Clicgear Model 3.0 Push Cart Review
By mustang6560 on 6/27/11
Reviewed by Nathan J. Trifone, oobgolf contributor

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10.0 - 9.5   Would Help Tiger
9.4 - 8.5     Awesome
8.4 - 7.5     Very good
7.4 - 6.5     Above Average
6.4 - 4.5     Solid
4.4 - 3.5     Below Average
3.4 - 2.5     Save Your Money
2.4 - 0.0     Pay NOT to own


Let me start my review of the Clicgear Model 3.0 Push Cart by saying this - I prefer to walk versus ride on the golf course and the reason is because I own a pushcart. Until I purchased my pushcart, I always wanted to ride because carrying your bag 18 holes is no fun and you’re likely to throw your shoulder out using a pull cart.

I’ve owned a push cart for two years now and I recommend playing with one to every golfer I play with. A subtle nuance of the game is lost when you whiz up and down the fairway between shots. I honestly think the average golfer would play better if they walked because walking gives you a chance to literally feel the details of the course; from the slope of the fairways, to the length of the rough, the features of the course radiate through your entire body.

I understand walking is not always the best option for a few reasons. Modern courses are long and some have up to a quarter mile between the green on one hole and the tee box of the next. Most public golf course build the price of the cart into the green fee. Plus, most average golfers think walking is slower than riding so they refuse to walk. Regardless, when given the option, I choose to walk with my pushcart because I find my entire experience more enjoyable.

From Clicgear:
The Model 3.0 has had a major upgrade for 2010. Most of the changes came from suggestions from our customers who loved the cart but wanted to see a couple of things added or improved. So the Model 3.0 has ended up as an answer to all of those requests.

I don’t find the look of any push cart particularly appealing. But, I don’t use a push cart because I think it adds to the curb appeal of my golf game. I use it because it provides a direct benefit - it makes walking easy and enjoyable. As far as push carts go, I think the look of the Clicgear Model 3.0 is consistent with the other push carts available on the market. However, Clicgear made a few changes to the Model 3.0 to try and distinguish it from the competition including the size and the curves of the tubing. But, in my opinion, what really sets it apart from other push carts is it collapses into a small, compact size that makes it easy to fit in the trunk of your car or in the closet of your garage.

Word of warning - read the instructions before trying to expand the Model 3.0 push cart. If you read the instructions that come in the box, unfolding and folding is easy. If you don’t, then you’ll have a fun time trying to figure out which lever does what and you’ll end up spending five minutes doing what should take less than a minute.

One of the major design improvements of the Model 3.0 in comparison to previous versions is the extra large handle console and net, which provides plenty of storage space for all sorts of golfing accessories like balls, tees, etc. In addition, the three accessory button tabs are a nice upgrade too. Located on both sides of the console, the button tabs allow you to attach a variety of Clicgear accessories including the Cup Holder, Rangefinder Bag and Cooler Tube. The Model 3.0 also comes with an umbrella holder (or you can purchase the Umbrella Angle Adjuster accessory) so you can walk virtually the entire course in the shade. Plus one for avoiding skin cancer!

The Model 3.0 push cart has three tires made out of a EVA foam/rubber combination instead of inflatable tube tires, which make them lightweight AND durable. I prefer push carts with tube tires because I think they are easier to push and they grip the terrain better. That being said, the entire push cart industry is moving toward the solid rubber tires because they are more durable and they are lighter. If you’ve never experienced a push cart with tube tires, then you won’t notice the difference. One thing Clicgear is proud of is their tires are course friendly and they don't leave ruts on the course when conditions are wet.

Overall, I would give the Model 3.0 push cart a 9.4 out of 10 because it is awesome! I would have given it a 9.5 or higher, expect Tiger Woods has no use for it because he has a caddie. Truly the best part about the Model 3.0 push cart is the size. Some push carts that are available in the market are bulky, which makes transporting and storing difficult. The Model 3.0 collapses to 24"H x 13"W x 15"D so you can easily store it in your trunk along with your golf clubs and golf shoes.

