Mizuno MP-630 Fast Track Driver Review
By Kickntrue on 5/14/10
Reviewed by Nathan Trifone, oobgolf Contributor

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Mizuno has been making golf equipment since 1936. They're known for making great irons, but wait until you check out their new MP-630 Fast Track driver! I've demoed a few drivers in my day and have never been as impressed as easily out of the gate as I was with this driver. If you can get your hands on the MP-630 Fast Track driver to demo, I'd highly recommend it!

From Mizuno:
The MP-630 Fast Track driver offers 45 trajectory settings through the use of two easily adjustable 8-gram weights. With this next generation of Fast Track, players can not only adjust left-right properties of their ball flight, but also up-down trajectory by increasing or decreasing spin rate and launch angle. In addition, the Hot Metal Ti-9 Titanium face with CNC CORTECH design provides maximum ball speed and an increased COR AREA for unbelievable distance. The MP-630 Fast Track features a player preferred head shape and is frequency tuned by Mizuno to provide an optimal sound and increased solid feel at impact.
To learn more about the specs of the MP-630 Fast Track driver as well as the rest of Mizuno's golf technology - visit MizunoUSA.com.

The look of the MP-630 Fast Track is classic. As technology in golf has improved, the look of new equipment has suffered. Golf engineers are trying to make clubs more “aerodynamic” and “balanced” for increased distanced and they are doing it at the expense of aesthetics. The MP-630 Fast Track has all the technology of a modern driver without the alien-looking design.

In my opinion, when you are demoing a driver (or any new club), you have to ask yourself two questions: 1) how does it feel in your hand at address? and 2) how does it feel at the moment of impact? From the Golf Pride golf grip, to the Fubuki graphite shaft, down to the toe of the club head, the MP-630 Fast Track is a well-balanced driver providing great feel through your swing.

That said, the best part about this driver is the feel at impact. I hit the ball an average of 20-yards further with the MP-630 Fast Track. Like any new driver, it took me a couple holes to figure it out, but once I straightened out my drive, I was crushing the ball. I'm not generally a bomber and while I didn't reach the green in two on the par 5s at my home course, I was within striking distance (my 4-iron failed me). That will keep you coming back!

If you are into adjusting the trajectory, the engineers at Mizuno designed one of the best ways to do it – the Fast Track system. The weights are underneath the clubface and you don't have to remove them. You simply loosen the weights and slide them around the horseshoe shape of the Fast Track system. With 45 different settings, you will be able to optimize trajectory. I didn't play with this too much with my demo club, but the advantages of finding your optimal setup are obvious. It's not going to fix a bad slice, but it will certainly offer help to consistent ball strikers looking to tweak their ball flight.

The Mizuno MP-630 Fast Track driver retails for $499.99. Expensive? Yes. In the ballpark of other similar premium drivers? Yes.
Overall - 9.0

I would rate the MP-630 a 9 on the oobgolf scale, meaning it's friggin' awesome! If you have the money to spend, I would definitely add this driver to your bag. It feels good, it looks good and most importantly, it will add distance and control to your drives. At the end of the day, isn't that what we're all looking for?

It hurts me inside knowing I have to give this driver back to Andrew :( Alas, someone out there will be the lucky owner of one good looking driver!

[Andrew Editor Edit- It shouldn't be hard to figure out what kind of lucky person will be the benefactor of such a club! Stay Tuned!]

Learn More at MizunoUSA.com

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TeT says:
me me me ... oops was that premature on the begging part?
mmontisano says:
i want to hear more about the Fubuki shaft. that's what i'm REALLY interested in. because in my opinion, it's the shaft that makes the biggest difference in your game, not the club head.

what it whippy? or did it feel more rigid? details. details!
windowsurfer says:
Clever, but gimmicky. 2012 = $60 plus shpg on eBay?
blairblair says:
Dude, i am in such need of a driver like this... I have a bulky nike sumo and this looks like the cure for what ails me!
Kickntrue says:
@windowsurfer- I don't think it's any more gimmicky than the R9 or Nike Str8 Fit drivers. If anything- hiding the weights below is a clever way to have the traditional head shape. Still.. 2012= $60 on ebay is a given. Just how things work...
windowsurfer says:
What's next? Adjustable length shafts with the little detents in'em like collapsable tent poles? Grips you twist to enlarge or decrease diameter size? A cajone-enlarger for those 200 yd water carries? Or maybe one club that adjusts to all loft/lie angles -- oh, Snap! That was already done in the 50's (likely a Popular Mechanics cover story.)

I guess it's the price of progress, eh?
sepfeiff says:
I got the MP-600 a few months ago. My fairways have improved A LOT since going to the 600 model. The 600 and the 630 look about the same to me. I'm just glad Mizuno has started making some decent drivers.
activesense says:
@ windowsurfer... the next new tech is the intelliflex shaft. A microchip embedded in the head measures the torsion and other stresses on the carbon fiber shaft telling the club's brain to stiffen/soften the fibers to maintain optimum flex throughout the swing. This tech exists already in top end skis and probably wont end up in top end clubs. Waaaaaay too expensive, but remember where you heard it first, and who gets 50% of the royalties if it does get go anywhere.
KVSmith59 says:
they have the balls with the microchips already :) www.radargolf.com/swf/demo/StartDemo.html
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