Mizuno JPX-800 Irons Review
By Kickntrue on 10/18/10
Reviewed by Andrew Brown, oobgolf contributor

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So... I don't have the worst job in the world. One of the not so terrible parts is when golf manufacturers send me items for review on the site. I think you guys will attest to the fact that I'm pretty good with passing these items on to you guys. It's been a long time since I was seriously tempted to "lose" something sent to me but I've got to level with you, the new Mizuno JPX-800 irons just blend right into the walls of my garage. I have NO clue where they went. I'll keep looking. :)

The Mizuno JPX-800 irons are a big jump into the game improvement category for Mizuno Golf. Sure- they have other irons in this space (MX-1000, MX-300) but most people know and respect Mizuno most for their game-enhancing line of muscle back and blade irons known for their amazing feel and precision. In my opinion there was a big gap between the MX-1000's and the MP lines of clubs and the JPX-800's a full-fledged jump into that space, providing 8 to 24 handicappers with a truly remarkable option; a club with the feel Mizuno is known for combined with the game improvement qualities desired by many of us like forgiveness and increased distance. I don't want to ruin the rest of my review- but mission (mostly) accomplished!

From Mizuno:
The JPX-800 is an iron specifically designed to be amazingly forgiving and explosively long. The unbelievable distance of the JPX-800 irons is achieved by combining MAX COR Technology, Hot Metal™ Face construction, and an exotic pocket cavity to hit the maximum allowable limits for energy transfer, far exceeding previous Mizuno irons, and the competition.

An aggressive triple cut sole ensures solid ball striking from all types of lies, and a multi-material cavity badge provides tuned impact sound with enhanced feel and sharp looks. The JPX-800 irons utilize the world’s most advanced game improvement technologies to help the serious mid to high-handicap player score like never before.
To learn more about Mizuno's JPX-800 Series Technology - visit MizunoUSA.com.

I had the chance to hit and review both the JPX-800 and JPX-800 Pro irons. Mizuno advised me that the JPX-800 irons were best suited for players in the 8 to 30 handicap range and the JPX-800 Pros for players playing from 4 to 20. Both sets are designed to conform to the 2010 Condition of Competition rule, so that means "new grooves." This review will cover my thoughts on the JPX-800 iron line in general, but I'll try to distinguish points on both models.

Possibly just shy of "sex on a stick," but both the JPX-800 and JPX-800 Pro irons look awesome. Unlike Mizuno's other game improvement irons (MX-1000) these have a nice thin top line and sole (this will be the last comparison to the MX-1000 irons, because they are different clubs for different players). Everything about the JPX-800 irons are a little more pronounced than the JPX-800 PRO kin. The top line and sole are a little thicker and the cavity back a little deeper. The face appears to be slightly larger. This makes sense- you give up a little feel and playability for a extra forgiveness. Honestly, from a looks perspective I'd say the PRO versions look very similar to many companies' better players clubs and the JPX-800's still look more "traditional" than most game improvement clubs on the market. One important note- not much look- but in the construction; the JPX-800 are cast while the JPX-800 PROS are forged.

My only "beef" if you can call it that is the coloring of the non-pro JPX-800. The blue doesn't look bad, but it ins't nearly as sexy as the black on the 800 Pros. I understand the need to differentiate the products- but i wonder if another color scheme could've worked better. There is something about the bright blue that screams "game improvement." Of course... that's what they are and I can't really blame Mizuno for using the colors of their logo in their product. Again- slight beef- but I can't only say the good things, right?

