Diamond Tour Golf Red 175 Driver
By mustang6560 on 5/18/11
Reviewed by Nathan J. Trifone, oobgolf contributor

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I first learned about Diamond Tour Golf as an equipment company that made copy cat clubs based on the new equipment from the big companies like TaylorMade, Nike, etc. The look and even the names of the clones were nearly identical to the original.

I recently found out that DTG also makes original equipment like the DTG 175 Red Driver. I was very skeptical when I was given the club to review because I did know much about DTG, the top of the club head was red, it was super light weight and it felt as long as a pole vaulting pole. Without spoiling the ending, let me say this, the old saying you can’t judge a book by it’s cover is applicable here.

From Diamond Tour Golf:
In 1995 Jason Hiland started Diamond Tour Golf in the small North Central Illinois town of Waterman. Over the past 15 years Diamond Tour has grown from a one-man shop to a business that employs over two dozen people. Now located in DeKalb (home to Northern Illinois University), Diamond Tour Golf continues to grow. However, even with quick growth, Diamond Tour Golf’s main concern is continuing to provide golfers and shop owners with the highest level of customer service.
I had the chance to hit the DTG 175 Red Driver and I must say, I liked it more than I thought I would. Read on for the details.

To learn more about the DTG 175 Red Driver, visit DiamondTour.com.

If red is your favorite color, then your eye will most definitely fancy the fire engine red crown of the DTG 175 Red Driver. If red makes you angry and gives you the urge to yell at people, then you might have difficulty adjusting to the color. Since red is not a conventional color used on the top of a driver, it will take some getting used to but there is something sexy about it.

My first thought when I saw the driver was the sunlight might reflect off the red and cause a weird glare. The good news is the sunlight does not cause a glare when you stand over the ball at address. In fact, after your third swing with the DTG 175 Red Driver, you’ll hardly notice the red.

We left the DTG 175 Red Driver sitting out in the office (like we do for every piece of equipment we get) and for some reason, everyone who walked by decided to pick it up. It had the same sort of effect as a bug zapper has one bugs, our coworkers just "couldn't look away." And the reaction was the same EVERY-SINGLE-TIME, "Wow, this club feels really light." The next comment was "Red, hmmm - interesting choice of color. Is that normal?" Followed by "Man, this club is long. This thing has got to be what, 50 inches?"

Without fail, this is how everyone experienced the driver and it was the same for me. As soon as you grab the club you instantly know something is different. At only 240 grams, the DTG 175 Red Driver is substantially lighter than most drivers on the market. The other unique non-aesthetic design feature is the 47" shaft, both of which are designed to increase swing speed, thus (hopefully) adding more distance to your drives.

To test this theory, Andrew and I hit the DTG 175 Red Driver on a launch monitor and compared it against our current drivers. Andrew went first. His results showed the DTG compared favorably to his Nike. His distance and swing speed were nearly identical. We were both a little surprised that his results were so similar. Not to knock the DTG, but it takes some time to get used to the weight because it's so light. I went next and this is when the test started to get really interesting. Compared to my Mizuno, I averaged two yards more with the DTG. My swing speed and smash factor were slightly higher as well.

If you are looking to add more distance to your drives, then you should consider the DTG 175 Red Driver. Both the light weight design and the extra length should definitely help. But buyer beware, longer drivers are harder to hit so if you get trapped at the top of your swing or have trouble releasing your hands at impact, then the 47" may give you trouble. I honestly think the biggest con about this driver is the length. Andrew tried to get them to send us a shorter driver to test, but they are adamant having the extra 2" will benefit golfers.

The only other issue affecting this driver is brand snobbery- and this deals with one's attitude more than a design flaw of the club. I would argue golfers are probably the biggest brand snobs in all of sports...and maybe life. Diamond Tour Golf is not a name brand equipment company and I think many people, including myself, would skip over something that may actually benefits us to get something with a Titleist or Mizuno logo.

Overall, I would rate the DTG 175 Red Driver as a 7.4. The red crown adds nice flare (look how well white is treating TaylorMade) to your bag. It's almost as similar as Tiger wearing red on Sunday's. Adding a red driver to your bag shows your playing partners you mean business and are out to kill. OK, so maybe that's a stretch, but if length off the tee is a real problem for you, having a longer, light weight driver in the bag would be a good place to start. And for only $100, it's nearly a steal!

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Kickntrue says:
Other colors are available BTW. We picked red. I think you can also do white or black. We wanted to go bold.
Backquak says:
So what is the length of the Mizuno? Nike? 2 yards? thats it? alright guys we are going to have to work on the review department. I like that you compared it to your current clubs but we need specs. make and model? loft? lie? shaft? flex? length? I would love to compare brand names to the lesser known brands and even knock-offs. As far as drivers go, I would love to see a comparison of different heads with the same shaft, because I really think that the shaft is the only difference now that they have all maxed out the limits of size and COR.
Banker85 says:
bold indeed, bold indeed.
mustang6560 says:
Nike Machspeed Black Squarehead- 10.5*, S, 45", Mitsubishi Rayon/Nike Fubuki
Mizuno MP 630- 10.5* S, 45", Mitsubishi Rayon/Mizuno Fubuki

We hit the DTG 175 Red Driver on a launch monitor to compare basic numbers, we don't have the technology to provide detailed comparisons. Some people do argue that the shaft is the most important part of the driver. To find out what's best for you in terms of a custom shaft, you'll definitely need to get fitted yourself.
Backquak says:
That's pretty good that you both have the same shaft in your drivers, and they do actually perform different. What shaft is in the DTG?
Kickntrue says:
@bakquak- they perform different, but with us swinging... an important distinction. To me- that's the hardest part of any testing. An iron Byron isn't so fair- because nobody swings like a robot- but having me hit 4 drivers with my swing isn't so fair either. In the end- it's probably feel, comfort and practice.
Backquak says:
practice??? whats that?
@kick was that a jab at Nathan?..." they perform different, but with us swinging... an important distinction."
Kickntrue says:
@backquak- i hope it wasn't a jab. i think it's legit to claim a 14 handicap doesn't have a perfect swing. that doesn't make the testing invalid... but merely the testing of a 14 handicap with that swing.
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