Tiger Woods 2010 Review (Wii)
By Kickntrue on 6/10/09
EA Sports has released Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 on all platforms including the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii game consoles. For the purposes of this review, I'll cover the game in general, but the specific version I'm testing is for the Wii, featuring the new Wii MotionPlus controls.

You should know, I'm an avid gamer on multiple platforms and have been playing golf video games for at least 10 years. I've seen the evolution from the clunky computer games, 8 bit Nintendo games, all the way through the stunning HD graphics of the Xbox 360. In fact, until this year, I always played Tiger Woods on Xbox 360 because I wanted the gameplay and prettyness, and my experience with the Wii version was somewhat frustrating.

I'm happy to report that this year's version, along with the MotionPlus controller have fixed all of the glaring annoyances with the franchise.

I'm going to start with the most important aspect of the gameplay to me, putting. I bought last year's version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour and traded it in within the same week, because of the flat stick. The controls were completely clunky and awkward, making putting a nightmare. Getting to the green was fun, and then no putt was a gimmie, which wouldn't be bad in itself (what real putt is a gimmie?), except that you had no clue how the remote was actually going to react. EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 has fixed this issue with a new control called Precision Putting that interacts with the Wii MotionPlus controller. You can now truly putt based on feel, using slight clues and indicators from the game and putting feels natural. I actually hold the remote just like a putter, set my feet, and let it go. That in itself to me makes Wii the version of the game to get if you have a choice of consoles.

One of the biggest complaints of the Tiger Woods video game franchise has been that it's too easy. EA Sports has the tricky job of building a golf simulation while still having an arcade game for non-golfers to enjoy. With the Nintendo Wii, there are now 3 choices for what kind of swing you want based on sensitivity and difficulty. If you set the controls on easy, and play all the courses from the easy tees, you're going to score. If you set the swing settings to sensitive and play the Tips, with the hardest pin placements, I dare you to break par. I played a quick 18 at Bethpage Black with hard tee and pin settings and shot a +7 on my first try. That said- I also played a quick 9 on easy settings at Turnberry and was -5. It's a tough balance, but I think EA has pulled it off.

If you've played an EA Sports Tiger Woods video game in the past the game is going to look familiar too you. Swing controls, buttons and some of the courses are going to look similar. Why fix something that isn't broken? It certainly is in the little details that EA has done most of the work to the actual game. If you play golf video games and get sick of the monotony of swinging a golf club over and over, you're probably going to get sick of this game too... that's golf.

Details and Features
I mentioned some of the details and fixes the game has employed to improve the overall experience. A lot of these revolve around skipping screenshots and ball flight sequences to speed up game play. Playing golf on a local muni takes long enough, playing a round on your Wii shouldn't. You can now watch in fast forward, or skip all together the shots while they are in the air. You can skip through hole previews, and jump directly to aiming points, instead of watching the game zoom through the hole (if you've played in the past you know what I'm talking about).

You can now play in Tournament conditions with a gallery and announcers or alone on the course. The USGA has integrated with the game to allow for official "US Open" gameplay and licensing including the Bethpage Black Course. There is also unique integration in teaching the reals of golf to players. After every shot- you can click a button to see a different rule from the USGA Official Rules of Golf. I hate to think a video game could be educational, but it's a nice touch.

Other new features including Dynamic Weather Conditions, which if you are connected to the internet allows you to play courses in the same weather they are facing in real life. If it's raining in Farmingdale, NY, you play Bethpage in the rain. Small feature, but pretty cool.

Some of your old favorites are in the game too- including a meaty feature of long-term gameplay, Career Mode. You create you golfer, and try to play a grueling PGA Tour schedule to win money and build attributes until you're competing as one of the best golfers on the PGA Tour. There are a couple new courses in the game as well a few new golfers including Anthony Kim. Mini-Games and arcade modes are still in the game for fun 1 on 1 gameplay with friends like Battle Golf (where you can take clubs from an opponents bag) and T-I-G-E-R a golf version of the classic basketball game H-O-R-S-E.

Finally, I want to talk about one last new feature, Disc Golf mode. It could probably be an entire game sold by EA and fits nicely into the Tiger Woods framework. You can play any of the courses in the game, and throw Frisbees into goals. This is a unique feature to the Wii and what makes it so great is it's use of the Wii controls. The Wii console in general seems to still have a tough time making use of their unique control setup, but this captures it well (much like Wii Sports bowling did in the Wii's system release). It's a fun side game that uses a totally separate set of skills. Your grandma may have never swung a golf club in her life, but she'd have fun playing you in Disc Golf. A definite fun side feature that makes the Wii version of the game a bit more special.

