This is all the Pro Tour Card is, but it works.
Pro Tour Card
By Kickntrue on 8/18/09
I'm not a huge training aid guy... but I was pretty impressed with the PRO TOUR CARD. The reason why is easy: simplicity.

The Pro Tour Card is simple an index card sized piece of plastic with 3 holes and a couple arrows, but the inventor Joseph Bauer has come up with over 15 drills to do with the simple device to improve your game from tee to green. I haven't tried all of the drills yet (about half) and didn't need to. The only thing I needed to be sold on the $20 aid was the improvement of my putting stroke in less than 30 minutes. When you see the card- you realize you could probably get creative and easily copy the actual "device" but what you're really buying is the knowledge of the included DVD that walks you through the drills.

My favorite drill is probably the first- where you anchor the card on the practice green with a tee and then set 2 balls up on both sides of the Pro Tour Card. What the DVD teaches is that you should be able to take a putting stroke and hit both balls at the same time that travel the same distance and parallel to each other. It's not about a solid feeling putt- because you're hitting off the toe and heel of the putter-face but what you learn about your stroke is invaluable. I quickly learned that the outside of my putter consistently reaches the impact point quicker as my outside ball would always roll further than the inside ball. Since you're using the edges of the putter face it exaggerates the flaws in your stroke which allows you to quickly assess the true issues. Within 30 minuets- my putting stroke was drastically improved. Both balls were traveling in together where both actually had a chance to go in the hole. When I moved away from the Pro Tour Card and back to my normal putts (lined up in the center of my putter)- it was a noticeable difference in feel with my putting.

That's just one of the drills. There are also other drills for putting as well as sand shots and bunker play. All of them are shown in the DVD and all are simple to perform. I HATE complicated training aids where half of the time and frustration is spent trying to figure out if you're actually "doing it right." This doesn't fall into that category.

So- that's my take. If you struggle with your short game (most of us, right?) it may be worth checking out. If you're going to spend time practicing and working on your short game (most of us don't) you may as well know you're at least practicing a good stroke. Without Pro Tour Card helping me - I'd have been continuing to practice a pull. I could probably practice enough to learn to pull putts in- but it seems like an unnecessary hassle considering I can fix it for $20 with a very simple tool.

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Kevin Hughes says:
This review pretty much sums up my experience with the Pro Tour Card. It does everything it claims to do, and it costs less than $20. It lives in my golf bag and comes out whenever I practice. Great product!
BrettAnthony says:
Great training aid! Very simple to use and you can even learn draws and fades. The DVD is helpful, too.
Panerai111 says:
Could I just make my own? lol
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