Tour Striker Review
By mustang6560 on 3/18/11
Reviewed by Nathan J. Trifone, oobgolf contributor

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The most important part of the golf swing is the impact position. You don’t need to have a fundamentally sound golf swing to be a professional golfer – just look at Jim Furyk, (my boy) Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler. They all have homegrown swings but they have one thing in common – a solid impact position.

If you want to be a good golfer, you don’t have to memorize Ben Hogan’s “Five Lessons” and try to mimic his swing sequence by sequence. But, you do need to strike the ball well. If you struggle with your ball striking, I have something that will help you out: the Tour Striker.

As soon as I saw the infomercial for the Tour Striker, I instantly knew I had to try it. Every swing coach will tell you in order to make solid, consistent contact with the ball, you need to lead with the hands and swing down on the ball (well, and a few other things too). I get it, easier said than done. But, the great thing about the Tour Striker is that it provides instant feedback. If you aren’t in the correct position at impact, you’ll know right away. And if you don't believe me, just ask Gary McCord, he's a part of the Tour Striker team getting the word out about this cool new training aid.

From Tour Striker:
The Tour Striker and NEW Tour Striker Pro training clubs have been created not to care about your swing style or shape. The distinctive designs have little clubface below the "sweet spot" like a traditional club (Figure - below right). The clubs have been designed so you intuitively teach yourself how to deliver the "sweet spot" of the club to the ball like an expert ball striker. Transferring the feel learned to your traditional clubs is an easy step!
To learn more about the Tour Striker - visit

The design of the Tour Striker is simple - they took a normal golf club and shaved every part of the face that is not the sweet spot. The creator of the Tour Striker, Martin Chuck, is a PGA Professional and the idea came to him after watching student after student try and scoop the ball to get it in the air.

Considering what this club is trying to accomplish, I think they did a good job with the design. The Tour Striker looks as "sexy" as a deformed club could possibly look.

There are two big pros I see about the Tour Striker. First, it provides instant, direct feedback to the user. Second, you don’t have to overhaul your natural swing to use it.

Taking a golf lesson definitely is beneficial. It’s a one-on-one session where a golf expert analyzes your swing and tries to correct any errors (inefficiencies) with your mechanics. The only problem is the feedback you are getting is not direct. What I mean is there is no way for the instructor to let you "feel" what you are doing wrong during the swing. The way the Tour Striker is designed, it only allows you to hit a good shot if your impact position is correct. If you don’t lead with the hands or if you aren’t hitting down on the ball, the clubface will not be in the correct position at impact and you’ll shank the ball. It’s simple.

This leads me to the second benefit. Unlike some training aids, which try to change the fundamentals of your swing, the Tour Striker works with your natural swing to help develop the correct impact position. Every golfer has a "natural" swing and the best golfer’s tend to have naturally great fundamentals or in the case of the Jim Furyks' of the world, they learned to make what they had work for them. If a training aid is going to make you drastically change your natural swing, I wouldn't bother with it because unlike Tiger Woods, must of us don’t have 6-8 hours per day to work on it. I don't think you'll see Jim rebuild his golf swing any time soon.


With the way the Tour Striker is designed, it almost seems like you have to overcompensates swinging "down" on the ball get it up in the air. I'm not sure if this was the intent, but I did find this to be true with the Tour Striker. It also could mean that my impact position was way off to begin with. Either way, I was really hitting down on the ball.

I'm not convinced this is a complete negative though. I view the Tour Striker in the same way as a weight you would add to your golf club to warm up. By adding additional weight during practice swings, you are making it so the club feels lighter (i.e. easier to swing) during your round. After hitting with the Tour Striker on the range, it will make hitting down on the ball with your regular irons easier.

I will say this, if you classify yourself as a picker (@kickntrue), you probably won't like the Tour Striker. There is not way to "pick" or "scoop" a golf ball with the Tour Striker. The ONLY way you can hit this club is if you hit down on the ball. If your a picker, the Tour Striker will force you to change your swing.
Overall - 8.4

I would highly recommend the Tour Striker as a training aid. Of all the different training aids you can buy, I think the Tour Striker provides the most feedback you can get without having to pay for a lesson. Over time, you will start to develop the muscle memory needed to improve your impact position. If you are a "scooper", you won't be for long with the Tour Striker. I will say this, I think the Tour Striker helped me improve my impact position only after hitting it a few times. I am more conscious of where my hands are at impact and where my divot starts in relation to my ball - both of these I would attribute to the Tour Striker.

The Tour Striker has several models to chose from and the price starts at $99.99. It's a little on the expensive side, but I think it's totally worth it.

