Mizuno MP-57 Irons
By Kickntrue on 3/5/08

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Reviewed by Andrew Brown

The NEW Mizuno MP-57 Irons are designed to be the most playable "MP" irons ever made by Mizuno. Mizuno has been a well-respected club maker for some time within the golf community and irons are the first thing most people think of when the company comes to mind. The MP-57's utilize Mizuno's award-winning Grain Flow Forging and Cut Muscle technologies combined with a full cavity back. These technologies together are intended to make these Mizuno's the most forgiving and playable irons in the MP line.

The MP line of clubs are "player's clubs" which means they are not made for the high handicapper looking for forgiveness but rather the golfer who is looking for the ability to work the ball and looking for consistent distances every time. While they are billed as the most forgiving MP irons ever you can definitely find clubs more suited for game improvement, even within Mizuno.

I played multiple rounds and trips to the range with the set I tried out. Instead of the standard True Temper shafts, I upgraded to the Rifle Project X shafts. Considering the quality difference between the two, I'd recommend this upgrade due to the small cost difference ($50) between the two options. To learn more about the clubs check out this link to Mizuno's website. (Mizuno MP-57's)

Look - 9.0

When it comes to looks, the MP-57's meet any expectation. Standing over the ball with the leading edge of the MP-57 snug against the ball is enough to bring a tear to your eye and give you just a notion of hope that you may in fact be Luke Donald's long-lost cousin. OK... maybe that's a little much but the clubs do have a classic look that should make any golfer happy. It doesn't take away from the look of the clubs (in fact it may add to the look) but when I read that the MP-57s were full cavity back clubs I expected that to look a little different. Mizuno did a good job making the MP-57s full cavity back, without that feature dominating the look of the irons.

The front of the clubs look great with the "U-grooves" sitting nicely in the nickel plated face. The Rifle Project X shafts provide a great clean look; I like that they have no rivets like a lot of steel shafts. The MP-57's are no frills and clean cut. You won't find any crazy inserts or colors. They are the elegant actress showing up to the Oscars in a beautiful ball gown amongst gaudy peers. Sorry... the metaphors are just rolling, but you get the idea. The clubs look great.

Experience - 8.5

Very simply- when you hit a pure shot with the Mizuno MP-57 irons it's a very sweet feeling. The kind of sweet feeling that makes all the bad shots forgotten and makes you rush back to this cruel game. I've heard the feel of Mizunos described as "buttery soft" and while I comprehended the analogy it wasn't until I hit the MP-57's that I understood what that means. I was able to move the ball both right and left and found the distance of good shots to be very consistent. The "U-grooves" do what they promise, giving me good spin control with shots that landed soft on the green with good trajectory.

You MUST hit these clubs relatively well to get decent results. These are being marketing as the most forgiving MP Mizuno irons ever- but remember before you go spending $850 that the "MP" line of clubs are for consistent ball strikers. Mizuno makes clubs for game improvement (MX-950's) and I'd strongly recommend trying those if you're not a low handicapper (Mizuno also makes an "in-between club, the MX-25's). As well as I hit the good shots with the MP-57's, I'm sure I'd have played better overall with the MX-950's based on my game currently.

If you are a "real" 12 handicap or better ("real" meaning you play to the letter of the rules are don't skip on penalty shots and bad lies) these are a great option for your game. If you are not quite in that category but are "100%" committed to getting better and don't mind some bumps in the road you should try these clubs as well. While they're definitely not game improvement clubs, the full cavity back of the MP-57s do give you more forgiveness than a set of blades.

Value - 6.0

With the MP-57's from Mizuno you get what you pay for, but you pay a fair price for that quality. The irons retail at $850 with the True Temper shafts and $900 for the Project X shafts. Are they worth that? That probably depends on your bank account but in the end, my guess is that if your game has reached the point where these are the best clubs for you, the price probably won't be an issue. They are are neither overpriced or underpriced. As always, you may be able to get them a bit cheaper on Ebay, but just be careful who you're buying from.

Overall - 8.2 (not an average)

I'm not sure what I can say that I haven't already. The Mizuno MP 57 irons are a great set of irons. They look and feel great and Mizuno should be proud of what they've made. If you fit in the target audience for these clubs you should definitely try to find a demo day near you and hit them. If you want to experience Mizuno quality but don't think the "MP" line is for you, check out their "MX" series of irons (full disclosure- I've never hit the Mizuno MX clubs and am speaking from the reputation of quality Mizuno produces).

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Snyper says:
Pretty sweet looking set of irons! I definitely need to hit these babies!
Nathan Dunlop says:
I tried these out but went with the MP-60's, i wrote a review on my blog, www.nathandunlop.blogspot.com. Hopefully it will help.
cameronc says:
Got fitted for these in April '08. Very good looking and solid feel. I still get something of a decent result even on poorly struck shots (i.e. good forgiveness level). I'm a 15-20 handicapper looking to improve...
tylergolf78 says:
I tried these out at the Mizuno demo day at a neaby course and I loved every club I tried exept their drivers. Especially liked the blades I tried (don't remember their model name/number) I demo'ed them after playing 18 and was fatigued but they really jumped off the club and had a great feel along with shot shapability!
golfs2much says:
These clubs are a bit more offset than I expected. I thought this would be a problem. Not so it is very easy to work the ball. The yardage is dead on and they are very forgiving. If youGÇÖre thinking about getting the mp 67 I would try these out first. I'm a 5 hcp and I will play these clubs for a long time. They feel like butter. I t do not recommend these clubs if youGÇÖre not at least a 10 hcp. If you are youGÇÖre missing out.
Patrick McKay says:
Love em
Paul Shiao says:
I have been shopping for mizuno irons and came accross wowgolfclubs.com where they sell mizuno irons at 1/3 the cost. Does anyone have any experience with buying clubs from this place. First thing that came to me are these are knockoffs. But I am told their clubs are made out of the same components that go into a genuine mizuno iron. It is the same OEM who produce the same clubs for Mizuno. Does anyone know the real deal?
buayakk says:
Used to be my regular iron. Very accurate. But I can only handle PW up to iron 5. Now I am using Mizuno MX200 which is more forgiving, straighter, and comparably accurate. So far I have never score more than 80s using MX200.
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