For only a $199, the Model 3.0 is almost a must have for any golfer who is interested in walking and it is available in eight vibrant colors. Unless you're training for for the Nationwide Tour, you shouldn't carry your bag when you walk - it wastes energy you could be spending on concentrating on your golf shots. Plus, with the Model 3.0, you can store your water, golf balls and other accessories with the same convenience of a golf cart.

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Banker85 says:
If i had a push cart i would walk more. The cheap pull carts at most courses suck, the bag gets all turned around and is just no fun.

I hate to say it but i think a 9.5 (if you really feel that way) is deserving and maybe the Tiger refernce should be a thing of the past. I mean it would help him since he got a bum knee and shouldnt be carrying a bag.
Kurt the Knife says:
I find the 3-wheel carts need frequent adjustment to make them go straight.
I have a sun mountain micro that has 4 wheels and it always goes straight. Ask James Dyson.
nickmomrik says:
I ordered one of these 10 minutes ago on Amazon. Good to see this review and confirm I made the right choice.
mjaber says:
I have a Speed Cart- V1. I love it. Only reason I went with it over the ClicGear is the reviews I read was that it was difficult to remember what lever did what. The Speed Cart is folded and in the trunk in about 30 seconds. It's in the garage when I'm not planning on going to the course, because it does NOT fold down small. It's about the same size as my bag when folded, but I don't have an issue with it being big when folded
ponderous says:
Opening and closing a clicgear is simple, falling somewhere between buttering toast and wiping your own butt on the scale of difficulty.

Alignment... Haven't had a 4 wheeler, but in my experience, KTK is right and the clicgears do require alignment. I can't speak to the frequency, however, as it's never been enough out of alignment for me to bother to adjust it.

If there were a demolition derby for golf carts, my money would be on the clicgear. They're exceptionally sturdy, particularly when compared to some of the less expensive carts on the market.

From what I've seen, the Sun Mountain models are also exceptional pieces of equipment. I like the look of the clicgear more than the Sun Mountain models, which was the deciding factor for me.
GolfSmith7 says:
I have the previous clicgear model and I love it. I walk all the time even in Texas heat.
dtak84 says:
I have the clicgear 3.0, and can only speak of positive things. It is truly awesome!

@mjaber Whoever wrote those reviews must have had someone type it out for them... Easier to fold down then it is using a computer.
Bryan K says:
I have a Clic-Gear 3.0. I've put in well over 200 rounds on it. It has been extremely well used.

The positives: I've never had to allign the thing. It always goes straight unless there is a side hill. It has a ton of storage, and it is extremely durable. Lugging the thing in and out of my extremely small trunk 200 times should take its toll, but the thing is still in great shape. It has a ton of storage. I use the net to hold my club covers, and I use the storage compartment to hold extra balls and tees. It is extremely easy to fold and unfold, though I have pinched my fingers a few times.
Bryan K says:
The negatives: The brake sucks, and it's the one part of the cart that I've had to replace. The brake cable frayed and broke after about 80 rounds. It still rolls forward on a steep incline, so I have to be careful how I park it. The stock umbrella holder doesn't hold my umbrella very well, and the stock cup holder was lost within a week because it's not a permanent fixture. I use my bag to hold my drinks, and I clip my towel and water bottle to my bag as well. The worst part about it, though, is that the door on the storage compartment doesn't stay firmly closed. I'm pretty tired of having to chase six golf balls around a parking lot when I'm loading it into my trunk.

