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Boccieri Golf DFT Heavy Driver Review
By mustang6560 on 6/2/11
Reviewed by Nathan J. Trifone, oobgolf contributor

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I first learned about Boccieri Golf and the concept of counter-weighting at the PGA Merchandise Show back in January. I must admit, I was very skeptical about the idea until I spoke with the CEO of the company, who is also a nuclear engineer. The entire golfing industry is pushing golfers to go lighter to go farther, except for Boccieri Golf. The old adage my mom used to say comes to mind here, "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?".

Before I go any further, let me step back for a minute. You might know Bocceiri Golf as the company who introduced its one of a kind Heavy Putter over half of a decade ago. Building on the success of the Heavy Putter, the company introduced the Heavy Wedge at the 2010 PGA Show. With the short game covered, Boccieri knew if it was ever going to make a real impact on golf industry, it would need to develop an entire line of clubs. That's exactly what the company did.

At the '11 PGA Show, the company debuted its Heavy Irons, Heavy Hybrids and Heavy Woods. In this review, I will be discussing the Heavy Driver. I had a chance to hit it and found the results to be strangely enjoyable.

From Boccieri Golf:
All Boccieri Golf clubs are designed with one specific criteria - to improve a golfer’s consistency. The design of the Control Series golf clubs incorporates an increased head weight to maximize force at impact and an exclusive backweight system installed in the grip end of the shaft to raise the balance point for increased club head speed. These perfectly balanced golf clubs improve body mechanics resulting in greater distance and control.

I don't have much to say about the look of the Heavy Driver - it looks like a normal driver. The driver has a traditional pear shaped head with a black crown and silver face. If you were worried the club would look different because it's "heavy", rest assured, your playing partners would need to actually feel the club before they realize there is something special about it.

After talking with Stephen Boccieri (the CEO and brains behind the company) about counter weighting at the PGA Show, I was sold on the idea. I figured when I finally got my hands on Heavy Driver I would hit it pretty well. I also thought it would weigh a ton!

The entire line of heavy clubs feature two unique characteristics, a higher balance point and a back weighting system. Those two features work together to produce a more balanced and efficient swing, which is supposed to result in greater distance and more control. I don't think I hit the Heavy Driver any further, but I did feel the extra control during my swing. The added control evened out my tempo from my takeaway to my follow through. I also noticed the club has a great solid feel at impact. Even though I didn't notice any added distance, it sure felt like I was crushing it!

Surprisingly, the driver did not weigh as much as I thought it would, considering the name. The Heavy Driver only weighs an 375 grams, which is not drastically more than a conventional driver. The big difference is definitely in the back weighting system. A 50-gram weight is inserted into the grip end of the shaft (the club face only weighs 208 grams) and because it's located in the butt of the club, it doesn't alter the swing weight much.
Overall - 8.5

The Heavy Driver is available in 9* and 10* loft and both regular and stiff flex, but it is only available for right handed golfers (sorry lefties). The Heavy Driver retails for $399.99 so it's the same prices as the average brand new driver.

I am going to give the Heavy Driver a solid 8.5 because I think it is "Awesome". If you are very inconsistent off the tee, then you might want to find a retailer near you who carries it to demo the driver for yourself. A light driver is nice if you have good stability and tempo but if you spray your driver in every which way, the back weighting system and higher balance point may help you make better and consistent contact with the ball, which will help add more distance to your drives - there is no substitute for hitting the ball on the sweet spot.

Remember, the first part of hitting more greens in regulations is hitting more fairways. I would highly recommend at least demoing the Heavy Driver before you purchase your next driver. CEO Stephen Boccieri told me that he's so convinced that once someone tries the driver, they'll want to replace their entire set with his clubs.

Learn More & Buy Heavy Driver

[ comments ]
Panerai111 says:
I think the green arrow would bother the heck out of me.
cph2133 says:
Why couldn't i just put a back weight into my current driver?
gpickin says:
Interesting idea I must say.
I wish I could demo one.
Thanks for the review.
Torleif Sorenson says:
When I had the complete opposite (a Goldwin XXL300 9°) some years back, I ended up having lots of trouble controlling it. Given that my SW is heavier than my PW and feels more comfortable, perhaps my shopping for a driver just took an interesting turn.

Thanks, Mustang.

@cph2133: The swing-weight vs. the shaft would get all honked up; it's not the same as lead tape on the back of a putter.
ppinkert says:
I've used the heavy wedge and liked it. the swing weight in the shaft kind of messed me up, and I found I could use the wedge better without it. However, the idea i a driver sounds interesting.
Jim_Smallwood_Jr. says:
I may have to give the new driver a chance. I've played the heavy putter for a couple of years and it is a definite game improving putter. I would love to find someone who could let me demo this driver.
Banker85 says:
I like the idea of a heavier club seems it would be more stable. And i do have a tendency to spray drives.
erickbelus says:
I like the idea, but the price point is flat-out stupid.
hongman says:
I recall the great Jack Nicklaus was a proponent of backweighting clubs, That being said, I would love to demo this Heavy driver (and irons) as I liked their "light" version of the heavy putter I tried out at Golf Galaxy. I am thinking about possibly back weighting my current irons, as I discovered a tool and weighting kit on one of those component supplier sites, i.e. Golfworks or Golfsmith. Anyone have any experience with backweighting their existing clubs?
[ post comment ]
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