Ball Brite - Personal Golf Ball Cleaner
By Kickntrue on 7/22/09
Ball Brite is a personal golf ball cleaner that you can attach to your belt loop, back pocket or your golf bag. It's basically a pouch for your golf balls to be cleaned when they get dirty during your round. It also has a large surface that works to clean you irons too, which is pretty nice.

It's a pretty cool product and does work. You put a couple drops of water into it at the beginning of the round, and then as you need put a ball or two in to clean them, along with your irons while playing. I can't tell you how many courses I've been on that don't have water in their ball washers (if they even have washers at all), so I think it makes a lot of sense depending where and how you play golf. The insides are lined with a material that does not leak the liquid and is anti-micobial, which I didn't look up, but I assume means the Ball Brite won't breed diseases from your dirt and grime in-between rounds.

At $17 (on sale from $20) it's probably still a bit pricey for the masses but I don't think it's too hard to justify. I'm a pretty fanatic cleaner of my equipment which usually consists of my spit and a towel (hmm... that could be read awkwardly). By the end of a round my towel is a wet mess covered in my spit and dirt from my irons. Keeping it contained to the Ball Brite and saving my towel for keeping my grips and hands dry seems like a fair idea and makes the Ball Brite a good expenditure.

You can decide for yourself and learn more about Ball Brite from their website. Be forewarned- there is sound that cannot be turned off when you first visit the site, so you may want to check your speaker volume before clicking.

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golfdude528 says:
I have had it for quite a while now and I use it every round. You have to put much more than a few drops of water in it though in order for it to work properly.
peachlarson says:
I received mine about a month ago. You do need more water than the product recommends, but it works nicely. The only problem I had is when I hung it from my belt loop, some of the water did leak out just a bit. Not bad, but enough for me to notice it. Still, it was a nice handy feature to have while on the green.
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