Antigua Explorer Jacket Review
By mustang6560 on 3/23/11
Antigua keeps sending us their new products to review. Either they like our feedback OR they know we like to give stuff away. The latest product is the Antigua Explorer jacket. Either way, the real winners here are the oobers.

The Explorer is a cold weather jacket designed to be lightweight and water resistant. In my opinion, there are only two basic questions you must answer before purchasing an article of clothing:
  1. Is it comfortable?

  2. What function will it serve?
Before I dive into the review, let's see what Antigua has to say about the Explorer.

From Antigua:
Style EXPLORER is the most comfortable, lightest weight, cold weather, water repellent jacket available. ‘Style Explorer’ is built for warmth while being light weight and ideal for layering. With its water resistant woven shell bonded against a micro-fleece inner core Explorer wears and travels well and is well suited for both cold and precipitation alike. Antigua equally offers thin-layer micro fleece shells in both pullover as well as full zip styling as exceptional layering options in styles ‘Frost’ and ‘Sleet’ as well as traditional fleece hooded styles in both a pullover as well as full front zip styling. So, no need to let weather concerns factor into your round as Antigua has the right outerwear to get you into the clubhouse warm, comfortable and dry.

Comfort Factor

As a golfer, whatever I buy to wear on the course MUST BE comfortable. To me, a "comfortable" jacket is one you forget you're wearing and the Explorer is definitely a comfortable jacket. The outer shell features Antigua's Antech Water Resistant Technology to protect you from elements you may face on the course. While the inside of the jacket is lined with a micro fiber fleece, which provides a soft feel against your skin. And the best part is it doesn't make a lot of noise as you move. It's really annoying when your jacket cracks and creaks every time you move.

Design Factor

The Explorer is clearly designed with the golfer in mind. First and foremost, the jacket is a trim fit and you can adjust how it fits around your waist with the toggle bungee. This is important because when you're leaning over the ball at address, you don't want the jacket to bunch up and get in the way of your swing. The Explorer also features a stand up micro-fleece collar and cuffs designed to fit snug against your neck and wrists to provide extra warmth and protection from the elements. What's the point of having a cold weather jacket if the cold gets in through the arms of the jacket? Also worth noting are the sleeve pleats. These pleats are designed to allow you to move quickly and effortlessly without restricting your arms, which you'll probably do a lot on the golf course.

Value Factor

For $95, the Explorer falls in the premium jacket category. But, it's not the most expensive either. Overall, I think the Antigua Explorer provides great value for the price. The jacket maintains a minimalist feel without sacrificing the quality of the jacket. It's pretty remarkable how light the jacket feels yet it also provides ample amount of warmth.

In answering question two, I'll say this. While this would make a great cold weather golfing jacket, it also would double as a regular jacket. I could see non-golfers enjoying this as an early winter/early spring jacket. The Explorer is not going to keep you warm at negative temperatures, but it will keep you warm if you're golfing in the high 30s, mid 40s and low 50s. If you're in the market for a cold weather jacket, I'd recommend you consider the Antigua Explorer.

Learn more about Antigua

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Backquak says:
cool... I mean... warm? no... sweat? no... SWEEEET
Trav says:
Thanks for this. FYI, their website has price @ $80.
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