Nothing matters if they don't work, right?! I loved these irons. I really think Mizuno is on to something special with these clubs. I love the feel of Mizuno irons- so much so that despite being custom fit by Nike I'm still tempted constantly to go back and play my set of Mizuno MP-57's. The only reason I don't is because I'm really not good enough for the MP-57's, but the feel of hitting them good is so amazing... Enter the JPX-800 series irons. Perfectly stuck shots feel fantastic. Like a blade- no, but that's not what you're signing up for. Hitting from the fairway, rough and hardpan- I felt comfortable taking the JPX-800's to the my ball with confidence. Unlike some game improvement clubs- there was a good amount of workability available to me as well. I don't have enough skill to sit on the range hitting cuts and draws consistently, but I can tinker enough to know that a good golfer shouldn't be afraid to take on these clubs.

As you'd expect the JPX-800's were a little easier to hit than the JPX-800 Pros. While you WOULD expect that- I was actually surprised how much I noticed the difference when playing with these clubs on the range. As a 12.5 handicapper- I think I'd actually go with the JPX-800's instead of the PROs. That's tougher than you'd imagine for me to say. I thought for sure I'd like the PRO's better if for no other reason than the forged vs. cast fact, but this wasn't the case. While they look better- and think they hit perfect shots slightly better- I think the "right" clubs for my game would be the straight JPX-800's. That doesn't mean you can't be a 18 handicap and play the PRO's, I'm just giving you my opinion based on my game (which you hopefully do NOT share).

One thing I was a bit surprised about was Mizuno getting caught up in the "maximum distance" game. While I realize there is marketing pressure involved and the fact that you need to get these irons out the door and in the hands of as many people as possible, I'd love a company, even in the game improvement category to say- distance matters, but we believe control and consistency is more important. I guess I don't see someone willing to pay $800 for a set of irons as a person who doesn't have some game already (and a little more "real" golf knowledge). I feel like the guy who really wants to crush the ball is going to get his hands on a set of $300-$400 set of game improvement clubs made by much larger companies than Mizuno. This is all a precursor to the fact that I wanted the clubs to be lofted a little weaker, especially the short irons. Yes- I hit the Gap wedge further than my current Gap wedge- but at 49 degrees it is 3 degrees "stronger" than my current club. Of course it's going to go further! Of course- you just adjust- and learn to hit the new distances- and this isn't something Mizuno should be condemned for- as you can compare huge golf company after company and see the specs are pretty comparable across the board in this respect.
Overall - 8.6

I think my overall opinion of these new JPX-800 and JPX-800 PRO irons from Mizuno is pretty clear- they rock! As you'd expect with Mizuno, the price tag is at the upper end of the market with the JPX-800's available for around $699 and the JPX-800 PRO irons for $799. There really isn't a lot to complain about with these babies but as always I'd encourage you to get out and find a demo day to try these out before buying. I need to warn you, though- do so ready to drop some dough! When you hit a couple shots pure and realize what "feel" really means and what you're missing with your current irons you're going to have some explaining to do with the old lady.

Learn More at MizunoUSA.com

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Zepo1a says:
They sound sweet, can't wait for the chance to win them :)
garthspaulding says:
these are on my hot list!
you should change your Ratings Key from -> 10.0 - 9.5 Would Help Tiger
to -> 10.0 - 9.5 Would help HWSNBN
dartboss04 says:
I picked these up (JPX-800 model) a few days after your initial post on these in September. I demoed them and was sold within 10 shots. The clubs look great at address and after a few rounds of adjustment, have been a great investment. I do agree with the comment on distance. The clubs are about 2 degrees stronger in each club, so technically I'm hitting them longer, but I find distance arbitrary anyway. Whatever club gets me there, I'm happy with.

I did have some trouble convincing my old lady that I needed another set of irons after purchasing a Ping set at the beginning of the season. Basically just had to give her the same amount for her own discretion and the clubs were mine!