Overall, I'd grade it somewhere around a 7 I think it's the best pushcart on the market, but I see a ton of ways it can be improved.
dartboss04 says:
I have the 3.0 as well and had the Sun Mountain speed cart prior to this. The main pros of clicgear versus sun mountain are the hard foam wheels, as the sun mountain seems to get flat, and the compact size when folded down. The sun mountain was very bulky when closed. However, as Bryan K said, I worry about the break on the clicgear. I've only used it a few times and it seems weak to me. The sun mountain has a much for secure and seemingly longer lasting mechanism.
mjaber says:
@dtak... I probably should have just tried it myself, but I'm happy with my Speed Cart. I think anyone with a cart will be happy with whichever one they choose, simply because it makes the game more enjoyable.
mjaber says:
I'm still working on the "stroller attachment", so that I can take my daughter along for the walk. :)
Alusna says:
I'm on my 2nd Sun Mountain V1, and love it. Has solid tires that to me feel no different than the tube tires did on my old V1. I leave it at the course, because it fits in the bag room slot WITH my bag, something the clicgear would not do. As well, the V1 has a seat acceesory, so I can get off my feet when teh foursome aheead slows down.
bobhooe says:
looks good but I dont know about the umbrella attachment when it's not raining.
clicusa says:
Bryan K-Please contact Clicgear USA at or by phone at (888) 742-2542. We would be happy to take care of any issues you have. Thanks for the feedback.
mjaber says:
Wow... I didn't know Clic Gear was a member of the site.
stedar says:
I have the 3.0 and had to replace brake disc after leaving break on and pushing cart. A no no for the break, it broke... Other than user error, the product is great - have used a pull trundler prior and the difference is huge, particularly in effort required (just played 46 holes, and didn't feel a thing) Would recommend and also, it looks the part. If I had a Porsche, it would look like it belonged :-)
canuckgolfer says:
I have a Clic-Gear 3.0 and I agree with most of the comments already shared. I think the brake is a weak link. I also think the cart is heavy once loaded with my golf bag. I have a big Callaway tour bag and I have lots of stuff in it. But my sons cart is much lighter and easier to push with my bag loaded. So weak points are the brake and the loaded weight with golf bag making it harder to push. However, I would still buy this push cart again for it's awesome ability to fold up into a very compact folded position. It makes it usable for even small trunks.
David Yurik says:
Today I got through the front 9 (3000 yrds) in under 2 hours. I played just a fast as the twosome I was with and kept pace or stayed ahead almost the whole day. I have 0 brake or alignment problems with it would recommend the 3.0 to anyone.
buzzd says:
had my clickgear 3.0 for over a year now and it really makes my morning walk on the course more enjoyable--haven't had a problem yet in about 100 rounds--the accessories are handy too----plus it usually wins the downhil roll contest on the hills--always good for a cold beverage!!
loucavaliere says:
I have this cart and love it.Play better when i am walking. easy to fold store and holds bag very well.
DoubleDingo says:
@mjaber, When my daughter was young I had one those two-seater jogger/bike trailer things. It was very handy. For golf I'd put on the front wheel; her on one side, the clubs on the other. Also came in handy for fishing. Take off the front wheel and install trailer hitch part, her on one side, ice chest on the other, tackle box hanging from the push bar handle off the back, and five pvc tubes mounted to the back for the fishing poles.
DoubleDingo says:
I have a Sun Mountain cart I bought about 4 years ago, it tracks straight, rolls easily, and helps me learn the course better by walking it.
gmsmith36 says:
I use a clicgear. I love it. Best there is. And I've been walking since I started playing again. Also is the same time I was diagnosed with diabetes. I play 4-5 times a week.
moose74 says:
I've used my Clic gear for 18 months and would recommend it. If you drive a compact car this is a great cart because of the foldable size. Others in my group use sun mountain carts and they collect a lot of grass behind the front wheel-the clicgear doesn't have that problem.
ladder187 says:
I have had my clic gear for a few years and have never had a problem with it. Adjusted the stearing once and never had to touch it again.
dillonbull says:
The Clicgear Model 3.0 Push Cart seems motivating, I have been at the best essay where I saw some reviews about this awesome and handy device, I am glad to have it around, Keep sharing more information with us.
dillonbull says:
Nathan J. Trifone, thank you, friend, for sharing the Clicgear Model 3.0 Push Cart and the fence companies denver review at this site. It is really helpful and informative I must say. Now I am convinced to buy it.
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