Online Play
The last thing I'll cover (because this is turning into a novel) is the online play of EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. You can play head-to-head against a friend or against the community in daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. There is also a new feature that lets you play against a pro on tournament days. It's only available on Thursday-Sunday and on the course the PGA Tour is playing. If the course isn't in the game, you play a substitute course. For that feature, all of the difficulty levels are tuned to advanced, and you try to play against the pros and see if you can beat them. Gimmicky? Sure. Fun? Absolutely.

If you're a video gamer you're going to enjoy Tiger Woods 10. I wouldn't rush out to buy a Wii just for this game, but what it does do is brings a fine-tuned version of the game to the Wii console that makes it more appealing than other versions for the first time. The game is $60 which is pretty standard but is sold with a Wii MotionPlus controller included which makes it a great deal since you're going to go pay $25 or more to get a MotionPlus add-on anyway for other games. The game is still going to get a bit old if you play by yourself for hours upon end, but it has enough extras to make it a great game with friends and online. The most important part is that some of the minor annoyances have been fixed, and you can finally focus your time on destroying your competition on the course.

If anyone wants to play- email me (andrew@oobgolf.com) your Wii ID and we can connect online for a little oobgolf Tiger Woods mini-Tournament.

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Backquak says:
I'm in, the putting on the last one annoyed the hell out of me too, I took the game back early (I rented). Ill have to go get this one, then its game on andrew
Kickntrue says:
Sweet. Make sure to email me your Wii #
mjaber says:
I wonder how this will work with Natal when it gets released for Xbox...
GaryTheGolfer says:
I'm going to get it! The only problem I have is that you don't actually swing a club. That would make it 100 times better! You are actually swing an "Air Club" and I swing my "Air Club" differently then my real clubs! It would be nice to have it like a true golf simulator.....I'm sure one day they will offer that. But I will e-mail you when I get it and we'll play a round!
Daddy-O09 says:
I got this game immediately. I got the Wii because of Tiger Woods and I think they have progressively gotten better. Last year's had awesome new features but the putting completely ruined the game. I also took it back 2 days after I got it and bought 08 again.

This year's putting is the best ever. The only issue I have is that the Wii motion plus makes it extremely difficult. Seriously! It makes you take this long exaggerated swing that is so unrealistic. I usually could tear it up in these games but I was hooking everything. It was very frustrating. I have found the trick to it just like all games have but i feel like the earlier versions relied more on a real golf swing.
klangdon says:
@GaryTheGolfer you just need one of these: www.amazon.com/Sport-Remote-Controller-Retractab
DrLongballz says:
I love the game, don't get me wrong. But why release it at the beginning of summer? I'd rather be outside playing. They should've waited until after the PGA Champ. Could've given the developers some more time to fine tune as well.
klangdon says:
@Dr.Longballz they do have some new features where you can "play" in the actual tourneys in real-time with the pros. So it makes sense that they would have it out now so that you could play through the majors with the tour. I think they might have had it out earlier this year had Nintendo had the motion plus ready.
Nethmonkey says:
i like it so far, started up a career in i guess the medium mode? and shot 12 over on the front of bethpage, then turned around and shot even on the back 9. Still haven't figured out putting, but it's a lot easier if you just chip-in.
jeepnjo6 says:
Been playing it all day on the 360. Its awesome. Won my 2nd Tournament. Sweet Game
ajmoinet says:
Great game. I especially enjoy the frisbee golf feature on the wii. It's like having two games in one.
turk944 says:
GaryTheGolfer: if you have a PS3 or Tiger Woods '08 for PC/MAC or PS3, you can get one of these www.electricspin.com/index.html. Oh yea, and its about $200. Don't know if it works with any other golf games.
GaryTheGolfer says:
I bought the TW PGA Tour 10 today. I must say it's MUCH better then last years! For one the putting is fixed big time! It has a nice feel to it compared to last year's horror show putting (what a waste of money)!The graphics, the courses, the holes, the Motion Plus..all amazing! I mean it does not replace real golf by any means...but it's great to play at night. Plus, I am getting into this Tournament play which is really cool! I don't know yet if you can play live in the Tournament, but it's really cool being able to compete with other humans as opposed to the computer. One thing I must point out with this game is that it really makes you think about course management and what clubs to use...this is something that can be translated to real golf! Not much on the negative..the only thing is that while swinging you have to keep your wrists straight...while in real golf you rotate the wrists. Maybe it's something that can be tweeked. Overall I give it an A. Great game!
PS....Thanks turk944 for the info!
Duke of Hazards says:
Actually, Gary... I've found that if you set up with neutral wrists (meaning, Wii-Mote not really facing directly away from your body, but more to the left (like holding a golf club) the game accounts for that when you press the swing trigger... you can swing more naturally that way.