I would definitely recommend these.
dartboss04 says:
PS - If these are ever given away. Don't pull my name out. I could always use a backup set for travel ;).
Backquak says:
u can pull my name out, and since dartboss04 doesn't want them, if u pull his name out just give them to me.
birdieXris says:
Short of being "sex on a stick" they're still pretty sexy looking irons.
TeT says:
Nice sticks
Panerai111 says:
I think a giveaway is in order. :D
ppinkert says:
sounds like a very nice set... Perhaps One day.. or I could win them??? and there would be much rejoicing!
larrynjr says:
I'm wondering why you think you aren't good enough for your MP-57's? I'm a high handicapper, started the season at 32 and have been playing MP-32's, now I'm down to the the low 20's. It's all about the feel and adjusting your swing to make a proper strike. When I hit a pure shot with a CB club I can't tell where it struck the face. With the MP-32's you get that buttery feel when you pure it. When you hit them poorly, you know it and usually can tell why. Again not so with CB's. It sounds like these JPX-800's give you similar feel but you as a 12+ handicapper should be able to play the 57's no prob. It's all in your mind! Enjoy!
IanB says:
I play with MP60s and have done since they first came on to the market. Now I'm getting older and fatter, the precision through the ball is not there anymore. So the thrill of the great shot is becoming more and more rare, and the cost of the not-so-good shot is high in terms of distance and line. So I am looking at the JXP800s to help bring back a little more enjoyment to my game. That's the idea of John in my pro shop, and after reading this review, I think he's right. I think this is maybe why KicknTrue leaves the MP57s at home and plays with the custom fit Nikes.
creekaction says:
I'll be honest, the fact that Mizuno made the lofts stronger in these clubs really took this club out of the running for me in my recent decision to buy irons. I hate that companies do this and it turns me off as a consumer to their product. Stake your reputation on accuracy with irons and let me figure out how to get the distance.
Von-Diesel says:
Please count me in for a potential giveaway. Xie xie!
comet says:
Mizuno clubs rock i have a set of MX100 and JPX800 look awesome count me in on the drawing names Vin
JTW1 says:
I got fit for the 800 pro,s the other day. I can not wait for them to come in. I went in looking at the R9's and after a few swings with bot, the 800 pro,s was a better fit for me. I liked the feel of both, but the 800's came of the face a little hotter and I was still able to draw and fade the ball.
Those who say you can not work the ball with the 800 pro's,I find that not to be all true.
larrynjr says:
I think it time to stop number irons and just list the loft and letting players choose what works best for them. I don't know what the lofts are but when I was getting into golf 5 years ago I bought a old used set of Wilsons and found with use that the 5i was my "go to" club. When I finally got a set of new CB clubs the 7i became my go to club and when I hold the old 5 and the new 7 side to side, low and behold, they are the same length! hmmmmmmmmm yet another example of how to get more distance from a higher numbered club!
Torleif Sorenson says:
Larry, I like the way you think -- especially re: adjusting one's swing to make proper contact with the ball. I still have a 1950s-era set of Spalding Bobby Jones blades I played for the same reason. I may need the forgiveness, but I learn more from the feedback.
larrynjr says:
Thanks Torleif, I signed up for the Cleveland "Play it Forward" club demo promotion and received their CG-16 7 iron the other day. Funny thing was, it's stamped 31 degrees and measures the same shaft length as my 6 iron..........and when I looked up the specs on my 6, yup 31 degrees of loft.
That said, it IS a very nice club and feels great when I hit it, even the toe hits go fairly straight and far. I'm currently carrying it as my 6 iron and will indeed, "play it forward" so that someone else gets a chance to try it too but I'm thinking that I'll stick with my "cut-muscle" MP-32's and keep learning to swing properly to get the ball where I want it.
DCB63 says:
