Goose Golf Towel Review
By mustang6560 on 10/12/11

It's nice when companies proactively contact us because they want us to review their product on our site (I guess we're doing something right). Sometimes it's well known companies and sometimes it's lesser known companies like Goose Golf who are trying to get their name out. Either way, we are happy to provide thorough and honest reviews for our readers.

Goose Golf sent us a few towels to review and away we go, but first, let's here from them.

From Goose Golf:
The Goose Towel is the ultimate golf towel to help you optimize the performance of your golf game. Playing with clean golf clubs is essential for every player regardless of your ability. In order to achieve the best possible outcome for every golf swing you take you need to ensure that your clubs are in the best possible condition. That means clean and dry golf clubs. Clean grooves and dry grips mitigate the adverse effects that dirty clubs have on grip, trajectory and spin. Clean clubs deliver superior distance and control. Just check out the pros. Their clubs are spotless and for good reason. They realize how critically important clean clubs are to their play.

The Goose Golf Towel, like similar wet-dry towels, features a 3-layer design that opens in the middle. The exterior of the towel is made up of high quality absorbent cotton and the interior is made up of microfiber material. The two layers are separated by a third waterproof layer that is designed to prevent moisture from seeping between the wet and dry layers.

The size of the Goose Golf Towel is arguably its best selling point. The towel only measures 17" tall by 9" wide, so it doesn't take up a lot of room on your bag. I've played with several different towel styles and I prefer the design of the Goose Golf Towel because it's sleek, and since it is essentially a 34" folded in half, it provides plenty of real-estate to wash and dry your club. It annoys me when I have to constantly move my towel to access the pockets of my golf bag, but it's not an issue with the Goose Golf Towel.

The other nice feature of the Goose Golf Towel is the Velcro logo on the top of the towel. I didn't realize it had any significance at first, but you can attach your golf glove to it. The Velcro seemed to be strong enough to hold your glove, but I didn't use it because the last thing I want on the golf course is to have to backtrack to get something I left behind, especially something like a glove.



My initial thought with all wet-dry towels is always "Does the middle layer actually keep the wet and dry layers separate?" So naturally, the first thing I do is pour a generous amount of water on the inside of the towel and wait to see what happens. I played a few rounds with the Goose Golf Towel and it appeared the water proof layer worked as intended. Moisture from the interior didn't seep through to the exterior. I did find the cotton exterior seemed to dry fairly slow. I noticed it took longer and longer each time to dry my club as the round wore on. I think it was partly related to the fabric, but I also think the weather had something to do with it beather because I live in a tropical climate and the humidity levels are always high, which makes everything dry slower.

Every Goose Golf Towel comes with a miniature towel called the Putting Mate that is designed to clean your golf ball. I forgot to bring it with me to the green half the time, but I found the Putting Mate to be very practical. It makes cleaning the mud and grass stains on your ball much easier and you don't have to worry about getting your hands dirty or wet before you putt.


You can find the Goose Golf Towel online for less than $25 and it comes with the Putting Mate and a logo ball mark. It's available in four different colors - black, coffee, grey and lavender. Stay tuned, as we may or may not be planning to give a couple away tomorrow in our weekly giveaway ...

Learn More About Goose Golf Towel

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Kurt the Knife says:
after one wash my "frogger" towel lost its wet-dry separation becoming an all-wet rag.

Maybe this thing might serve in the Ncal winter season.
birdieXris says:
@Kurt - did you contact the manufacturer? Mine has gone through like 10 washes and still works like when it was new, albeit with a few more pills and lint that it picked up in the wash.

This towel though seems like it would be much better. Just because of the size. While i like a lot of towel, the triple layer design tends to be bulky. And boy is it ever on my current one. I think Goose Golf put more thought into the design. I'd be interested in one when mine finally goes kaput.
meatball413 says:
the link is broken. when you click "learn more" at bottom of article it opens a blank page. just a heads up.
thanks for the review!
jev says:
"A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have". So, should we assume the golfer using one of these towels also have "a toothbrush, face flannel, soap, tin of biscuits, flask, compass, map, ball of string, gnat spray, wet weather gear, space suit etc., etc." with him?

I just need a towel that says "Don't Panic!" :-D.
golfnutz2002 says:
My wife just bought me one about a month ago. I didn't use it immediately because I have a frogger hanging on my bag...interestingly I ended up using my wife's (think she got a violet one) cause it cleaned better. So that did it for me, and honestly the towel isn't as cumbersome, kudos to them for the thoughtfulness.
golfnut358 says:
I received this towel about a week ago,and I must say,It's great!!! inside stays wet for the whole round,and outside stays dry.Haven't had to wash it yet,so time will tell.I'll let you know.
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