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Sunice Tornado Bowen Rain Gear
By Kickntrue on 1/13/11
Sunice has been making quality golf outerwear since 1992 and their craftsmanship and care are apparent. The company was actually founded in 1976 and started as a manufacturer of high-end ski wear. The thing is- the outwear needed to Ski and golf aren't all that different. You want both to be lightweight, flexible for a full range of motion, waterproof but breathable, and (sometimes) warm.

Sunice sent me a rain jack from their Tornado Collection and I've been wearing it non-stop for a week. I think that makes me qualified to write a review.

First- from Sunice:
Breathability, stretch, ultra-lightweight and quiet products define the Tornado Collection and its four-year waterproof guarantee. Tornado's highly breathable, waterproof, game-enhancing stretch fabrics perform in even the worst weather.

Introduced in 2010 to outstanding reviews, Sunice® FlexVent™ - one of golf's most-waterproof stretch fabrics-boasts new Real Red and Camel colors, and a trendy Black Argyle print. This versatile, full-stretch, breathable, waterproof knit garment has a four-year waterproof guarantee, and proprietary fabric technology, performance features and extreme comfort.

"We believe this is the future of waterproofs because of the FlexVent™ fabric's unique soft hand feel and super-quiet laminate," Fletcher says.
I'll cut to the chase (and let you soak in that beautifully crafted marketing)... a lot of golf rain gear is all shimmery and shiny- and makes the same sound as opening a new trash bag when you walk around. Not the Tornado jacket from Sunice. It's soft (they call it laminate), comfortable and I've been able to wear it on top of dress pants daily.

Of course- the real test (or should we call it the Sun Mountain test)- is it actually waterproof?

I'm happy to report my arm was 100% dry (hand got a little wet from the splash). In addition to this test- I also poured water down the zipper with a dry tissue just inside the seal. The tissue was 100% dry. I admit- I didn't full-on jump in the shower with this thing- but I'm going to with, "works."

The jacket is quite comfy and has worked for me in multiple climate conditions. What I mean by that- is a lot of rain gear is really stuffy, but my Sunice Tornado jacket has proven to be the right option for outside (with temperatures around 50) as well as all day indoors (with the office at 74). The Tornado Collection definitely appears to be more suited for cooler (though not cold) weather.

Now- what I didn't get to test in was an 85 degree, 100% humidity kind of day. I don't think I've ever worn any rain gear that really works in those conditions and this is no exception. On those days- you've got to have short sleeves- or just take the rain and enjoy the coolness it brings. Looking at Sunice's website- it looks like they have other options for those conditions.

Good living ain't cheap my friends. It's very rare to see good golf rain gear for under a couple hundred bucks- and the Sunice Tornado collection is no different. It's MSRP is $300 for the jacket though online you can find the gear for much less. It's reasonable to think you can your hands on something for more like $150-$200. Still a pretty penny- but as long as your down growing (in a lot of our cases in more ways than just height) it should last you a long time.

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bducharm says:
We have some of this gear in our pro shop. Nice stuff but pricey!!!
Banker85 says:
i know this is an expensive game but $300 for a jacket. whoa
G.Renner says:
Huge fan of this company's gear. Found a windbreaker/"highly water repellent" zip up at TJ Maxx for $40 bucks. Their site shows the model retails for $85. Saw deals for Sunice gear on TGW recently as well.
bkuehn1952 says:
Rain gear is all over the place as far as the level of water resistance and breathability. At the bottom are the plastic tarps shaped like jackets and pants. The cost is great but they retain so much moist air inside that it is not uncommon for the inner side of the suit to be wetter than the outside. At the high end are Gore-Tex garments and other micro-fiber offerings like Sunice. Unless one plans to play in steady rain, it may make more sense to buy a water resistant windshirt.

I am an all weather player. The best deals seem to be in the dead of winter, which is when I made my purchase a year ago.
aaronm04 says:
I think the price on the site is in Canadian dollars since it says "CAD" and the company is based in Canada (eh). I think it comes out to about $200 American dollars.
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