Just replaced my "wishful thinking" MP-57's with the JPX 800 pro's. A 12 handicap at the moment, I had them fit this time and came out needing 1 degree flat with -1/64 grips with XP S300 shafts. This comparing to the MP-57's all standard with PX 5.5's....they just arrived today and looking forward to this chilly non-stop rain to end.
DCB63 says:
ps, I like larryjr's idea about just having irons with their lofts...of course then all the distance mongers will just bend each iron 2 degrees stronger...
TheLoveZone says:
I went to demo the Callaway RAZR X Tour irons and after hitting them and kind of like how they played, a customer standing by, suggested that I try the JPX800 Pro. After about ten swings and an average of 15 yards longer than the RAZR X Tour I ordered a set fitted with True Temper GS95 shafts. I have never hit a Mizuno before. I have always played Taylormade and Callaway X14. After hitting the JPX800 Pro I was totally sold on these irons. My only complain is that they are a little pricey but they were so sweet I paid the price. A pure hit was like butter. I believe that these JPX800 Pro is going to be the last set of irons that I will be playing. I cannot wait for them to be delivered.
GolferAnt says:
44* PW wtf
GolferAnt says:
if u have this set with this 44 degree PW and then your GW is 52 degrees wouldn't that leave a big yardage gap? Doesn't each club differ by about 4 degrees loft? So wouldn't an 8 degree difference be like your missing a club? would it then be a good idea to get another PW that's 48 degrees to even things back out? This is confusing me please help! :)
Gerarrcd says:
Great clubs (4-PW irons + 3 FWW) after 5 days of use. Mishits effects are greatly damped but you get very good feedback on both perfect and missed shots. Distance loss on bad shots are minimised. Very good length of shots. The custom-fit is superb; shaft selector works great, fitting systems works superb with direct feedback (on paper). After 4 rounds my confidence in these clubs is very good. Overall: try these clubs and shoot with them before you buy anything else: you won't regret.
leeheppjr says:
I picked my set up in early June, they are really great. Switched from Burner 1.0, the consitency of distance is the biggest upgrade.
klkell says:
Just got my JPX-800 Pro irons... moved out of my Callaway x-16 Pro Series irons after 7 solid years. Went with the Project X 5.5 Graphite +1/2 inch 2 degrees upright. First hit with my new 4-iron yesterday produced a hole-in-one @ Ironhorse GC in Leawood, KS. Hole #2 - 202 yards - hard not to love them with that result!! Thank you Mizuno!!
larrynjr says:
@klkell, Congratulations on your ace! That's awesome! closest I've been to a hole in one is 7.5' from the cup. It's great they are working out for you like that!
Runrvr says:
I have been playing the jpx 800 for about 2 weeks (6 rounds) and my handicap is dropping by 2-3 stokes, easy. I have had to adjust for the increase in distance but the shot line is pure. I am 63 and carry a 10.2-12.4 index depending on the time of the year and playing conditions. I truly expect a single digit hcp for the first time in my life, this season. I use a 52 degree Callaway around the greens and drive my r7 230 to 260 straight, if I could tame my putter, life would be worth living.
mardan88 says:
No lefty 800 pros. Count me out of mizuno anything.
marlinsjh says:
Have just picked up a set this morning after deciding to move on from my old faithfull set of 'ping eye 2's.Am only a 21 handicap so some positive shots were needed to make me part with my hard earned cash.I tried out 5/6 other makes at the same time but here was no doubt which one stood out the most for me.I was hitting a 7 iron about 160 yards(was only hitting 125 yards with my old 7 iron) Even the poorer shots were landing 130/40 and they were noticably straighter.The pro who was taking me through them all even started laughing when i nailed one shot right to the flag and asked me 'if i had the choice of two clubs which one would i pick?'... Hmm 'the Mizuno and the Mizuno' there was no second choice!!!Bring on the weekend....i have some buttocks to kick!!!
Lions Hunter says:
I like JPX-800 iron clubs.
tmallgolf says:
The [[url=http://www.tmallgolf.com/For-Sale-8223-Mizuno+MP+63+Irons.html]]Mizuno MP 63 Irons[[/url]] is an evolution of Mizuno’s most popular tour iron. The legendary Grain Flow Forging process combines with an innovative Diamond Muscle design to create the perfect blend of feel and control in a “player’s” cavity.
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