Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag Review
By mustang6560 on 11/11/10
Reviewed by Nathan Trifone, oobgolf contributor

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One of the most overlooked, yet most important pieces of equipment in your bag is – well, your bag! Think about it. Your bag provides a convenient and easy way for you to store everything you’ll need during a round. Plus, your bag makes a statement about you. Shouldn’t it say something good?

In comes the C-130 Cart Bag by Sun Mountain. If you are looking for a great cart bag that has both style and function, look no further. And with the Holiday season approaching, it would make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Or more importantly, for yourself!

From Sun Mountain:
“Our most best-selling cart bag, the C-130 is designed to work optimally on a riding cart. All of the features are designed with cart use in mind starting with the reverse-orientation top, the three utility handles integrated into the top, the strap channel and the rubber feet that make it stand square on the cart. Then, we added an integrated putter well and made sure all pockets are accessible when the bag is on a cart.”
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I have so many good things to say about the C-130 Cart Bag, but let’s start with the basics. The moment I first laid eyes on it I was impressed. It has a great look with a smooth design and you’ll be sure to turn heads as you walk up to the Pro Shop sporting the C-130. Even Andrew did a double take and had to admit this bag was legit. The bag is well-balanced and the rubber base allows the C-130 to fit securely in the back of a golf cart or push cart so don’t have to worry about it leaning over.

My biggest complaint about golf bags in general is that I feel most of them were not designed with the golfer in mind. But you can tell the C-130 was designed by golfers for golfers because of its subtle brilliance – like the six slot golf tee holder on the front of the bag. Seriously, how often do you go digging through your bag to find tees? Pure genius! Another example is the integrated top handle designed for easy loading and unloading. No more messing about trying to get your bag in and out of your car!

The C-130 also includes 14 separate club dividers and nine pockets so you will have plenty of space to organize everything from your golf clubs down to your golf balls. Each divider is full-length which makes organizing your clubs and getting them in and out of the bag easy. Plus, it features a front putter compartment so you never have to search for your putter again. All of the pockets are wide enough to hold an oversize grip. The nine pockets include two velour-lined pockets for your valuables, two clothing pockets and an insulated beverage pocket with drain. No, you’re not dreaming. You can put a six pack of your beverage of choice with ice right into your bag and don’t have to worry about ruining anything (see, I told you it was designed by a golfer).

Still not convinced? Well, get this. Sun Mountain offers a licensed version of the C-130 so you can show off your school colors with pride out on the golf course. With over 50 colleges available, chances are good you will be able to find the right golf bag to match your spirit. As an LSU alumnus, I was happy to find purple and gold as an option in the C-130. Now every time I play golf people will know from a far who my team is without a doubt.
Overall - 9.5

I would highly recommend this bag as it has everything you need in a cart bag plus some. At only $199.99, it will be the best purchase you’ve made for your golf game in awhile. Unlike a new set of irons, once you buy the C-130 you’ll never need to buy a bag again…unless you wanted to get a carry bag. And guess what, you’re in luck. Sun Mountain makes those too!

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ilovebacon says:
I bought the C-130 last year and have been very happy with it. It has more pockets than you know what to do with (see details above) and it's light. If I had to find a negative, it's that it's very bulky. It looks big, and if you stuff it with everything it can hold it takes up more space on a golf cart than a normal bag. With that said, I'd still buy this bag over any other cart bag today.
Backquak says:
great review guys, I love the fact that sun mountain makes things that reflect our needs on the golf course. The fact that they look at the strap placement is the attention to detail that I like. I hate having a pocket that I can't actually use because it's on the back of the bag, or blocked by the strap holding the bag on the cart. strap channel=its about time
Banker85 says:
i like the pegs at the bottom cause bags are always going sideways after a couple holes and the fact you can put ice in the bag awesome. I can hold 6 pack but no room for ice at all.
birdieXris says:
You may have answered this already, but is it waterproof?

