Adidas Tour360 ATV Golf Shoe Review
By Kickntrue on 9/22/11
Until this past Saturday, my feet had never felt a $190 shoe of any kind. Sure, it's dorkery that I can tell you the most expensive shoe I've worn previous to my experience with the Adidas Tour360 ATV golf shoe (Jordan 11s), but it means you should trust my judgement, because I have ridiculously good taste in shoes.

From Adidas Golf:
Elevating the highly-successful TOUR360 franchise, TOUR360 ATV utilizes unrivaled forefoot flexibility and zonal traction elements to provide All-Terrain Versatility, comfort and grip that adapts to any surface, lie or angle Featuring a dual-density outsole with 10-spike configuration, its unibody construction connects a 5-pod decoupled heel for adaptability, a strengthened midfoot TPU for support and aggressive TRAXION secondary lugs in the forefoot for enhanced grip.

* Premium full-grain leather upper provides a rich look and feel
* 360WRAP locks in and supports the foot for enhanced stability and a secure fit
* FitFOAM insole provides ever-lasting cushioning, support and comfort
* 10-spike configuration with THINTECH low-profile technology for improved traction and stability
* Ground-adapting outsole provides All-Terrain Versatility
So yah, that'a a little "markety" (okay a lot), but they make a couple good points. Shoes these days, and specifically sport-specific footwear has become really high-tech, and not just in funky designs and colors. When you pick up the Tour360 ATV's you feel like you're holding something from 2020. Sure- it's "just a shoe," but let me be clear, it ain't your daddy's Spalding.

When I pulled the Tour360 ATV's out of the box the first thought was how heavy they are. Wow I understand that could easily be seen as a drawback, it was really more of a "sturdy/well-constructed" feel. Plus, it's not like you're trying to dunk in these things. Being glued to the ground is kind of the point of golf shoes. The second realization was that these things had enough spikes to be a weapon, not just the 10 replaceable spikes, but the rest of the shoe as well. The toe and heel, as well as the ball of the foot are covered with turf-friendly spikes that will ensure you're feet in any course-condition.

I played my first round with these shoes at 7am when the ground was still completely wet with dew. I figured that was the best way to see how they'd perform (and still get back in time to see PSU almost blow a game to Temple). Four hours later- no slips and my feet never got a bit wet. Seriously, they're kind of awesome. I could feel a legit difference in traction on all of my full shots. The only negative was really an issue of me being careful in my new kicks- on the greens. On the practice green while walking over the same areas it was very obvious where I'd been. Obviously there could be issues with any golf shoe if you drag your feet, but I felt like there were marks similar to old school metal spikes where I'd been. Of course- this was on a soft dew covered green- and I never noticed this happening at all in my actual round.

So how do you spend $190 on a pair of golf shoes? It's simple actually. Master, Visa or American Express. :)

I'm torn- because if I'm totally honest, I'd have a very hard time dropping that kind of a money on a golf shoe. That said- when sent to me for review, I can say I loved the shoes and will only be wearing them from now on. I guess it means like a lot of things, you get what you pay for- and if you have the disposable income- you should buy the Adidas Tour360 ATV Golf Shoes.

Learn More, See Pictures And Buy The Adidas Tour360 ATV HERE

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GolfSmith7 says:
"So how do you spend $190 on a pair of golf shoes? It's simple actually. Master, Visa or American Express. :)" living above your means is what has this country in trouble... will we ever learn. Debt free living is the only way to go. (its a passion of mine)
TeT says:
Debt free since my divorce; 12 years... only way to go...
BME_Badger says:
I have last year's version and they are great. I actually had the previous year's version prior to that as a gift and the heel cup broke down after 2 rounds and gave me serious blisters. Adidas sent me the new model for no charge and I've been walking comfy ever since then. I had cheaper shoes with little to no water proofing before this and it makes a world of difference. Best golf shoes I've owned.
Banker85 says:
I hold dave ramsey seminars for bank customers. Nice Kicks, kickntrue. Very Nice, but my work shoes cost more than that. Florsheims $250, New Tie $50, Looking Good, Pricless.
GolfSmith7 says:
@Banker85, I hold them at my church (I am a minister) kudos. As you know nothing wrong with deciding how to spend your money but to put it on credit is no go. If you don't have cash you can't afford it is my view!
dartboss04 says:
good review, but i tried out the true linkswear that ryan moore hawks and won't be going anywhere...they're pricey too at $150, but are super light and feel great...
bobhooe says:
tour 360 LTD from last year. money in the bank. found them new on ebay for $160 msrp $250
bkuehn1952 says:
I hope everyone who wears those monsters picks up their feet. I really hate it when some dodo shuffles their feet around every flagstick and makes it look like 2 squirrels were mating.
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