Should I Rent A Car From U-Save? No.
By Kickntrue on 8/29/11
U-Save rental car company is lousy. U-Save rental car company is a rip-off. U-Save rental car company is about to be sewered. I can't wait for the Google-bots to stumble over this. If I can save at least one person from wasting their money with U-Save rental car company, this was worth it.

Everyone at some point in their life feels completely ripped off by a company or product. Unfortunately, most people can't do much about this when it happens. Generally, I'm of these people, but in this case, I'm lucky enough to have oobgolf... so let's call this a bit of revenge... for all of us. I can promise I'm going to get nothing out of it personally, except the satisfaction- because as you'll see, I'm going to pay.

U-Save car rentals is a franchise owned by FSNA. FSNA has another car rental franchise they own and sell out, called Rent-A-Wreck. This is ironic, or at least telling. I'm afraid when I rented from U-Save they may have mixed up the lineup- or they share it, I'm not sure which.

When I took ownership of my U-Save rental car yesterday, I thought i was impressed. It was a 2010 Toyota Camry and from a distance it looked good. Once I got a little closer though, I saw the true car I was getting. I had to call over an agent to inspect the car with me- and as we walked around the car- the damage sheet quickly filled up. Scratches, dents, chips covered the car from bumper to bumper, front to back. The car had 56,000 miles on it (seriously, that's crazy for a less than a year old car) and while I didn't notice this until today- the tires were down to threads. The trick where you use a penny to check thread- well, You can see all of good ole' Abe... and then some.

So this morning I drive my U-Save rental car (that sucks) about 20 feet outside of my parking lot and I realize my back left tire is flat. This is bad for multiple reasons the first of which is that I'm 30 minutes from a golf course and 65 minutes away from my tee time. The second because, well, I now had a flat tire I had to deal with. So Nathan and I pull into a gas station, pump the tire and drive. Eight miles later, we pull into another gas station, and drive. Our strategy is to get the golf course, not ruin our day, and deal with things after the round of golf. I mean, if we miss our day one tee time, we're out- and the whole week is kind of a waste.

After the round the tire from U-Save rental car company is flat again- so it's time to deal with it. I decide the first course of action is to call U-Save rental car company and let them know the vehicle they provided is defective, with the flat tire. They informed me that because I rented without extra insurance, I was on my own. Now- let me intercede here with this. My car was pre-arranged for me on a corporate account with no real input from me. This isn't to let myself off the hook, but to be clear that I was a bit handcuffed by the situation. It also shows that U-Save rental car company was dealing with someone who rents a lot of cars from them, not just a one-off customer.

Despite my explanation that the car was kind of beat up- and that the tires were all generally worn, U-Save rental car company told me I was SOL. U-Save rental car company was not at all helpful with my situation. I was told by U-Save rental car company that I was on my own and that I'd I've to fix the tire myself. After a tire-changing debacle (which clearly showed we were not the first people to be changing this same tire because the rim was all beat up) we drove back to the hotel on a donut. I am now writing from the hotel, without the situation resolved. The lousy rental car from U-Save is something I still have to deal with this week and something that will ruin my experience completely with the company.

I'll update you guys on the saga tomorrow, as I figure out what to do with my piece of crap junk heap from U-Save rental car, but for now- enjoy my misery, and feel free to drop a comment or two below about how you will be avoiding U-Save rental car and Rent-A-Wreck in the future. I'm sorry this was a terrible read- but if you know anything about the way Google and other search engines grab stories for search engines you will understand. U-Save rental car company was really bad at understanding my situation and is in the business of making a quick buck at their customers expense. Like in most aspects of life- you get what you pay for and U-Save is no different. Sure, U-Save is cheap but don't find yourself getting ripped off like me.

And finally, for those of you still reading (I'm sorry), a joke;

What's the difference between a rental car and a 4 x 4? You can drive a rental car over anything.