Sorry, couldn't resist. :)
mantajim says:
Just got one a couple months ago as a birthday present. Love it. The most common bag in my group of golf buddies. The best club organization of any bag I've had. Slopes from back to front, longest to shortest, it's instinctive where your clubs should be. I've used a soft freeze pack with my 'beverages' instead of ice. Only improvement I'd make is to replace the solid towel rings with snap rings, I've cut mine off and replaced them with small carabiners.
Kickntrue says:
@birdieXris- it's perfect in the rain... you know, unless you order custom stripes stitched on it.
Backquak says:
birdiexris- I didn't want to b the one to bring it up.
Norboo says:
I wish I can design some of the golf equipments, bags and accessories.
sjduffers says:
Perhaps a stupid question, but can this type of bag be properly carried/secured on a push or pull cart? I walk about 2/3 of my rounds and I would hate to have to switch bags...
Kickntrue says:
@sjduffers- I would never want to carry a Cart bag- but as far as securing it on a push cart- it's usually an awesome upgrade. I only need one bag (my cart bag) now that I use a push cart when I walk. It's so much nicer!
Backquak says:
do they have a bag that is designed for a push cart? something in between a cart bag and a carry bag, not as heavy and made with the pockets in the right places, and a 6 pack cooler is a must.
TeT says:
falcon50driver says:
Surely you guys aren't using this bag to sneak beer into the course past the sign that says..."absolutely no outside food or beverages to be brought on the course."..... I know we all enjoy a beer that costs $5.50 each, so much more than the ones from the 7-11.
dtak84 says:
does anyone know if this fits onto a clicgear 3.0?
Bernie Duffer says:
That handle built into the top of the bag, on the rim in the back as the bag faces out on a riding cart...When you put this bag on a push cart that handle is on the down side of the rim. You reverse your clubs so they lay down properly and don't tangle (woods on top, irons on the bottom. That is opposite of the way you load them when the bag is on a riding cart). In that configuration, the handle is higher than the irons, wedges the way I load the bag, that are placed in the bottom row of spots. The irons will not lay straight unless you prop them up on top of the handle...and they won't stay there. POOR DESIGN. However, the manufacturer does claim the bag was designed, first and foremost, to be used with a riding cart. I walk at least half of the rounds I play and I use a push cart so this bag is not for me. The same thing goes for the Titleist light weight cart bag which is made by Sun Mountain.
Clint24 says:
Love the picture of the Auburn bag! Finally get some love for my Tigers on this site! WAR EAGLE!!!
Matt F says:
I got the C-130 a few months ago and love it. One of the great things is it doesn't twist in the back of the cart. Plus, with the full length divider, my clubs always go straight to the bottom of the bag, instead of getting tangled up halfway down.

It also comes with a rain hood, don't know how effective it is yet but time will tell.

Backquak says:
@bernie... isn't it hard to get to your irons if you put them at the back of the bag? I haven't used it but it seems like by reversing the clubs you are making it more difficult, if you have to move your woods and long irons to reach your wedge or putter.
Bernie Duffer says:
Backquak: When you put the golf bag on a three wheeled push cart with the pockets facing up so you can get at them, the back of the bag is facing down and the whole bag is held on the push cart at something like a 45 degree angle. In order for the clubs to sit in the bag with the blades facing downwards without tangling with each other, I put the wedges in the lowest row of spaces, the middle irons in the second row, the long irons and fairway woods in the third row and the driver & putter in the last row (on top).

When I ride, the bag is perfectly upright. In order to make the clubs easiest to remove and replace into the bag, I put the tallest clubs (the woods) in the back which, in this configuration, is the back of the bag. The wedges go in front, the front of the bag. That is exactly the opposite of how I have the clubs when I walk. It takes me something like 45 seconds to reverse the clubs whenever I walk a round after a riding round or ride after a walking round.
GYMRAT63 says:
I have had my c-130 a yr now an its awesome meets all my needs an fits great on my sun mountain speed cart v1. I walk 90% of my rounds ,its a great set up.
Jerry Giaimo says:
Can never be used on a walking cart
sd_1964 says:
When I ride I use my C-130 (version before this current model, I think 2005 or 2006) WHen I walk I use my SunMountain Speed Cart and the SCB Deluxe bag.
The C-130 is too bulky & heavy to be used with the a push cart ... Overll my older model C-130 is a FANTASTIC bag..
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