The Golfing Caddy
By Kickntrue on 11/22/10
My job requires me to evaluate a lot of golf products. Some seem revolutionary. Some seem useful. Others seem completely useless. There is also a small subset that feel like good ideas, but I can't quite figure out the best way to use them. That's how I feel about The Golfing Caddy- a $20 golf accessory which I guess can best be described as "extra pockets" for the golfing experience. It's main pocket can hold a 24 ounce drink (includes a koozie for extended coolness) and the Caddy also has two additional pockets on each side for valuables and accessories like a cell phone. It comes with a small microfiber towel and multiple and convenient hooks and rings to attach it to your existing golf bag.

I spoke with the creator of The Golfing Caddy Vicki Forster and she talked about it being a way to have all her items in one place. Her problem with many golf bags is that despite a presence of many pockets, they are often all over the place. The Golfing Caddy puts everything in one place. While I'm not sure I personally "buy it" I do get where she's coming from- and I must admit I have very little to move to my golf bag when I play (wallet, keys, sometimes watch). I'm sure there are plenty of men and definitely women who have more to holster when they get to the course.

One thing definitely useful about the Caddy is its ease to move on and off the bag. If you have a lot of valuables with you- I could see snapping it quickly off the bag and carrying it with you when you go inside the clubhouse. There are plenty of examples of petty theft happening at the golf course- and while getting your clubs jacked would suck- you'd probably be more upset about losing your wedding ring or that watch your dad gave you before he died. For that- I can see some value.

The Golfing Caddy itself is well put together and pretty handy. I could actually see other uses than golf being more appropriate. It could be convenient to have when traveling (pimped out fanny pack). The company actually makes this product as well (The Go Caddy)- so that's probably a better way to go for that kind of use- but if the quality of the golf product speaks anything towards that effort, I'd say it's probably solid.

It's not a ridiculous product- it's just not for me. Maybe you'll find it more useful. If so- check out the links below to learn more and buy! I have one to give away- so all comments are entered to get one at random.

The Golfing Caddy
The Go Caddy

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Agustin says:
Gimme, gimme
Backquak says:
I'll take two
dottomm says:
Looks nice, but I think I'd end up putting my valuables in there, leaving it on my bag, only to have it stolen while chatting up the Bartender. I think I'd feel better leaving my valuables 'inside' my bag. I should mention ; I've never experienced any sort of theft (besides my ego) at any golf course but I don't have any real valuables like a World Series ring either.
Mortalsword says:
Sounds like a great idea for us cart pushers adds extra storage if you have a small bag but not a lot of bulk and could make things easier to reach.
Kurt the Knife says:
I could use a thing like that. My bag is kinda small and my pushcart doesn't have any storage for the things I take offa misself before each round.
Nethmonkey says:
go go random number generator!
dc8ce says:
As long as it holds my fifth of whiskey, I'm in!
twood says:
KVSmith59 says:
ditto !
Matt F says:
For when 27,000 pockets aren't enough.
bducharm says:
@mwfaith1971 - LOL, true but still funny. Not sure what I would do with it but we'll see...
Zepo1a says:
I could see my can of beer getting lost down in the coolie thing, but what the hell, when I win it i'll take one for the team and try it out :)
ilovebacon says:
24 oz - so does it hold 2 cans o beer? If so, I'll take 4.
Kickntrue says:
@zepo1a- a 12 ounce can would def get lost. you'll have to go and get on of 24 ounce cans.... though looking at it- i'm guessing it could handle a 40 with ease!
ppinkert says:
Sounds like a good idea for me. I never have a good place for my keys, cell, or watch. and it holds a drink. Can't beat that. I'll take one!
Banker85 says:
Bryan K says:
I am a golf gadget conisieur, and I think this would get more use than the tethered golf ball thingie I won last Spring.
rmumph1 says:
I need more pockets
cincystephen says:
By the power of gray scull, I say lame as well.
carv712 says:
O, I'll definitly use the small microfiber towel... to wipe away my tears if the only thing I ever win as an oober is 3 pockets and a clip.
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