playing a round a little more substantial. - Learn More

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David Langdon (brother of oob's Kevin) is the creator of thinjoy and can help you lose weight and be healthy through online tools just like oobgolf can help you become a better golfer.

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Malcolm Schulstad says:
I've used something similar before and I don't think using the latex bands feel anything like a golf swing. Because they're focussed on a point forward of your body they feel like they tend to pull you forward, as well as bringing your arms off plane. Personally, I find practicing your swing with a dumbbell more useful as a strengthening exercise.
Ken Pierce says:
Mr. Schulstad: There is not product similar to the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer. I invite you to view this video piece to see PGA Tour Pro Ryuji Imada in teh PGA Tour Fitness Trainer using the PST properly and effectively.
Ken Pierce
GolfGym - Since 1986
Ken Pierce says:
David, Thank you for posting the review of the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer. The training DVD that accompanies the product features Coach Joey D from the PGA Tour with PGA Players using it in the PGA Tour Fitness Trailer. The best players in the world are using it regularly. We walk golfers step by step through the exercises that include much more than just the swing. In the picture your golfer is simply raising his arms off to the side in no type of swing plance and not using his rotational or core muscles. That is addressed in the DVD.
Thank you for the link to our website. I invite golfers to visit and decide for themselves.
Ken Pierce
falcon50driver says:
Wow ! If Joey D. (?) says I should spend $40.00 for a rubber band, Sign me up.
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