And damn, that Bethpage Black is a beast.... on Career mode, they throw Bethpage Black at you as the first tournament as a starting amateur. With your my virtual golfers' driver distance of 268 yards (which is fairly decent for an amateur), was hitting woods into most of the greens (many of which are elevated). I hit a +7. Luckily the greens aren't too complex.
inman124 says:
Hi, i was thinking of getting this game for the wii. Is it worth paying an extra -ú15 for the motion-plus version or should i just get the normal version?
T Bone says:
Buyer Beware! This game is horrible for Wii! Putting is impossible. I will often get on the green in 2 and put 10 times. I purchased the Motion Plus accessory and this made normal shots impossible. I have tried moving the location of the sensor bar without any success. I have tried new Wii remotes. I have tried darkening the room like a photography darkroom. They have really released a big mistake. I recommend that you stay with TW 2009 in order to avoid aggravation.
Tracy Staton says:
I started by buying 09 about a year ago, putting sucked, had no similarity to real putting. So i read some reviews, decided to try 08. I've played 08 a lot, enjoying most of it. Putting is much more realistic than 09. Now comes 2010. @ 1st glance, thought putting from 08 was back (named: all new Precision Putting). How very wrong i was. They kinda function the same (1 putter for all putts); HOWEVER, i simply can't do it. 1 putt blows by the hole by 15 feet, next putt is goes 6 inches, w/ very little change in my stroke. I can switch to the "Classic" putting (09 style), & i can putt consistantly. But for me, that's not enough. I don't want a golf game w/ "video game controls". (If that's what i wanted, i would have bought a PS3.) I want a simulator. 08's putting is far more realistic than 09 or 2010. One might think w/ each passing year, the game would improve. Not the case for Tiger's wii games...
Ft5 says:
Chance12 says:
I got the game, it rocks!!! I've been playing all day. I have it for 360 but i will get it for Wii. I had the 08 version... it sucked.
Soppgirl says:
Can you guys answer a few questions for me? My husband has Tiger Woods 09 and I am thinking about buying him the 2010 version. Can your status transfer to this game or do you have to start over? Also, are the courses different on this game from the 2009 version??
MP19683 says:
Amersnobull says:
How do u get multiplayers to play tournaments on the pga? I cant figure it out..it only lets me play the pga with only one person..it doesnt let me have guest.. If anyone know how to do it could u please reply back to me...I would greatly appreicate it!! Amersnobull333@aol.com...Thank You
Kickntrue says:
@amersnobull- I think the season mode is a one player mode only.
Kickntrue says:
@mp19683- buy an xbox 360 or ps3?
Amersnobull says:
Thanx Kickntrue..how about tournaments? or is it only match play and stroke play u can play with multiple players? On the other tiger woods they let u play with up to four players on a tournament if they switch that, that kinda sucks..
Amersnobull says:
MP19683 they have regulare contolers like the standard controler for wii..I bought one havent used it yet but it says it works to the wii...
kidputter says:
Got it for the Wii. LOVE IT!!!
shazzza says:
hi could anyone tell me if myself and partner can play tiger woods 2010 online 2gether and with friends?????????
RPoe says:
PLEASE, would anyone share how to go to the other (7) courses with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for Wii? It shows them when + is pressed while within the menu, but does not indicate how to go there. I could not just click on one of them and get there. THANKS!
kidatheart says:
I've played about 600 online rounds of TWG 10 on the Wii. Am I playing against only Wii players? Or do they somehow sync up the Wii and PS2 and XBox games?
kidatheart says:
Also, I have only shot a 51 once and mid 50s a few times. I keep getting beat by people shooting in the 40s. How do they do that? Am I missng something?
Bono7 says:
kidatheart, did you ever get a response because I've been wondering the same thing....
larrynjr says:
I've been reading good reviews of this add on for Wii Golf.
I'll let you know after I get it, if it's actually good or not.
larrynjr says:
Kidatheart and Bono7, they are cheating somehow. I was playing an online amataur tournament the other day and someone had score of 18 playing Oakmont CC. I don't know how they do the cheats and don't want to either. It'd be like putting the ball in the hole by hand at each hole and claiming a hole in one for 18 holes. It just doesn't satisfy..................
mike hussy says:
Hi, i was thinking of getting this game for the wii. Is it worth paying an extra -ú15 for the motion-plus version or should i just get the normal version?

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