The Amazing Kentwool sock!
Kentwool Socks Review
By Kickntrue on 11/8/10
I love socks. Seriously. So when Kentwool told me they had the best golf socks ever made, I had to try them out.

You see, I'm a sock snob. I've eschewed multi-sock packs of cheap footwear. Sure- paying $8-$14 for a single pair of socks is a little overkill, but if you've never had the pleasure- don't knock it! Of course- at those prices- I wear them, love them, treasure them, and make them work until they disintegrate off my foot. I've told many people this- so I have some backup for this claim (basically- I'm not just using superlatives for a sock review), if I was rich, and I mean "real" rich where money wasn't an object, the first luxury I would afford myself is a new pair of socks every single day. But I digress...

Kentwool claims to have the best socks on earth and at $20 for a pair of ankle socks and $25 for a crew cut they're certainly priced like it. I'll cut to the chase- since we're not all sock connoisseurs, they're pretty dang awesome! They're cushioned on the bottom with a breathable top to keep your foot cool. They're really thin (especially on top) but don't feel even a bit cheap. The ankle or "no-show" socks are completely hidden but don't have any "slip" to them whatsoever. They're top notch! Kentwool guarantees that you'll never get a blister wearing their socks!

From Kentwool:
Our one-of-a-kind product is highly engineered for peak performance, providing the competitive golfer with maximum support & superior comfort. The innovative design is infused with a proprietary blend of super fine merino wool yarn – WINDspun by KENTWOOL – and other premium natural & high-tech fibers. The integrated foot technology system includes a micro-climate feature which reduces abrasion and muscle fatigue.
Are the best sock I've ever worn? I dunno, but they're up there with my JoxSox (awesome enough to deserve a link in an article about another brand). The toughest thing to get over is the price. $20 for a single pair is a lot to ask when you can get a great pair of Ecco or Nike premium socks for 1/2 of that. Are these better, I think so, but worth the price of two pair, I don't know? It probably depends on your bank account. I'm guessing there are more than a couple of your still reading at this point wondering what I'm smoking and what planet I live one where I could ever suggest spending more than $2 for a pair socks. To those- I guess it's all about where you spend the few bucks you've allocated. I haven't bought a shirt in over 3 years, but I've probably spent $150 on socks. Maybe I'm weird- but the people at Kentwool get me!


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Mortalsword says:
Yep Your Weird 2.50 For 10 pair at the Doller store.
bducharm says:
KentWool sponsors Bubba Watson - he pimps them on Twitter all the time...
lcgolfer64 says:
I'm with ya (well okay, sort of) but my heels have paid dearly for cheap socks. A blister after 2 holes runs the fun-meter down on a round pretty quick when you're walking 18.

Not quite sure about $20/pair but I definitlely spend more on my golf socks then not.
Backquak says:
I thought Gap was expensive at $10 for 3 pair, but $20/pair? nope... I'm out

but I also wait till Gap has 'em on clearance and get 'em for $3 for the 3 pack, last time I cleaned 'em out at $1/pack.
cpercy says:
So does that mean you won't be doing a sock give away with all the extra pairs they sent you?
bkuehn1952 says:
I give them a thumb's up for the fact that they are a USA-based and family-owned business. At $20 a pair I probably will only buy one pair to augment my footwear.
falcon50driver says:
Yep, golf season is over...
dartboss04 says:
i had to buy 1 pair just to see what $20 socks felt like...
snuffyword says:
I guess argyle socks are out of style. I need to get with the 21st century. Maybe I can try the Fred Couples style of no socks.
billy b says:
If you want to see another great review on the KentWool socks check out
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