Learn more at

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sepfeiff says:
Giveaway! I'm not much of an expert on this aid, but I think it only seeks to affect your impact position. Even if you got there with a shallow sweeping plane, as long as your hands are ahead of the clubhead it should still hit the ball flush, is that right? Willing to eat my words if you wanna send it to me. :O
Banker85 says:
wow nice catch there captain obvious(sepfeiff) LOL

i smell a giveaway too! I would love to try this out.
Kurt the Knife says:
white_rabbitt says:
I hate infomercials!
Kickntrue says:
I'll give my 2 cents. This is Nathan's review- but since he called me out in it- I figured I'd share my quick opinion. I very much disliked this thing. I tried it for about 15 minutes and never hit a single ball solid. It makes you exaggerate something that may be completely unnatural (and that can still work). I'm not saying I couldn't get this thing to work- but it would be a dedication to an entire different swing for me. Could it be better for me? Maybe. But it would be TOTALLY new- and would take a whole big process to relearn. If you're generally happy with your contact- and you are more of a "picker" you may want to avoid the pain this thing will cause.
birdieXris says:
I was really on the fence about this one. I haven't found one to "try out" in the store. Great review though. I think i may pick one up just to have for practice sessions.
bortass says:
I have the wedge version and love it. It really will help anyone that flips at all in their swing. I used to be a picker/sweeper, with a flip, and the pro I work with started to get me to take a divot in front of the ball. I got the TS a year later and it's really helped.
Bryan K says:
I was on the fence on this as well. I know that my swing really started coming around last year when I first started learning how to properly hit down on the ball. My iron distances increased by 20 yards, and they actually started to stick when they hit the green. After reading this review, I'm pretty certain I'll be picking one up before the golf season starts.
preny says:
I really wanna try it but I've never bought something that has an infomercial
Bryan K says:
I just ordered my Tour Striker! I can't wait to give it a shot.
jfurr says:
The owner at the range I practice at loaned me his TS Pro 7 iron a few times. I like it. It did start me on a new swing, which I think I needed, to go from a flipper to a compressor. Currently rebuilding in process so scores real erratic but swing and contact actually feeling better than before. my $.02
bortass says:
@ Bryan K, I had the same thing happen last summer. I started to hit down and compress the ball and suddenly gained 30 yards. I made the mistake of not sticking with my practice and lost it though. So I plan to use my TS and PBS quite a bit this year to try and recapture that distance.
coojofresh says:
i got better just by watching the infomercials so i am sure the device works
munk24 says:
@Kick even a picker need his hands in front to hit the ball properly, if your still not hitting it good your flipping and losing distance and consistency. I got the lefty pro version, I hit a few on the range and then hit a few with my regular mizunos, the contact I get after hitting the tour striker is pure and powerful, strongly recommend.
Bryan K says:
coojofresh: lol...funniest thing I've read in weeks.
Bryan K says:
And I agree with munk24. I was a picker, and I had some consistency with it. However, I had little control. I'd hit a green, and the ball would roll over. So I would always try to land my shots short and rely on getting a good bounce. If there was a hazard directly in front of the green, I had no shot.

By becoming more of a striker or a compressor, I have really started to see my shots begin to stick. It's a great feeling to see my ball within a few feet of my ball mark rather than seeing the ball mark on the front of the green and my ball in the trap behind the green. The only real problem is that I'm having to relearn the distances on my irons. Plus, my contact is still inconsistent. That's why I want the tour striker. I want to make sure I have a device that gives me instant feedback as to whether or not I'm hitting the sweet spot.
Kickntrue says:
@munk24- nobody's every complained about my length before.
Matt F says:
@Kickntrue - they mustn't have been too fussy. :-)

bortass says:
@Kickntrue - she was just being nice :)
munk24 says:
@Kick, how about your consistency :)
Banker85 says:
@kick: what bout your rythym? or timing? do you release to early?

Virtuaframax says:
i was actually planning on getting one of these... I'n not good at hitting down and take a nice divot, so i was hoping this club would help that issue!
jimmcdon says:
I've been using one for about 3 weeks now...and I'm killing my short irons so far. I keep it by my desk and just swing it every so often...
mpb1472 says:
I got one a few weeks ago. I have a tendency to pick the ball a bit with little or no divot after the ball. I wanted to move my swing bottom forward and this tool helps you accomplish that. I will admit, I do find it easier to hit than I thought. My first time with it, I hit a few good shots with some shanks and line drives. As I got more comfortable with it, I have less of those and now am hitting it solid and high. It is my range warmup tool. I no longer hit off mats with my irons. I see and feel the difference on the course already.
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