The Big Putt - Training Aid
By Kickntrue on 3/31/10
As far as simple training aids go- The Big Putt is a fairly decent idea. Basically- it's a sphere made larger than a regulation golf ball (1.95 inches in diameter vs 1.68 inches) that is to be used to practice putting. Because it's larger- mis-hits are magnified giving your immediate feedback on your putting.

In a lot of ways its the same as the old school jump shoes and swing weights on a baseball bat. You practice with the heavy and then when you switch back to the "real thing" it looks smaller and easier.

Fair enough.

The Big Putt balls are smooth- reminding you more of a cue ball or hard covered racquetball. Despite only being .3 inches larger in diameter than a regulation golf ball- it's very noticeable, which makes me believe the idea has some relevance. It's not so big that it's not realistic- but big enough to really miss a putt you may have snuck inside the side of the hole with a real ball. My one question is how much not having dimples makes a difference to how the ball rolls? I guess the Big Putt should actually roll smoother and more true...

My favorite part is that when you buy The Big Putt it comes with a little sack to carry the two practice balls in... yes, I'm juvenile, but how can I not make an over-sized ball sack joke?

I've been putting Big Putt balls exclusively in my hall lately. I have been putting a bit better on the course. I want to be fair to the Big Putt training aid- but the fact that I was doing ANY practice was probably also a contributing factor.

You can buy your own Big Putt for $29.99 which includes 3 balls, an instructional DVD, a ball alignment tool (a marker), and the previously mentioned sack carrying pouch.

The Big Putt

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BME_Badger says:
Interesting idea, but might this mess up your putting stroke more then help as in order to hit the center of the ball you'll need more of an upswing versus your standard stroke? I can see popping up a lot of balls the first time you use it and then subconsciously altering your stroke to roll it smoother. Great - now I'm more accurate to the center of the cup but I'm going to 'gasp' start topping my putter :-)
hcksey says:
We made the ball 1.95, that was the size that rolled perfectly without changing your stroke. Thank you for your comment!

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