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By Kickntrue on 11/16/10
There are times in your life when when looking good (and a little classy) work to your benefit. For those times- consider Fairway & Greene. I've said before- I'm not much of an authority when it comes to "Reviewing" clothing- I mean, you put it on and wear it, right? That said, when you get a chance to check something out that's a step and above average, you certainly notice.

Instead of giving you info on fabrics and patterns and so on- I thought I'd just show you. Men- let's cut to the chase, this is the kind of stuff women love to see us dress in (single or married). And ladies- I don't know a single male golfer who doesn't think a female dressing the part (of golfer) is sexy. Classy, professional and sexy.

All. You. Need. To. Know.

Stay tuned as we'll be giving away a couple shirts from Fairway & Greene later this week!

Fairway & Greene

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Banker85 says:
sharp. i'll take em all!
KVSmith59 says:
I'll take the palm springs one :)
GolfinHawg says:
I like the Cape Code one..
Envythepea says:
I like the palm springs sweater too, maybe a different color, but that's not terrible...
DrLongballz says:
I'd have to go for the Palm Springs also. I have a few shirts of theirs. Quality stuff
Lazkir says:
Palm Springs looks very nice. Better in dark red though.
bashworth says:
cape cod has my name on it
lcgolfer64 says:
...After you crossed my name out on it, bashworth! JK...

Nice looking stuff and looks 'golfable'
jev says:
That sure looks pretty sharp! All of them...
Kurt the Knife says:
Not Bad
dottomm says:
Looks nice. Coincidentally, I will be celebrating my 40th birthday Golfing Palm Springs next month. I could really use a little wardrobe upgrade to fit in. Waddya Say?
Backquak says:
I would look good in the cape cod or the palm springs.... Oh wait, I look good in anything or as my wife likes me, in nothing at all;)
Swingem says:
OMG! Muffy and Buffy go golfing.
ppinkert says:
Just call me Biff.... :) nice
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