AB Golf Designs Throwback Headcovers
By Kickntrue on 11/3/10
Sometimes the coolest way to show your style is to rock it oldschool.

AB Golf Designs (formerly Butthead Covers) has sent me a couple headcovers now to check out- and from the perspective of pure style, the Throwback Headcover is by far the coolest. On top of that- it's green.

From AB Golf Designs:
Crafted from "green" materials more durable than wool, the classic striped knit stockings with pom-pom or tassel top are available in a variety of color combinations and sizes for woods, hybrids and putters. Although the fabric looks and feels like wool, the Throwback collection is made from polyester fibers crafted from recycled plastic bottles. This manufacturing process helps to diminish dependence on oil and minimize waste, in turn limiting toxic emissions from incinerators. Additionally, it reduces air, water and soil contamination.
The only "downside" to being green- is sometimes you have to pay for the privilege. At $28 a headcover or $70 for 3 ($90 for 4) they are a bit pricey, though not unreasonable considering a quick Google search for retro wool head covers yielded similar prices.

Bottom line- they look and feel great! They have a couple really cool color patterns including an awesome "USA Throwback" look. I'm also really into the "Black/Pink" combo- if you think you're man enough to rock it.


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TeT says:
toothid says:
These would make a great oobgolf giveaway (hint)
Panerai111 says:
I'm a fan of those kinds of headcovers, but just can't justify paying that much for them. :(
dartboss04 says:
when i went on the site it looks like one cover is 50 bucks...i'm not sure if i'm seeing it right, but every option is an additional charge over the $28 price listed...not sure if that's some kind of pricing scheme...

i just had some custom made on www.flaminggolf.com out of the uk...they were about 20 bucks each but i got to choose all my colors and the shipping appears to be free even to the states...
IM GOLF says:
why not visit us for some golf glove and golf headcover? We can custome make a design for our clients if provided the art work or requirement. Welcome OEM orders
golfpro2012 says:
do not order from this company! they did not fulfill my order (but did manage to charge my credit card). they do not respond to emails or answer their phone.
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