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sepfeiff says:
I rented a minivan from Rent a wreck years go. The brakes were so bad that I had to use the emergency brake and went off the road when getting off of the highway at 60 mph. Almost rear ended a pile of traffic with my entire family in the car. Fun.
TeT says:
Yeah, drop it off ... go get another. Refute the charges through your credit card when the bill comes and drive on....
bkuehn1952 says:
Up until your post I had never heard of U-Save. Thanks for the warning. TeT's advice sounds pretty good. Either that or drive it on the donut all week and drop it off "as is" and tell them to eff themselves.
toothid says:
Now let's all think about "discount " airlines....buckle up
gpickin says:
I dont know back east, but there are a lot of companies that fix flats for free in california. Least that way you dont waste any money, only time. I'd let air out of all 4 tires when you get there to return it :) just for good fun
Matt F says:
I'd strangle the clown that organised the vehicle from your company...they obviously thought they were saving money.
mjaber says:
Return the car tonight... after hours. Leave the keys in the ignition, lock the doors, disconnect the battery, remove the stems from the tire, and take the windshield wipers with you.

Call Hertz or National and get yourself a nice rental for the rest of the time there.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
mjaber...I like the way you think!
Banker85 says:
You should not have any trouble disputing the charges. TeT is on the money. so is mjaber. screw them, gpickin got good advice too. Google already got this. Nice work.

Should I Rent A Car From U-Save? No.
16 hours ago ... U-Save rental car company is lousy. U-Save rental car company is a rip-off. U-
Save rental car company is about to be sewered. I can't wait for ... - Similar
GolfSmith7 says:
On a different note, who won the Score4161 clubs?
mjaber says:
I would like to point out that if you take my advice, you might have a bit more difficulty disputing the charges... but you might feel better about it. :)
homermania says:
Brutal. I love how this is filed under product reviews.
legitimatebeef says:
falcon50driver says:
Let's see. The name of the is company "rent a wreck". Maybe I'm missing something, but I wouldn't be expecting a nice clean car from an outfit named that. I rent cars probably 20 or 30 times a year, primarily Enterprise, sometimes Hertz, never a problem... Well,... there was that one time,... when someone at the airport, apparently not an employee, "checked me in", and took the car. The car is still missing.
ncramsey83 says:
When I returned my U-Save rental car, the employee at the car return area tried to blame me for damage to my car that was clearly marked on the inspection paper that I documented prior to renting my car. He muttered under his breath that he couldn't believe they would rent out a car with THAT much damage to the passenger's side. When I agreed with him he back-tracked his comment and tried to justify the rental by claiming the high demand for rentals had their hands tied! Either way I will avoid U-Save at all costs in the future.

BTW...My low tire pressure warning light activated after only two days of driving and I had to add air to all four tires. It's unfortunate how little effort the employees of U-Save invest in maintaining and thoroughly inspecting their vehicles prior to placing unsuspecting customers in harms way!!
Job119575 says:
I have to agree with many of the posting. This place tries to put some real pieces of junk on the road! Now that the insurance companies have sold all the damaged vehicle from the Jersey Storm, U-Save will have a new fleet to pool from! They tried to rent me a vehicle with exterior damage and missing parts from the exterior of the car. I believe the expression was if you don't like it, too Bad! I wondered what was missing from places I couldn't see? I passed and went with Hertz instead.
DavidJohn says:
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DavidJohn says:
One should rent a car from a reputed company. With the help of this you will invest with the reliable source.

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Sage of Savannah says:
Sage of Savannah

I rented from USave in Newark NJ (Elizabeth) and the car was antique with over 81,000 miles on it! It smelled, but ran barely OK because I nursed it for the 3 days I had it. The rental office was a dump. They charged me $500 when the online rental agreement shows $159.48. Of course I wont pay. Now I see the 500 is supposed to be a deposit which they took immediately and now 20 days later the 500 shows on my Amex statement but not the 340.52 refund. NEVER AGAIN!
Jaxon Smith says:
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sierra13 says:
They rip you off.. We had the manager tell us we would get a credit even wrote it on our receipt and signed it.. Usave would not honor what their own employee THE MANAGER at the airport wrote. The car was a piece of shit and so is U-Save
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